Spintray Review: The Must-Have Accessory for Your Peloton Setup

Peloton accessories are becoming more popular. We’re testing Top Form Design’s SpinTray this week!

What is SpinTray?

SpinTray does exactly what it says: It hooks onto the handlebars of your Peloton to hold a tablet or laptop. This turns your bike into a workstation. This is perfect for those times when you need to spark your creativity or have to make a choice between work and exercise.


The SpinTray is very strong and elegantly designed. Clear, so you can see your resistance knop while checking in on your form. SpinTray can engrave your leaderboard name or logo on your SpinTray to add a personal touch.

The SpinTray holds anything, from a book to a laptop of 15 inches in size. There is no wobble and no concern about the tray sliding. Our 15-inch laptop did not move on the tray when we tried it. The SpinTray was very stable. We tried sliding the laptop off, but it was difficult. This alleviated any worries about items falling off. The SpinTray’s size is a key factor in its stability. The SpinTray measures 14x19x19 inches, which gives you plenty of space to store your laptop and mouse. This much space can lead to your knees hitting the tray, depending on how tall you are and how fit your bike is. To address this concern, we had approximately 10 people test our SpinTray. The majority of SpinTray users can use it without any issues and their knees are strong enough to allow them to ride the
bike as normal.

Chris (6'0’’) was the only one to find it not a good fit for his bike settings. He said that his usual bike settings meant that his knees were in the best riding position. However, he did find that his knees could hit the tray a few times. The tray was too high for his handlebars. This caused some discomfort after a few minutes of typing. To get a better fit, he was able adjust the saddle position (slide the handlebars back slightly) as well as the handlebars (lower the handles slightly).

A 6'3" user didn’t have any problems hitting the tray. My height was 5'8" and I had 2’’ clearance. My husband was the same height but had less than 1’. So it all depends on your personal proportions and how your bike fits. Peloton bikes can be adjusted quickly to provide more clearance if your knees touch the tray or your laptop angle is off.

It is intended use

The most important thing is that SpinTray was created with leisurely scenic rides in mind. This will not be a good choice for a Tabata class or sweat session of 90 minutes. The SpinTray can’t be used to get out of your saddle. SpinTray is the right choice if you’re looking for a simple pedal or a recovery ride, and you need to do some reading or work. The resistance knob can sometimes be difficult to reach when you are using the SpinTray. You won’t need to be creating your next PowerPoint presentation while riding with the SpinTray. It is very easy to put on or take off the SpinTray. It simply slides onto your handlebars and can be removed in a matter of 5 seconds.

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