Achieve Your Fitness Goals with Renpho AI Smart Exercise Bike: A Complete Guide

The RenphoAI Smart Exercise Bike is a bike with auto-resistance and built around FTP (or power zone training). It costs almost one-third to half the Original PelotonBike’s price. The original Renpho cost around $600 when it was released. The price has dropped over time and it now costs $399.

Specifications for Renpho AI Smart Bike

  • Carbon structural steel frame, 49-inch height, 20 inch width, 40 inches length
  • Universal seat cushion
  • Adjustable pedal straps
  • Tablet Holder (upto 8.46 inches)
  • Saddle and handlebar adjustability
  • Metrics: real-time RPM, power, cadence, resistance, calories
  • RENPHO AI Gym App connects via Bluetooth
  • Both manual and automatic resistance
  • 0-1000W power range
  • 80 gears

Renpho design

The Renpho design concept is simple and straightforward. The Renpho has a good 3-way adjustment system as well as slide-in pedals. These are great for someone who is just starting out in cycling, but you’ll probably need to replace them with clip-in pedals.

It is compact and only 80 pounds. This makes it easy to transport. This design appealed to me because I love rolling my bikes in front of the TV and watching a Peloton, or any other cycling class. Sometimes lighter bikes can be less stable because they are often lighter.

Although the Renpho moves a bit faster than other heavier bikes, the difference was minimal. The Renpho includes streaming classes via your TV and a tablet/smart phone holder on the handlebars.

Renpho power zone training

The dial at the handlebars controls everything on the bike. You can adjust the resistance, view your cadence and even see your power output. This is very important for FTP or power zone training.

Power Zone trainingis an exercise method that allows for customized workouts, based on a FTP Score. It is similar to heart rate training and I believe it’s just as effective. My Peloton Bike’s majority of my workouts are power zone classes.

The Renpho was designed for power zone training. This makes it very convenient to take power zones classes on Peloton or other programs. This is something that you cannot do even on the more expensive bikes like or the MYX II.

Renpho connectivity

Through their free app, the Renpho Bike can be connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet. There are many classes on the Renpho app, including scenic and studio rides. Although they don’t have as many classes available as IFIT or Peloton, the app offers a decent selection considering that it is free and has no membership.

Renpho resistance

The Renpho AI Smart Bike’s name is Renpho AI Smart Bike. This smart bike uses your data to adjust your training program. It will record your stats, power output, and has an auto-adjusting resistance. This is a remarkable feature for a bike that costs so little.

The Peloton Bike+’s biggest selling point is its auto-adjusting resistance. It was a surprise to me that Renpho included it on their device. This is a lot cheaper than the Peloton.

The Renpho is not as good as it could be

The Renpho Bike’s smoothness was one of its problems. It felt great to ride at lower resistances. It became difficult to pedal smoothly when you added more resistance. Although the Renpho can still be used at higher resistances it will not work as well with a smooth pedal stroke.

Another issue was that the bike does not allow you to ride out of your saddle. It is very difficult to ride the bike without it getting really wobbly. This could be a problem if you enjoy riding your bottom off the bike.

Take the Watts Connected

Is the Renpho comparable to the Peloton Bicycle? No. However, I believe that many of us tend to put off doing things we should be doing, such as working out. There are many people who would love to start cycling at home and get in shape, but put off doing it because it is too expensive. You can still have the Peloton experience, but for a fraction of what the Renpho costs.

If you are able to get started now with Renpho, it is a smart decision. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that the first step towards building a routine for fitness is the most difficult. However, I’m all for helping someone get started.

The Renpho Bike is an excellent starter bike. This bike is a great option for those who want to start an at-home program like Peloton but can’t afford it.

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