Say Goodbye to Poor Posture and Uncomfortable Rides With a Remote Peloton Bike Fitting

I had been following Facebook posts for months about people fitting remote Peloton bikes. The Power Zone Pack was the most popular choice for those who were doing the bike fit sessions. They wanted to ensure they were in the best possible position on their Peloton for power zone training or other classes.

I was unsure if I could afford $149 for remote bike fittings. My left hip was hurting after I rode my Peloton. My left knee was also starting to bother me. My right foot went to sleep around 45 minutes into a 60 minute ride.

You’re in luck if you came to this post looking for a Peloton chart for knee pain. You’ll find the chart after reading my review of the virtual bike fitting.

Peloton remote fitting bikes are a great idea.

My big toe would always fall asleep, even when I got out of the saddle to replenish my blood. My lower back always hurt when I rode longer distances. My hands and heels were also sore.

As a writer, I assumed this might have been an important factor. However, I decided to ask the question. My symptoms didn’t improve despite lots of stretching and foam rolling.

To start, I watched a video of a bike fit online.

When I got my first Peloton, I had watched Christine D’Ercole’s video of her bike fitting on her instructor Facebook Page . This helped me to determine the best setting for my seat.

I had searched the internet for a Peloton bicycle seat height chart in hopes that someone would be able to tell me where my handlebars and bike seat should be. It was more than just your height that I learned how to make your Peloton fit well. Consider your leg length, how long or short you torso are all important factors.

This is my blog post about Peloton for short riders.

This remote fitting will teach you how to sit properly on a Peloton bicycle. Here’s what I learned from this service.

Thank you to Team Wilpers for sharing my blog post on Instagram!

Matt Wilpers remote Peloton bike fitting

I signed up for my virtual bike fit appointment with Matt Wilpers, Peloton instructor. This was in Fall 2020. It is not clear how long his training company has been providing them. It made sense, as he was already coaching others for their running and cycling skills. Matt loves to point out that it is crucial to train smart by making sure you are riding your bike correctly, whether you’re cycling outdoors or on a Peloton.

Let me tell you about my experience signing up, the appointment itself, and how I feel riding home afterward.

Matt Wilpers: Who are you?

Wilpers, a former Division One college runner, is something you might not have known. He began cycling after college. He has competed in many road races, both on foot and by bike. He completed the New York City Marathon in 2019.

Wilpers is the Peloton’s lead power zone training instructor. Wilpers joined Peloton just months after we bought our bike. He wasn’t the instructor I preferred for classes at home. All that changed in February 2019.

This is my article about Peloton instructor quotes.

Ride live with Matt Wilpers

I was in New York City in February 2019, and was able to ride live in his studio. It was a 60 minute rock ride. It was loud but fun.

He spoke about power zone training, and the challenges the Power Zone Pack members were always taking part in during that class. I was eager to join and signed up for my next challenge right away.

Power zone challenges: Introduction

Matt was able to take me back on his bike six months later. I had already completed two to three power zone challenges by that point and could see how much I had improved my fitness. I shared my progress with him in the Peloton lobby, a tradition that was part of the old Peloton studio space in “before” times. He was delighted for me.

Talking about power zones, here’s my latest blog post on Peloton Power Zone.

Register for remote Peloton bike fitting

Let’s not get into the details of my relationship with Matt Wilpers. Now let’s go back to and sign up for remote fitting of your Peloton.

It was difficult to find the right place to sign up because there wasn’t an option for “remote fitting” or “virtual bicycle fit”. I decided to take a guess and click on the “coaching” menu. You will now want to click “Team Wilpers”, in the menu.

This brought me to another page, which also offered services. Bike fitting was a must, so I clicked on it. So I clicked on “bike fit” and learned what I should expect when I sign up for remote bike fitting.

Fitting a virtual bike: Length

The sessions last 45 minutes. This page does not specifically state that these bike fittings are only available to Peloton. Matt is shown on a “regular bike” in the picture. The bike is either on trainers or rollers.

You’ll see the button underneath that image that says, “Schedule A Fitting.” I clicked on it.

Fitting a remote bike

There I had to register all my information.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Telephone number
  • Credit card

You will need to provide all your information and credit card details upfront. The $149 charge will be processed before you can proceed to the page where you can book your virtual appointment.

On the Power Zone Pack page, I had read that some people were waiting for months for an opening. I hoped that I wouldn’t be forced to wait so long. I filled out the registration form and went through my check-out.

Choose your bike fitter.

There were two options: I could pick a specific person to fit my bike, or I could go with no preference. There were 17 names available. Some names were familiar from the Power Zone Pack Facebook discussion threads. But I knew that I could choose any preference and get my remote Peloton bike fitted sooner if I did. I was right.

On the 9th, I registered for my remote bicycle fit. My appointment was for the 15th of that month, or just six days after. If you are interested in having a Peloton remote bike fitted, my best advice is to choose your preferred option unless you have to wait between four and six months.

Confirming my remote Peloton bicycle fitting

I found Matt Wilpers website to be very helpful in communicating with me regarding my appointment. They sent me a confirmation email and a calendar invitation that detailed what to expect.

The note also stated that although the virtual bike fittings are scheduled for 45 minutes, they request that you give them an hour to cover any delays. Here is a small portion of the message:

The bike fitter must see you from head to tail on your bike. They will need to be able to see you from the side when you are riding the bike. They will also need to see you from the side. Before fitting, please make sure you know where your phone and computer will be placed.

You will need the right tool to adjust the cleats of your cycling shoes.

You will need to lower the tension on your pedals before you go so that your pedals can be clipped in and out easily.

We usually use the number that you provided via FaceTime.

These appointments usually last 45 minutes. However, we recommend that you reserve an hour for any additional needs.

Two days prior to my fitting, I received an email reminder.

Day of remote Peloton bike fitting

My bike fitter was coming in at 2 p.m. I knew this. I prepared a few things around noon on that day.

I first took photos of my seat settings (vertical, horizontal, and handlebar settings). As they were likely to be changing them, I wanted something to compare.

Second, I bought a tripod for my phone and set it up for fitting. I had to figure out where I could put my phone when I was standing up or lying down, as well as when I am riding the bike.

Third, I found my Allen wrench or hex wrench to fix my shoe cleats. FYI: If you have ever built furniture with IKEA, you will know the importance of a hex wrench or Allen wrench.

Finally, I created a list of all the issues that I was having so I could talk to the fitter.

FaceTime Remote Peloton bike fitting

From the instructions, I knew the fitter would be calling me via FaceTime. This is the first thing you need to know. Why? It’s because if your computer is open, they will call you on both your laptop and phone. I tried to stop the call on my laptop so that I could pick up the phone, but it ended up being too much. Oops.

This is important for those who don’t have an Apple product. Peloton users are likely to have Android phones. When you register for your professional fitting you will need to decide beforehand which communication method you will use. Remember, they must see you riding and not just on the bike. Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet might work.

But, I hung up and called my fitter again.

Bike fitter Brian Hammond

Brian Hammond was the one I chose to work with. Nobody I spoke to had ever actually met Matt Wilpers and done their bike fitting. I believe Matt has assembled a team of fitness professionals that are knowledgeable about bike fit and refers work to them.

Brian didn’t have the opportunity to answer this question, but he mentioned riding with Matt outside in real life. They are his friends, so I’m sure he does.

Behind Brian, I was able to read “TruFit Solutions” on the wall. Google helped me find TruFit Solutions in New York City. They offer fitness coaching and bike fitting.

Brian’s About page provided more information. His fitness record is impressive. Some of his certifications are:

  • USA Cycling Coach
  • USA Triathlon Coach
  • Ironman University Coach
  • F.I.S.T Bike Fitting
  • Precision Nutrition

Brian also competed in Ironman according to his bio. Seven times. Whoa, that’s impressive. Here’s what I loved about his bio:

“At the end, I am a father, husband, small-business owner, endurance athlete, and a father. I’m not a “runner,” a triathlete, or a cyclist. This is not how I would describe myself.


The remote Peloton bike fitting evaluation

Brian made me do a series on the bike to complete his evaluation. It was reminiscent of a previous evaluation I received with a new physical therapist. He wanted to assess my hip strength and chronic lower back pain. Brian was doing the exact same.

Forearm planks, sit and reach, one-legged squats and forearm planks were all part of his exercise routine. He also had me do side planks on each leg, along with a leg lift. My right side was my rock star. I was able to get up in a side plank, and my top leg was lifted easily. Next, I turned to my left. It was quite a different story.

I was able to push up onto the left side plank with little effort. Brian then asked me to lift my right leg and top leg. It was difficult for me to get it up. He told me to get back on the ground and go again. I did. This time, however, I collapsed completely.

Diagnose the bike

Brian recognized that I had left hip pain and diagnosed me with a weak left leg. We would certainly address it with proper form on the Peloton bicycle. He also stated that he would send me exercises off the bike to strengthen my hips. I could also ask him for tools to assist with these exercises.

He said that I would be sent foot exercises to help my high arch foot because of it. His diagnosis was that my feet weren’t strong enough and were not gripping my shoes well. He would again recommend tools to do the foot exercises.

When Denis Morton mentioned gripping, I thought of Denis Morton telling riders in class to curl their toes in their shoes and grip like an eagle upon a branch. This was something that many of us did.

My cycling shoes have the cleats adjusted

Brian next wanted to inspect the cleats at the bottom of my bicycle shoes. For his evaluation, I held the shoes up to the camera. He had an immediate solution.

He said that he would loosen them with a wrench and then slide them up towards your big toe.

Also, ensure that your cleats are as close as possible to the front of your shoes. Move them until they reach the inside of each shoe. In the past, I had my cleats placed on my shoe bottoms. He actually complimented me about how straight my cleats looked. Thanks, Brian!

My fitting on the bike

Brian was eager to meet me on the bicycle. Brian wanted to first see my settings. I moved closer to Brian so that he could see my settings. The height of my seat was 16 inches. The fore/after, or horizontal position, was “D and a Half.”

Since my husband is 6'3’’, we’ve kept the handlebars high. They are also difficult to move up and down. Brian stated that he hears the same thing a lot about handlebars being difficult to move. To make it easier, he promised to share his secret with me.

It was finally time to get on the bicycle. I placed the camera in the exact position I had planned to show him how I looked on the bike. He could only see my head, unfortunately. There was nothing I could do.

The vestibule that houses our Peloton is located outside the bedrooms upstairs. This meant that the phone could not be returned to me unless I made a hole in the wall. We just agreed that I would be a headless cyclist for the bike fitting.

I started pedaling and clipped in. Brian sat with me for a while. He then asked me to dismount from the chair and adjust my settings.

Setting up my handlebars and seat settings

He had me lower my seat to 15. There was not much to it. He asked me second if I thought about moving my chair back to E. He said that I had done this before and that my fingertips couldn’t touch the handlebars. We left the setting as it was.

My seat settings before, left, and after, right.

Third, he asked me to lower the handlebars . He suggested five settings that would take them from Max up to setting L.

Handlebar settings before, left, and after, right.

He then shared his secret trick to make it easier for Peloton handlebars to be moved. First, remove the crank arm from the water bottle holders. Next, place one hand underneath the rounded portion at the middle of each handlebar. It’s like lifting a suitcase handle.

Your other hand should be used to pull the handlebars towards your seat. The handlebars will slide down smoothly using both of these “forces”. No tugging required. It was in position L. I then tightened the crank arm. Then, I was able to get back on the bike.

This is my article answering common questions about the Peloton handlebars.

Pedaling in my new bike fit position

It was strange to be on the bike in such an upright position. Brian explained that it was better for me as it kept my pelvis in the correct position. My pelvis was tilting backwards, and my lower back was curving under in a more upright position. This was most likely what caused my low back pain.

Brian suggested that I should work harder to keep my heel down while pedaling. My tendency to point my toes down was a problem. I need to push my heels backwards to engage my glutes and hamstrings while pedaling.

Another tip that I have heard is to put your heels back in your shoes. I now understood what they meant.

Feeling my sit bones again

This position allowed me to feel my sitz bones more easily on the saddle. You might recall that instructors spoke about fixing your sitz bones and nailing your tail to your seat.

I always believed that my stomach was too fat to allow me to feel my bones. They are now real.

Move my hands along the handlebars

Brian offered suggestions about how to place my hands on the handlebars so that my thumbs and heel don’t rub against the pads or heels. He suggested that I move my hands around the handlebars as a suggestion from many instructors. The new position was lower, so I could reach further forward on the handlebars. This gave me more options.

I did inform him that the Peloton bike had a flaw that the handlebars could not be moved forward or back. They could only be moved up and down. He stated that all the bike fitters who work with Peloton clients agree with me 100%.

There are many aftermarket products that can make the handlebars move in a different direction, but you should be aware that this could cause your warranty to be voided. If you are interested, I have added them below.

Handlebar Adjuster for Peloton

The Adjuster is an aftermarket product adapter that allows you to slide the Peloton handlebars closer towards the seat.

Top Form Design, the maker of the Adjuster has now released multiple versions for both the Peloton Bike and the Bike Plus.

Looking for a TFD promo our coupon code? Here you go.

Save 10% with code LEAH10 during checkout

The Adjuster - Top Form Design For Original Peloton Bike

Save 10% by using code LEAH10 when you check out.

The Adjuster for Plus Bike

Save 10% by using code LEAH10 when you check out.

Adjuster Fixed (Peloton Original)

Save 10% by using code LEAH10 when you check out.

After my remote bike fitting, I took my first classes

What was it like to ride my Peloton after fitting my bike? The first class was hard. It was really rough. It was a Matt Wilpers Power Zone 60-minute ride and I did it with an empty stomach. The new handlebar position made pedaling more difficult and left my forearms and legs sore. The second ride was not much better.

I decided to contact Brian to ask him if it was okay to raise the bar a little. Here is his reply:

“Yes, you can move the bars up by a few letters. You’ll be able to move them down in a few weeks when your arms adjust to the new effort. Sound good?”

I chose to move them up one letter, from L to M. Next, I took FTP testing.

Why? It was the final Power Zone Challenge (8 weeks), and it is always possible to take your FTP. I was feeling more tired and had to pedal harder so I thought I might need to increase my zone until my body gets used to the new bike.

What is the end result? The handlebars at M looked perfect. Perfect. It was perfect. I didn’t feel any pain in my arms, felt safe on the bike and pedaling felt even easier. FTP, oh my! I went up 3 points.

Update on handlebar position

Aerow Grip is an aftermarket product that I discovered recently. The Aerow Grip is a foam cover for your handlebars which makes them feel one-inch closer to your body. They can also lift you up a bit. They are also very soft on your hands.

Use code LEAH10 to get 10% off your order on Aerow.

After I had installed it on my handlebars I moved them down to the L position. Next, I did a 60 minute Power Zone ride. It was amazing. It was great. I was able to get off the bike with no pain in my hands or arms.

What does it feel like to be professionally fitted for Peloton?

Although the first few rides were difficult, my body is much more relaxed. Literally, my left side isn’t hurting.

But you do know what is sore. My glutes, and hamstrings. It brings back memories of when I first started taking step classes. Step classes are a great way to strengthen your hamstrings and glutes. I remember struggling to climb and descend stairs after that.

These days, I feel very sore in my glutes&hamstrings. This tells me two things. One, my glutes are working in a new way on my Peloton. Two, I need more stretching.

After I have completed the bike fitting, I will now work on strengthening any areas that are weak. This would include my hips, and my feet.

These are the products Brian suggested I use to do this.

Remote Peloton Bike Fitting: Products to Support

Remote Peloton Bike Fitting: Products to Support

These resistance bands from can help me build strength and power in my hips.

These resistance bands from can help me build strength and power in my hips.

This Better Hockey Extreme Slide Board was designed to build hip strength through lateral movements.

Here is a chart to help you understand why your knee pain is occurring on your Peloton. Please note that I am not a doctor. This chart is only for informational purposes. Please consult a doctor if you have concerns about your knee pain.

Here is a chart to help you understand why your knee pain is occurring on your Peloton. Please note that I am not a doctor. This chart is only for informational purposes. Please consult a doctor if you have concerns about your knee pain.

Let me end by referring you to the post I wrote before everything was shut down. You could also get free rides in the Peloton studios. It was accurate and true the last time I rode into studio. This was in 2019.

Since then, much has changed. Peloton’s New York Cycling Studios were moved from 23rd Street, Chelsea, to 9th Avenue, Hell’s Kitchen. It also moved its yoga and tread studios from Christopher Street, Greenwich Village, to the Hell’s Kitchen studios. Everything is now under one roof.

The Pelo-sphere has announced that studios will reopen to riders in Summer 2022 ( for the London studios, also), so you will have a new seating chart to reference at that time. It will be available to all readers as soon as possible.

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