Learn How to Set Your Peloton Profile to Private Now - Can Strangers See or Spy on You

Your Peloton profile is made public by default. This makes it easy for the community to see. Public means other users can search for and see your workouts, as well as follow you. You can also indicate your age, gender, and location on your profile.

Some of these features can be seen on the Leaderboard so users don’t need to search for your profile. The Leaderboard can show you your location, age, gender, and other information. People can filter the Leaderboard by gender to find you.

What if you want to keep your privacy private and not share it with the public? There is an option for you too.

How to Set the Peloton Profile Private

Peloton setting profile private


You can make your profile private, regardless of whether you use the Peloton app, treadmill, or bike. Your profile will then be visible to only Peloton followers who accept it.

Let’s move on to the Peloton privacy process.

A) How to Set the Peloton Bike or Treadmill to Private

To create a privacy profile for your Peloton bike, bike plus or treadmill, follow the steps below.

Log in to your Peloton touchscreen. Next, click on your username and then on

profile Settings
. You will then be able to select
social tabs
. This will take you to a
tab. You will see the privacy tab if you check the box. You now have a private Peloton account.

B) How to Set the Peloton Digital App to Private

How to set the Peloton Digital App to private

Here’s an easy way to make your account private if you use the
peloton digital app

First off, log in to your Peloton account, and tap on the three horizontal dots at the top right corner. You will get several options, among the options

. First, click on preferences, which will expose you to
profile info
options. Next, select
, and scroll down the options to
. Here, you will see a checkbox, which is blank if you have never considered it before

Check the box to set your privacy settings. Your profile will remain private.

How to Keep Specific Personal Information Private

You may want to keep some information private, but your Peloton profile remains public. Let’s find out how to get around this.

1. Workout History

If your profile is public, your workout history will be visible to anyone who visits it. You can always delete your workout history if you don’t like people seeing your workouts.

How do I delete my workout history on PelotonClick on your username to access your profile on Peloton. You can see your workout history and click on any class you don’t want to be included in your history. You will see the option

delete the class at the bottom of each class. It is conspicuously displayed in red. To delete the class, click on it.

You can delete a class from your workout history permanently if you don’t like it.

2. Weight and Height

You will soon realize that height, weight, and gender are optional when creating your Peloton profile. They are however essential, especially for your power zones classes, if accurate data is desired.

The good news is that your height and weight are private information and will not be revealed to anyone, even your followers. You also have the option to not indicate your height and weight.

3. Age, Birthday, and Gender

Your gender and age are visible to users. Users can filter you by gender and age. Your birthday is not visible to everyone but it will be displayed on your screen if you take a studio class on the day of your birthday. You will then get a shout out from the instructor and high-fives by fellow students in the class.

You can choose gender and age to hide the information. It will then be visible on Peloton, but it is not accessible to followers.

Privacy on the Peloton Camera

You can take profile photos for your Peloton using the Peloton camera. The instructor and other users cannot see your profile pictures.

However, video chats can be done if you are using the Peloton bike, plus, or treadmill. You can request a videochat with other class members. You can turn the camera off if you don’t want to be visible on the camera.

Camera covers allow you to cover your camera and remain private during classes.

However, digital app users cannot access the camera option or video chat features, even if they have a great camera. As a digital user, you don’t need to worry about privacy issues with the Peloton camera.

Can You Block Users on Peloton?

You cannot block Peloton users from the platform. If you are looking for privacy, it is best to keep your profile secret as you can’t block any users.

You can’t block users who want high-five you on Peloton. You will get the most high-fives from your followers if you have a private profile.

Can You See Peloton Users Who View Your Profile?

No, you can’t. Peloton does not allow you to see the profiles of other users. You have the option to make your profile private to ensure that your information is not visible to others.


Peloton is a social fitness platform for home. All information is visible by default. It recognizes that users may prefer privacy so you can make your profile private.

Do you wish to make your Peloton profile public? Let’s move on!

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