A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your New Peloton Bike

We are thrilled to have you join the Peloton family. Follow these steps to get started.

Step 1

Moving Your Bike+

With two front stabilisers and weighing 140 lbs/63.5 kg, the Bike+ is 140 lb/63 kilos. It is best to have two adults transport it from one room to another.

  1. To place your Bike+ on the floor, face your rear and lift the rear stabilizer to move the bike+ onto the front wheels.

  2. We recommend that you ask another person to help you lift your Bike+. Lift the front stabilizer and monitor arm by bending at the knees.

  3. To transport the Bike+ upstairs the front end of your bike should be pointed downwards. This is where most of the weight will be held.

Do you need to climb stairs or navigate around corners? If the touchscreen is not already removed, you might consider disconnecting it.

Step 2

Attaching the Touchscreen

To Disconnect

  1. Unplug power and audio cables.
  2. To turn the touchscreen, face the opposite direction from the bike.
  3. Move the touchscreen upwards.
  4. To remove the touchscreen bolts from your monitor arm, use a 4mm Allen wrench.
  5. Slide the touchscreen off the arm.

To connect:

  1. Place the touchscreen on the arm of the monitor.
  2. To tighten the bolts on the monitor arm, use a 4mm Allen wrench.
  3. To face your bike, rotate the touchscreen.
  4. Connect the power- and audio cables to your touchscreen.

Step 3

Stabilising Your Bike+

  1. Move the outer feet of the rear and front stabilisers counterclockwise so that they are firmly on ground.

  2. Use your hands to gently rock the bike so it doesn’t wobble.

Step 4

Connecting to Wifi&Powering on

  1. Connect the power adapter to your wall.

  2. Connect the power cord to the power jack on the back of your bike

  3. To power the touchscreen on, press the top button at the back.

  4. Choose your Wi-Fi network, and enter the password

Step 5

Calibrating your Bike+

During installation, please allow your bike+ to calibrate. You may hear an audible noise during calibration. This is normal. You can always unplug the bike and re-plug it if the calibration does not work.

Please do not touch the screen or pedals during calibration. Any movement of the pedals will cause problems.

Step 6

Activate Your Account

Enter the password and email address used for purchase, or the Activation Key to activate your touchscreen.

Set up your subscription and pay:

To activate your All Access Membership, enter your credit card information. Update your payment method any time at members.onepeloton.com.au/subscriptionsor on your bike.

  1. Tap on the three dots icon in the lower right-hand corner.

  2. Select Profil Settings

  3. Select Member

How to create your profile

  1. Check your profile

  2. Your leaderboard name is what your friends will see. )

  3. Connect with Spotify or Apple Music to access the Track Love feature. Save songs from class to your playlist.

Step 7

Get to Know Your Bike+

Apple GymKit(tm).

  1. Choose a ride (live, or on-demand).

  2. Use your Apple Watch for at most 30 seconds

  3. Place your unlocked Apple Watch face-left of the touchscreen’s camera. The watch will vibrate, and you will be prompted to connect to the touchscreen. To complete pairing, pressOKon your watch.


  1. To enable the auto-follow feature. Select an “on-demand class”
  2. Please click on the Lock icon to open the resistance tab. It is located at the bottom of the metric section.
  3. When you see the icon highlighted, Auto-Follow will be turned on and the resistance will adjust automatically during class transitions. A transition of resistance can be indicated by a vibration on the handlebar.

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