Push Your Limits - Work Out with Former Boxing Instructor Rad Lopez on the Peloton

Update Rad has been officially named as a new coach.

The evidence keeps mounting that Peloton will soon be adding classes for boxing in the near future. According to a new rumor, strength and boxing trainer Rad Lopez will soon be a Peloton instructor. He is based in NYC, the US studio.

Rad was a former instructor at Shadowbox NYC in boxing and shadowboxing, just before the company filed bankruptcy. Peloton instructors Olivia Amato and Jess Sims were also Shadowbox NYC instructors before joining Peloton. It’s unclear if their time at Shadowbox NYC overlapped.

Rad Lopez has created his own brand “The Rad Ones”, (which sells shirts and merchandize). Rad talked about his boxing background and why boxing is such a great exercise in this interview with SurfYogaBeer .

Boxing is not only a great exercise, but it’s also great for mental clarity. It’s a great mood booster.

Rad Lopez joining Peloton would be another sign that Peloton is looking to add boxing to their team. Callie Gullickson is also rumored as a potential new coachhas boxing experience. Peloton sent out a survey to some members asking about boxing classes. In a recent Instagram video, Selena Samuela hinted strongly that boxing would soon be happening.

The Peloton strength Studio is currently closed to “work on some exciting things”. It could be a style update, but it could also be an update to better support future boxing classes. This means that the announcement about boxing could be sooner than expected. The Yoga studio had a similar closure during the relaunch and announcement of 3 new coaches.

Rad can be found on Instagram @radlopz. You can view his short video “telling the story” that he recently made.

Peloton coaches are also rumored (click any name to read more)

  • Kirsten Fergusson as a coach in the US.
  • Callie Gullickson is a strength coach in the US
  • Daniel “Yankee” McKenna is a strength coach in the US

Rad Lopez is the rumored new Peloton coach. Image credit Rad Lopez Instagram.

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