Sanabul Combat Gear Review – Sustainably Made by Fighters, for Fighters

We’ve covered a lot of equipment for fitness on Connect The Watts. However, it’s also important to be aware of what gear is available to make sure you can perform at your best without injury. This is especially true for combat exercises such as boxing and jiu jitsu. Sanabul’s apparel and equipment is reviewed. It was built around sustainability and quality.

Sanabul is a manufacturer of fighting equipment and apparel that focuses on innovation while being eco-conscious.

Sanabul believes that the company could be better than the “other guys” and was founded in 2013. My journey was the former.

This has resulted in a large range of products that are centered on both training and fighting. These products include boxing gloves and MMA gloves, as well as medicine balls and punching bags. Sanabul also sells clothing specifically made for combat training.

Sanabul’s decision to use vegan-friendly materials for its boxing gloves was one of its major strengths. This process is explained on the company’s website.

Many people believe that animal leather is the best material for boxing gloves, and will pay high prices for genuine cow hide. Alternative materials offer the best combination of performance factors, including durability, fit and feel, as well as sustainability. This was determined by our in-depth analysis. Since day one , Sanabul has used our Performance Engineered synthetic leather. Research has shown that synthetic leathers leave a smaller carbon footprint than animal-based products.

I was able to test the synthetic leather gloves as well as a variety of other products by Sanabul, and am now sharing my experience.

Sanabul Essential Gel Gloves (Left), and Gold Strike Gloves(Right).

Sanabul boxing gloves review

Before I begin, I should mention that I am not a professional fighter. However, I have been boxing at home since 2021 through FightCamp. As I kicked and punched my way into a target zone, I was able test multiple pairs of gloves and wraps.

Sanabul offers striking gear in a variety of styles and weights. The company’s website shows that the designs are original and include everything from simple color schemes to neons and Star Wars patterns.

I was able test and review the Essential Gel Gloves ($27.49) and the Gold Strike Hook&Loop Professional Boxing Gloves ($150.00).

Essential Gel Gloves

You will immediately notice the quality in the Essential Gel Gloves when you start with them. Each mitt’s gel-infused foam provides protection and softness for those pesky haymakers, particularly when you are training or not trying to break your hand.

The mesh palm design was a great choice. My hands sweat in my gloves so it helped to disperse heat.

These gloves are a top seller in this category because they come in eight colors and come in sizes from 8-16 oz. These gloves are a steal at under $30.

Gloves for Gold Strike

These Sanabul gloves are made from premium materials and pay more attention to detail, as the gold trim is not enough to hint. I was able to test the black Sanabul set, which featured soft handmade molds, a performance lining, top-tier engineered leather, and a chance to read about it.

The Gold Strike Glovesoffer an opening loop. This allowed my hands to remain cooler than the mesh palm. These gloves have a different quality to the Essentials in terms of texture and appearance.

These gloves are great for professional fighters or for shiny gifts for people who box a lot. I don’t think they perform as well as the Essential Gel Gloves, which were $120 cheaper.

Other Sanabul gear reviewed

Apart from the gloves, I was also able to review the Sanabul Cross Training Gloves and Gel Ankle Guards.

Because they are simple and effective, I will start with hand wraps. You can purchase elastic, polyester hand wraps up to 180 inches in length for less than $10. They offer more protection than the 120 inch versions. You can personalize your wraps with nine designs to match any Sanabul glove or other gear.

Sometimes I didn’t feel like lifting 16 ounces and preferred to do a strength-based fight workout. The Paw V.2 Gel Cross Training Gloves were perfect for these occasions.

The gel padding on the knuckles acts as a wrap underneath gloves. It gives me the ability to throw light jabs while still being able to do other exercises such as pushups or weight lifting. These could be useful for strength training, but I would prefer larger gloves to throw more punches.

The Essential Gel Ankle Guards were the last Sanabul product I reviewed. They are great for side kicks and kicking on your bag. I was a beginner at FightCamp. I tried kickboxing, and I nearly pulled my groin. I also injured my ankle doing bare kicks. Needless to mention, I switched to boxing. That was until I bought these ankle guards.

Gel protects the lower shin and ankle, which are the most vulnerable areas in a strike. These guards allowed me to kick confidently without injuring my ankles. This opened up a new segment of combat training at home. These guards are below $15 and offer great protection.

Overall, Sanabul has quality products that are designed with fighters in mind. If you own a punching bag, or are looking for a sparring ring, I recommend checking Sanabul’s large range of products priced below $10 to $250 gloves made from cactus leather .

The most appealing thing about this brand to me was its emphasis on vegan-friendly products and their quest for continuous improvement. Similar to what we are all in the fitness community.

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