Ultimate Guide to the Salsa Journeyman Bike: An Unbiased Review

Salsa bikes have been made since the 80s. This Minnesota-based brand makes a wide range of quality bikes. We consider it a great brand for the price. We are huge fans of Salsa’s Journeyman road bike line.

Today, Salsa is sold to QBP. QBP also owns the Surly and All-City brands. It is still managed from Bloomington, MN.

The Journeyman line is a great value for money, especially when you look at price and value. We recommend the Journeyman line to anyone looking for an all-road bike that is solid and reliable at a reasonable price. Although Salsa isn’t as well-known as Trek, Giant or Cannondale, the Journeyman experience of riding one puts it at the top of its category.

Why we like the Salsa Journeyman

Over the years we have ridden many bikes, but there are a few key reasons why we love the Salsa Journeyman bike line. These are just a few of the many benefits of this amazing bike line:


The best thing about the Salsa Journeyman bike is its incredible price. You get a great bike for a reasonable price. A Journeyman can be purchased for as low as $1,000 depending on the model and year. The current model year’s standard model will cost you $1,500. However, this is still a great deal compared to many bikes on the market. A Salsa Journeyman is a great option if you’re looking for a new bike.


These bikes offer a wide range of performance options. Salsa calls them an “all-road”, meaning they can handle pavement, gravel and some trail riding, provided you have the right tires. Salsa created the Journeyman with the intention of allowing people to customize the bike to their riding needs. This includes high-quality manufacturing, good rims, and an aluminum frame. It gives you the edge to travel further while keeping the bikes in great condition. The Journeyman is your solution to this problem …..

Gravel compatible

If you are looking to outfit your bike for gravel, disc brakes allow you greater control over the tire and rim widths you use.

Today, the gravel bike is the fastest-growing segment of the bicycle market. Although the Journeyman is able to tick that box, if you prefer to ride narrow road tires, it can also be a road bike. We prefer gravel to ride a slightly wider and heavier tire (but not too aggressive). The Journeyman’s geometry with standard disc brake setup allows you to reach the 30mm mark on your tire width. You can also use this bike as a road bike.

Made in USA/North America

Localized manufacturing not only adds value but also reduces the overall environmental impact of the bike. The price point for your parts is lower if they don’t have the to travel across the ocean before reaching you. Also, it reduces the time and effort involved in getting everything built. The Salsa Journeyman is manufactured in America, which means you can get the best local manufacturing quality at an affordable price.

REI - Sold

We love the local bike shops and encourage you to support them whenever you can. Sometimes you just want the bike to show up. The retailer is the best person to help you buy a bike online. The bike shop sets the tone for the entire purchase experience. The good news is that the Salsa Journeyman can be purchased from a reputable retailer like REI. You have an easy online ordering process, as well as a reliable customer service team, consistent inventory, and overall reliability for your purchase. If you have any questions about your purchase, REI can be reached at (or in-store) anytime. View the current inventory of Journeyman bikes
>at REI.

Low maintenance

You will need to maintain your bike. However, it is important to remember that you do not want to over-treat it. Salsa Journeyman is built with quality materials and has a strong structural foundation. We find that aluminum bikes are more bulletproof than carbon-fiber. We wrote about road bikes that you can get an all-around better bike made of aluminum than in carbon fiber for a price below $2,000, as manufacturers must figure out how to save money. Aluminum allows them to choose the materials they wish to use. You can save time and money when you choose better materials, especially compared with other brands. You will enjoy a great bike over the long-term as long as you are careful with the tires and chains.

Salsa Journeyman Lineup

Each year the Journeyman lineup is updated, but you will primarily find three models. All models are high quality and affordable. The Journeyman may not be the bike that you want to upgrade with tons of expensive upgrades, like a $3500 carbon fiber frame. But it is an excellent bike for those who are looking for a bike they can trust and can take on any terrain.

Salsa Journeyman Sora Bike

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  • A bike that can handle long rides is ideal The Sora is an excellent choice for long distance riding. Aluminum provides smooth riding and high performance, for as long or little as you want.
  • 16 Gear Option Having multiple speeds allows you to fully embrace the versatility of your bike. This allows you to handle different terrains and incline levels. You can choose a higher gearing if you plan to ride on roads and paved streets. You can choose the slower, lower gearing if you plan to ride on hills or gravel. This versatility is what we like.
  • Quality Aluminium: With the Sora Line, you’ll be riding the same aluminum tubes as the Warbird line’s aluminum version, which is a more expensive bike.

Salsa Journeyman Claris Bicycle

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  • **Ergonomically sound:**Repetitive strains are a serious risk when biking. You want to avoid repetitive strain injuries and prevent them from causing further damage, such as knee problems. The Journeyman Claris’ angles are very comfortable and don’t slow you down. The unique design allows you to ride in the best possible position, while minimizing the chance of injury.
  • The Claris is the ideal bike lane for urban settings. This bike is sleek and simple to use. It can be easily maneuvered on paved surfaces.
  • The Claris is affordable and simple to use. This bike is a great value considering its price. The cost-to-value ratio makes it very desirable. This bike is a good all-road bike, even at an entry-level price.
  • **High Quality Manufacturing:**Made with great care, every aspect of this bike is first-class. You can be sure that your Claris bike will provide the best in design, materials, construction, and distribution. A sturdy, reliable ride is possible thanks to the aluminum frame.

Salsa Journeyman Apex Bike

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  • Offroading Ease If you’re looking for routes that take you off the pavement, the Apex Salsa is the bike for you. There have been a lot of bikes in gravel lately, and the Journeyman Apex is one of them. This bike is perfect for gravel road and limestone trail enthusiasts. Two of the most important features on a gravel bike are disc brakes, and lower gearing. The chainring may feel a bit restrictive at the top for those who want to go 30 mph on open roads, but the 95% of avid cyclists will be fine with it.
  • Smooth pedaling: This bike’s drive chain is efficient and smooth, allowing you to ride comfortably. The design reduces the burden of shifting and powering your bike, allowing you to focus on what you are doing.
  • Durability You want a bike that will last the test of time. This model is a great choice due to its quality manufacturing and intricate design. These bikes can withstand heavy riding and are durable as long as they are maintained properly.
  • Smooth Ride: The best thing about this bike is its ability to ride smoothly on any surface. You don’t want the bumps and gravel to make you feel rickety. This can be attributed, at least partially, to the fact that you are riding on high-quality aluminum rather than lower-end carbon, which is more common at this price range. These units allow you to travel at different speeds and without worrying about the quality or the route you take.

A Few Final Thoughts about the Journeyman Bike Line

Finding the perfect bike for you is the most important factor in selecting the right bike. This applies to all bikes, not just the Salsa Journeyman. Are you planning to ride around the city? Do you want to set PRs on Strava? Or are you more interested in being a bike commuter or a bike rider? Are you looking at gravel roads or prefer pavement? There are many options, depending on your needs, and especially if you have a limited budget, that you could consider the Journeymen line.

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