The Ultimate Showdown: Schwinn IC4 vs Bowflex C6 Bike - Which one Reigns Supreme?

Schwinn IC4 Vs. Bowflex C6? This is the most challenging comparison, given that the two bikes are of the same company and have almost similar features. Actually, both bikes are of the same quality and warranty features.

There is always a reason why two bikes with different names would be made by the same company. Optimizing business profits is one reason, but the company wants you have options. There must be at least one reason you would choose one over another.

Are you interested? Let’s talk about the similarities and differences between Schwinn IIC4 and Bowflex C6.

Head to Head Comparison Table For Schwinn IC4 and Bowflex C6

Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences between the two fitness bikes.

FeatureSchwinn IC4Bowflex C6
Dimensions48.7”L x 21.2”W x 51.8”H48.7”L x 21.2”W x 51.8”H
ColorsBlack with sporty red and white accentsBlack with slight red colorations
Sleek outlookNoYes
LCD ScreenPresentPresent
Tablet holderPresentPresent
Workout TabletAbsentAbsent
In-built workoutsAbsentAbsent
Workouts accessiblePeloton, Echelon, Zwift, iFit Coach, TrainerRoadPeloton, Echelon, Zwift, iFit Coach, TrainerRoad
Resistance levels100 micro-adjustable levels100 micro-adjustable levels
Pedal typeDual (Clip-in SPD and Toe cages)Dual (Clip-in SPD and Toe cages)
Bike weight106lbs106lbs
Flywheel weight40lbs40lbs
Accessories2 water bottle holders, 3-lb dumbbells pair, heart rate monitor armband2 water bottle holders, 3-lb dumbbells pair, heart rate monitor armband
Payment planAvailable, with a duration of 18 monthsAvailable, with a duration of 18 months
Discounts availableOccasional discountsMilitary and occasional discounts
User weight330lbs330lbs
Manufacturing companyNautilusNautilus
RetailersSchwinn and other certified storesBowflex
Where to buyAvailable on AmazonAvailable on Bowflex

Similarities Between Schwinn IC4 and Bowflex C6

These are the reasons why it is so hard to choose which of these two bikes is best for you and worth the money.

1. They are Nautilus Company Products

If you’ve been following Nautilus for a while, you know that they make affordable products with high-end quality. They may compromise certain features to save money, but they never compromise quality or durability.

If you are looking for a product by Nautilus, both bikes will be available. Which do you prefer? The price difference is not significant.

2. They Feature Tablet Holders

Both bikes come with tablet holders. Even though they don’t have tablets, you still have the option to use your iPad or tablet.

The bikes also have large LCDs that record your heart rate, pulse, calories burned, distance covered, and time spent on the spinning workouts. Bluetooth compatibility means that the screens can be connected to your tablet or heart rate monitor. You can still maximize your workouts.

Tablet holders that do not require a tablet allow you to use any workout app on the bikes. The LCD is compatible with many popular and highly effective workout apps, including iFit Coach (Peloton), Zwift, Echelon and TrainerRoad. This means you can ride your inexpensive bike while taking part in Peloton and Echelon. You can also explore other workout apps with your bike.

3. Pedals

Dual-purpose pedals allow for a variety of cycling shoes. The SPD version has clipless pedals. Clip-in shoes are a great option for maximum
power transfer in a competitive class like Peloton.

Toe clips on the opposite side of the pedals allow you to wear casual shoes. You can also use the toe cages if your family member wants to ride the bike but doesn’t have any cycling shoes.

4 Resistance

You will receive a magnetic resistance system, regardless of whether you ride the Schwinn I4 or the Bowflex C6. You can also choose from up to 100 levels, which allows you to take on different riding challenges. The flywheel, which weighs in at 40lbs, provides the perfect resistance.

5. Warranty and Delivery

You get the same warranty conditions as if you buy one of these Nautilus brands. The warranty covers the frame, all mechanical parts, as well as repair and maintenance for one year.

Shipping is not required. You can get either bike for free. You just need to wait for the bike to arrive once you have purchased it.

6. Additional Accessories

The package includes more accessories than the bikes, and it comes with no additional cost.

The dumbbells are 3 lbs in weight and can be used on the bike or off-bike for strength training. The armband is Bluetooth compatible, and is a great way to track your heart rate and calories burnt. The bike also has two strategically placed water bottle holders so you don’t have to get off the bike to replenish your water.

7. User Weight

All spinning bikes have a maximum weight limit. The maximum user weight limit for both Schwinn IC4 (330lbs) and Bowflex C6 (330lbs) is the same for all spinning bikes.

Both bikes weigh 106lbs without the dumbbells. They are also identical in size, measuring 48.7 inches long by 21.2 inches wide by 51.8 inches high.

Differences Between Schwinn IC4 and Bowflex C6

These are the differences between the bikes that will affect which one you end up with.

1. Cost

Each bike costs less than $1000 and you can save money on buying dumbbells or heart rate monitors. The bikes do have a price difference, which is important in deciding the bike you choose.

Bowflex C6 is the more expensive of the two bikes. It was $999 while Schwinn IC4 was $899.

Both bikes offer payment plans that allow you to purchase a bike within a set budget for 18 months. The Bowflex costs $56 per month for 18 months while the Schwinn $model costs $50 per month.

If you’re on a tight budget, a difference of 100 dollars can make Schwinn IC4 a great choice. There isn’t much difference in performance or quality that warrants spending more.

Bowflex is cheaper for military personnel than it is for civilians, however. The brand offers discounts for military personnel, but this is not the case for the Schwinn bike.

You may also find other benefits, coupons, and discounts on your bike, especially for important occasions like Labor Day.

2. Outlook

You will see that the bikes have very different physical outlooks if you take a closer look. While it may seem insignificant to you, some people would like to have a few options for their gym outlook.

The Schwinn IC4 has a sporty look with a black frame and red and white accents. Bowflex, on the other hand, is primarily the bike’s color with some red accents.

Bowflex is more sleek than Schwinn IC4, even though they have similar dimensions. If you are looking for something sleek, the extra 100 dollars are worth it.

3. Retailers

Although the bikes are made by the same manufacturer, it is important to realize that the names of the brands may be different. The bikes are also sold by different retailers. Bowflex can only be purchased on the Bowflex website. Here you will find discounts for military personnel.

Schwinn does have a few retailers, from Schwinn to larger stores. Schwinn is therefore more accessible than Bowflex, which gives it an advantage.

Why You Should Consider Schwinn IC4 Over Bowflex C6

  • It is the cheapest option.
  • It has a sporty outlook.
  • There are many places where you can buy Schwinn bikes.

Why You Should Consider Bowflex C6 Over Schwinn IC4

  • It has a sleek appearance.
  • Military discounts are available
  • Minimal color blends

Final Thoughts

Which one is better, Schwinn IC4 or Bowflex C6? Both bikes are comparable in terms of strength and output, as well as quality and performance. There are some differences between the bikes, but they won’t affect your ability to ride either bike.

Schwinn IC4 is a great option if you don’t care about a stylish outlook but want a cheaper alternative. Bowflex C6 is a better option if you want a more elegant, sleeker look that almost looks like a Peloton, and you don’t mind spending 100 more. You will pay less if you are eligible for military benefits.

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