Discover the Truth Behind Saris Bones: An Expert Review

The Saris Bones bike rack has been a reliable and cost-effective option for many years. The Saris Bones’ ease-of-use, speedy installation, versatility for all vehicles, and affordable price make it a great choice for families looking to hit the trails.

Because of its adjustable design, the Saris Bones is a popular choice. It can be mounted to most vehicles. The Bones can be used on any vehicle, unlike some of the more expensive models we reviewed in our article on best bike racks. The bike rack can also be mounted to the back of your vehicle without a hitch.

What makes the Saris Bones bicycle rack stand out from other bike carriers? Check out the complete review to find out if this bike rack suits your needs.

Saris Bones Trunk Rack Models

There are three models of the Saris Bones: the Bones EX (SuperBones), and Bones EX (Bones). Depending on your budget, vehicle capacity, and bike capacity, you will need to decide which model to choose. All of the Saris rack
>can be found here.

The following is a brief description of the lineup:

Saris Bones

This bike rack is the original and most affordable, with prices ranging from $170 to $200. Saris Bones claims that it fits 70% of all cars, so keep your receipt in case yours is not. It is available in two- or three-bike capacities depending on your needs.

Saris Bones EX

The Saris Bones EX is a great option if you’re looking for a rack with more versatility than a hitch rack. The EX is compatible with 90% of the vehicles on the market and has more adjustabilities. The EX is similar to the original Saris Bones but comes with a larger capacity of two or three bikes, and a higher price tag at $210-$240.

Saris SUPERBones

The Saris SUPERBones are a luxury product that costs around $400 more. The SUPERBones have additional features like a retractable strap, a locking system that locks the rack to your car or bike and allows you to lock it to the rack. This is especially useful for those who live in urban areas and don’t wish to have to remove their rack every time they use it. SUPERBones is limited to three bikes and does not fit as many vehicles than the EX model.

What makes the Saris Bones stand out?

The Saris Bones bicycle racks are worth considering for a variety of reasons. It comes in a box and is ready to be installed. It weighs in at just 9 lbs making it very easy to mount on a vehicle.

The Saris Bones is easy to mount and doesn’t require any tools. The Saris Bones can be carried on two or three adult bikes and are surprisingly durable.

These bike racks can be attached to many vehicles and are adjustable, as we have already stated. We forgot to mention that this bike rack is great for all types of bikes. The Saris Bones is also great for loading bikes.

Saris Bones mounts directly to your vehicle. However, it will not cause any damage. The feet are rubber-coated and provide protection for your vehicle, while still providing a stable mount.

Who is the best Bones Rack for?

The Saris Bones bike rack is simple but effective. It is affordable and easy to use. This rack is ideal for families with three or fewer bikes.

This bike rack is lightweight and easy to use. The Saris Bones rack might be right for you if convenience is a priority.

Who is it not good for?

The Saris Bones bike rack is great for minimalists on a tight budget. However, it’s not for everyone. It can only hold three bikes so it’s not a good choice for large families.

These models are not the best option if you want to have your rack on your vehicle all the time. This is because it’s difficult to access the trunk of the vehicle or the rear windshield wiper once it’s mounted.

The Saris Bones EX and Saris Bones EX do not have security features. People living in dense areas may want to consider other options. You don’t want someone else taking your mountain or road bike. You can upgrade to SUPERBones if security is important, but this will mean a substantial increase in cost.

Comparative Analysis of Other Bike Racks

You don’t have to be convinced that the Saris Bones bike racks will work for you or your family. There are many other bike racks available. Let’s take a look at the Saris Bones and how it compares with other no-hitch bicycle racks.

Thule Passage

The Thule Passage can hold two to three bikes, similar to the Saris Bones. The Thule Passage’s “Stay-Put”, anti-sway cages help to keep the bike in its place while on the road. The bike rack is easy to use on long trips, and it doesn’t get lost like other no-hitch racks.

Although this bike rack is great, some people have complained about it. Some customers complained that the Thule Passage is too tight and caused damage to their bikes. It is a good idea to be careful when mounting expensive road or mountain bikes onto the Passage.

The Saris Bones is slightly more expensive than the Thule Passage. You might save money depending on where you purchase it.

Yakima Fullback

Although the Yakima Fullback has many similarities to our trunk mounts, it also offers some unique features. It’s a simple bike mount that is easy to install. It can fit larger vehicles, which is a plus. This might appeal to people who have larger SUVs or vans.

The Fullback is distinguished by its anti-theft security locking system. For riders who need a long neck at the end of a ride, the Fullback has a bottle opener. Although it is not a major selling point, this can be very useful for special occasions.

The Fullback has its flaws. Three adult bikes can be crammed onto the Fullback, according to some users. They would rub their bikes together if they managed to get them all on.

Yakima Fullback may also be safer on drives. Some people have complained that the Fullback is easy to loosen and requires tightening every step of the way. This is not ideal for those who ride long distances on their bikes, or travel over rough terrain.

The Saris Bones: An Overall Review

The Saris Bones bike rack is simple but functional and can be used by small families. Because it is lightweight and easy to install, it is strong and durable. It can also be stored away in a small area for those times it is not being used.

If you plan to ride a few bikes across the country, a Thule or Kuat might be a good investment. These will make your bike more comfortable and secure.

The Bones is an excellent option for the occasional rider. The Saris Bones bike rack is great for those who need to transport their bikes in an emergency, have a tight budget and only need a simple bike carrier.
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