Experience the Future of Fitness with Tempo Move: A Comprehensive Review

For the past few weeks, I have been using the Tempo Move Home Gym to test it out. It uses the technology of your iPhone to provide you with an at-home personal trainer experience. Tempo Move is only $395 USD. It includes an Olympic-style plate, adjustable dumbbells, and one the best-designed fitness storage containers that I’ve ever seen. Let’s talk about whether this home fitness package is right for you.


Tempo Move’s initial price of $395 is the lowest priced connected fitness device I have ever seen. It offers a well-designed, high-quality package that costs only $395.

The core is what holds your iPhone upright. This allows the Tempo Move app to use the front-facing camera to provide feedback and also connect everything to an external monitor or tv. The ‘core’ is also completely removable from your weight storage.

  • You can choose from either a light or dark option for the weight storage cabinet.
  • Magnetically held in place on the front cover, it can be opened from both sides to access weights and clips.
  • Additional storage is accessible from the top, where you will find the dumbbells.
  • The Tempo Move ‘core" is also located on the top.

Tempo Move can be placed anywhere you like, but you still have to keep the core on top of the entertainment center. Tempo offers a circular piece of wood that can be used in place the ‘core’ for a beautiful look.

What is included in the Tempo Move?

Tempo Move includes:

  • The weight storage cabinet (2’H x 1.5’W x 1’D)
  • 7.5lb Olympic style dumbbells (2x)
  • Plates for Olympic Weight 5lb (4x)
  • Plates for Olympic Weight of 2.5lb (4x)
  • 4.x 1.25lb Olympic weight plates
  • Weight collars (4x)
  • HDMI cable

These dumbbells can hold up to 25 lbs each, which is enough for most people to start. Tempo Move has enough space to accommodate 10lb weight plates, if needed. Tempo sells 4x10lb Olympic-style plates for $145. I just used mine from the Tempo Studio.

The collars included in this package are significantly better than those included with Tempo Studio. These are not bad collars, but they slide and can be clipped on much more easily. This is a great way to improve your workout experience as most exercises require you change your weight several times.

The dumbbell/collar/weight set which is included here is easily worth over $300 on its own. The Tempo Move package, when combined with the weight storage cupboard, is an excellent value.

Overview of features

Tempo Move uses the iPhone’s camera to capture all the colorful and bright weights.

  1. To automatically track how much weight you use per set, scan your weights.
  2. Record the total number of reps that you have completed.
  3. You can monitor your form and give real-time feedback.

Let’s now discuss each feature in more detail.

Automated weight scanning

It is easy to scan the weights and it happens very quickly as you are working on each set. This worked very well for me, provided that I was in a well lit room. Tempo Move can struggle in low-light situations, especially when trying to register the optional 10lb plates.

Tempo stated that they are currently working to be able use the LIDAR included in some newer phones. This integration should resolve the low-light issues once they have it.

Automatic weight scanning has one problem: Tempo classes cannot be taken with your own weights. This will not be an issue for all users, but it may be an issue for those who use dumbbells that are heavier than 45lbs. If you’re one of these users, however, it is important to be aware of the Tempo Move’s limitations when ordering.

Automatic rep counting

Even in low-light conditions, the automatic rep counting seems pretty accurate. I have not encountered one missed rep in my testing of Tempo Move. My only exception was when my child was seated behind me on the couch. Tempo Move has trouble registering what’s going on if there is someone else in the frame.

Realtime form feedback

We have real-time form feedback and automatic movement assessment. I have yet to see any other device do this in a meaningful manner. Tempo has not changed my mind. This was something I discussed in my previous review on the Tempo Studio. However, the current form feedback is not very good.

It only gives feedback on a few movement faults and sometimes is simply wrong. Tempo Move, for example, insists that I squat on my toes even though my feet are off the ground. Other movements faults I tested, such as short depth squats and lifting with a rounded rear, were not detected. I wish there was a way for form feedback to be turned off until it shows significant improvement.

Future proof

These issues aren’t inherent to the product, which is why I am optimistic about Tempo’s future. These issues can be fixed by incremental software updates. Tempo Move is also likely to be future-proof, unlike many connected fitness devices. Tempo Move should not be replaced if you don’t plan on upgrading your phone every few decades.

Tempo added support for Apple Watch to its class in the last few months. Tempo can use it as a heart rate monitor and can also pause the class to allow you to make weight changes between sets.

Value is something I think about when I think about it.

  • How long an item of equipment can last before it needs to be repaired or has issues
  • What value will the device retain if you decide to cancel your attached membership subscription?

This is where Tempo Move stands out against the rest. These plates and Olympic dumbbells are made to last, and can withstand 20 years or more of continuous use.

Importantly, you don’t have to subscribe to Tempo’s membership for the 20-year period. However, the majority of the value will still be maintained. There are still great dumbbells that can be adjusted, a weight storage cabinet and the ability to connect your phone to the TV using the “core”.

It is hard to imagine any other connected fitness device with this much value that doesn’t require a membership.

Tempo Move membership

Tempo membership costs $39 USD per Month and includes hundreds classes that range from strength, conditioning and boxing to yoga and mobility. Because the majority of the Tempo Library is missing, I prefer to write “hundreds” instead of “thousands”. Unfortunately, many classes were not shot with Tempo Move in mind. They cannot therefore be transferred to the new format.

This is a short-term issue as Tempo Move adds new classes daily. It won’t take long for the Tempo Move to have as many classes as you want. It is missing some classes and programs I consider the best, however. The company said that the kettlebell and barbell training is not yet available, but they are working on it.

Tempo will be adding new classes and barbell training to the library, as Tempo continues to build the library.

Tempo classes

Tempo’s classes are what makes it all work. The tech is irrelevant. You don’t need the best equipment. Tempo Move is a must-buy because of the classes and coaches that they offer.

Tempo classes are what I used to call “real training”. While I don’t mean to dismiss other programs, I know that not all workouts are real training. Tempo’s training is exactly what you would expect from a professional strength and conditioning gym or fitness center. Tempo is not connected to any fitness strength classes.

It’s simple. Programs that incorporate progressive overload from class-to-class, coaches allowing adequate rest time between sets depending upon the needs and goals for the workout, rep, set and combinations of movements that make sense exercise science perspective. Tempo makes it feel like you are taking a class with a true expert at home.

Tempo & Android App

Tempo, a connect home fitness company, recently launched its Android and Google Play Store apps. The “My Plan” feature in the app gives both Android and Apple users the opportunity to reach their fitness goals.

Tempo is a connected home fitness company with a flagship product, the Tempo Studio. The connected home smart gymnasium is unique because it uses no arms or cables and has free weights. Tempo is also freestanding as opposed to other smart gyms which are wall-mounted.

Tempo’s technology is even more special. Tempo’s 3D sensors, paired with an AI, provide owners real-time feedback. They can also track your form even if you’re not touching any equipment.

Tempo App available for Android

The TempoFit appfor Android was launched by the fitness company this week. Tempo Fit was previously only available in the Apple Store.

The Tempo Studio device can be used on its own, without the need for an app. All Tempo members can now use the app alongside their Tempo Studio home via Android integration

The app provides a seamless, cross-device experience for users that they can use and take back to their Tempo Studio at home. Tempo owners will be able to stay connected and reach their fitness goals even when they aren’t at home.

Tempo’s “My Plan” feature

Members can now use the “My Plan”, featureintroduced March with the Tempo Fit Android app. The mobile app has been completely redesigned to offer members weekly, customized workout plans and classes that are based on their fitness level, goals, and preferred times.

Tempo Studio owners are now able to answer simple questions about their fitness goals, their preferred days of training, their preferred class duration, and their level of experience.

My Plan will provide a weekly overview, weekly planning and a customized workout schedule. The Tempo Studio AI will feel like you have a trainer with you. However, the Coinciding App can also help you keep track of your schedule. No matter where your location may be.

We are hoping to be able to grab a Tempo studio soon to test it along with its content and the My Plan feature. Keep checking back for more.

Tempo & Apple Watch integration

Tempo Home Fitness Studio has officially announced their Apple Watch integration. Tempo Studio utilizes 3D sensors that provide on-demand and live classes for real-time feedback and to track reps. Tempo members now have the ability to use the Apple Watch as part of their Apple partnership. Tempo members can track their heart rate and pause/resume workouts, view leaderboards, and much more.

Tempo and the Apple Watch are the first to integrate Tempo and this connected product. While other equipment like the Peloton Bike+ offers Apple Watch support via Apple Gym Kit, this support is limited and does not work when the user steps off the bike to do strength training or bootcamp classes.

Tempo doesn’t even require Apple Gym Kit for this type of integration. Tempo uses data from the Apple Watch and sends it over Wi-Fi back to Tempo Studio. Tempo can use the Apple Watch to track heart rate and add additional functionality such as pausing the workout.

It is a big improvement to be able to pause the workout using your watch. Tempo workouts often require you to change weights or pause multiple times. This is something I’ve always wanted to be able to do from wherever I was exercising, without needing to walk six feet to the screen. With the integration of Apple Watch, weight changes will now be easier and faster.

How to connect Apple Watch to your Tempo?

  1. You should ensure that your iPhone, Apple Watch, Tempo, and Tempo are connected to the same Wi Fi network. Also, make sure you have your iPhone and Apple Watch close to your Tempo.
  2. You must log in to your Tempo profile.
  3. Open the Tempo app on Apple Watch and download it.
  4. Follow the steps on your iPhone’s screen.
  5. After all the steps have been completed, your Apple Watch and Tempo should be synced!

Please note: In order to ensure that your data is accurate recorded, make sure your Apple Watch and iPhone remain nearby while you train and are connected to the same Wi Fi network.

Final thoughts

Tempo Move is more than my favorite connected fitness technology of 2021. It has the potential to revolutionize the home fitness market with an incredible value proposition, future-proofing capabilities, and the fact it is still great even without a membership.

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