Inside the World of Peloton's Robin Arzon: An Exclusive Look

Robin Arzon, a Peloton instructor who is highly respected and loved by many, is a woman to be reckoned with. She quit a successful career in law to pursue a new path in fitness. The best thing about this decision was that she became the Vice President of Peloton and a highly sought-after instructor.

Robin is also an author with the London bestseller “Shut Up and Run.” Her incredible talents in writing are exposed. Arzon is also a wife, mother, and friend.

Robin Arzon: Height, Weight, and Net Worth, Hometown, Education, Profession, Age and Birthday, Wikipedia, Whose, Instagram, Biography, and more

Full Name/Real NameRobin Amelia Arzon
Birthplace/HometownPhiladelphia, PA
AgeAbout 39 years
BirthdaySeptember 20, 1982
Birth SignVirgo
Height5.7 Inch (1.70 meters)
ShoesAdidas Ultra Boost 3.0.
Diet/Eating Habit/Favorite FoodsSpinach, kale, frozen berries, almond butter, nuts, and seeds
EducationNew York University and Villanova University School of Law
Marital StatusMarried to Drew Butler at Feb, 16th 2019 in Tulum, Mexico
Children/BabiesGirl named Athena Amelia Arzón-Butler
Current ProfessionVice president of fitness programming at Peloton, also a Peloton instructor
Previous ProfessionLawyer, Author, Marathon Runner
Notable BooksShut Up and Run (Published on June 21, 2016)
Net WorthAbout 10 Million
Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook: Robin Arzon
Disease DiagnosedType 1 diabetes

Journey to the World of Fitness

Arzon was the daughter of a doctor’s mother and a lawyer father. This means that her academic background is a prerequisite for her success. She did succeed, and she graduated from Villanova University School of Law. She was a skilled litigator at Paul Hastings, LLP.

Arzon, only 20, was involved in an incident where she and others were kidnapped. Their lives were at stake. The kidnapper held Arzon hostage at gunpoint and used her as a shield to make his demands to the police.

She survived, and the police subdued the kidnapper. But the experience left her scarred. She decided to continue her pursuit of fitness and athletics.

After practicing her law career for seven years, Arzon resigned to concentrate on fitness and wellness. She became a marathoner and an ultra-marathoner.

Arzon began freelance writing about health and fitness to improve her career. In 2012, she was also a sports reporter.

Her bestseller, “Shut Up and Run” is now available. She is a pioneer in fitness and wellness.

Robin Arzon and Peloton

Robin Arzon Peloton instructor

Amazon was one of the first
instructors to join Peloton in 2014. She is primarily a cyclist, and her charm will make even the laziest rider feel like he’s on top of the
Peloton bike.

Robin was promoted to the vice president by Peloton in 2016, further cementing her position in the coveted fitness cult. Even better, she is still a Peloton bike coach despite being a top administrator.

Thus, Arzon’s passion and dreams were finally realized by Peloton.

Robin Arzon’s Prenatal Classes

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Arzon continued to train on the Peloton throughout her pregnancy. She started prenatal classes for pregnant women on Peloton. You can still access the classes whenever you like since they are recorded.

Arzon, Athena’s four-month-old sister, returned to the bike on July 6. Although she doesn’t have as many classes, we still have her aboard. If you’re a new mom, riding with her can be significant. You can share your experiences while you get back into shape.

Robin Arzon Marriage, Family and Children

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Arzon is 38 years old, and her commitment to fitness keeps her young in her 20s. She was born in Philadelphia and is a mix of Puerto Rican and Cuban parents.

Drew Butler is Robin’s husband. Their wedding was spectacular and lasted four days. Athena Amelia Arzon Butler is the couple’s daughter. Arzon named her 6-month-old daughter a warrior goddess, and she is now a member of the Peloton community.

Robin Arzon Peloton Classes

Arzon is a Peloton instructor and teaches strength, cycling, and Boot camp classes. Her classes range in length from a 5-minute post-workout stretch to a full 45-minute workout on Peloton.

She also guides her fans on fitness and workouts. She has type 1 diabetes, and she trains others about Type 1 management through exercise and fitness.

Robin’s enthusiasm is not the only thing that motivates her fans. Her figure is toned and free from excess fats. Peloton forums will show that some people work out to achieve Arzon’s body. You can almost guarantee the body you desire by engaging in her workouts.

In a Nutshell

Robin Arzon is a Peloton mother and vice president. She is also an instructor in Peloton. She is a trainer, coach, and author who reaches out to people with workout training, guidance, books, and other means.

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