Speed Up Your Workouts: Tempo Move vs. Tempo Studio? The Verdict

Many are trying to decide whether to use Tempo’s Tempo Movement or the Tempo Studio as their home gym. Before you make that decision, here are six things to consider.

Tempo Move vs Tempo Studio - Video

Comparison of prices

The most significant difference between Tempo Studio and Tempo Move is their prices.

Tempo Move currently costs $395 and Tempo Studio Starter Package $1,995.

Tempo Move is the best option for budget-minded people, even if you don’t consider any other factors. If you are able to afford Tempo Studio, you need to consider other factors before making a purchase.

Equipment included

Tempo Move is a fitness equipment that includes:

  • Olympic Style Dumbbells, x 2
  • Olympic Weight Plates Totaling 35lbs
  • Dumbbell collars x2 sets

Tempo Studio Starter Package includes:

  • Olympic Style Dumbbells, x 2
  • Olympic Weight Plates Totaling 75 Pounds
  • Dumbbell collars x2 sets
  • 5mm mat for workout

The weight of the weight plates is what makes the biggest difference. The Tempo Move dumbbells weigh in at 7.5lbs each. This means that you can only use 25 lbs per arm to lift the dumbbells. Tempo Studio allows you to use 45 lbs per arm, while Tempo Move can only be used up to 25 lbs per arm.

Tempo Move comes with the space to store the additional 10lb plates included with Tempo Studio, but they will need to be purchased separately for $145.

Space is required

Tempo Studio and Tempo Move have very similar floor spaces.

Tempo Move dimensions:1'6"w x 1'6"d x 2'0"h

Tempo Studio dimensions:2'22" w x 1'4" d x 6’ h

It is important to think about where Tempo might be used in your home, as it has a similar footprint.

Tempo Move, which uses your TV screen as the screen, is more suitable for those who have limited space or are looking to work out in a smaller area. Tempo Studio, which includes all the necessary equipment, is better if you have other areas of your home that you want to exercise.

Visual display

The Tempo Studio’s 42-inch vertical HD touchscreen is impressive, there’s no doubt about it. This screen is far superior to other screens, such as the NordicTrack Vault.

The vertical display makes it feel like a class in person, as opposed to a horizontal TV screen. Although it may seem like a minor difference, the vertical screen allows for a more human-like experience.


Tempo Studio’s 10th Gen i5 processor and 3D camera are both more advanced than any other technology. This is important because it helps to ensure that the equipment can be used in the future.

Nevertheless, the Tempo Studio tech I have seen become obsolete in 10 years’ time. While dumbbells and weights are still useful, the screen and other tech may not be.

Tempo Studio can also be canceled at any time if you decide not to renew your Tempo membership.

Tempo Move is a different story.

Tempo Move is one the most futur proof connected fitness devices I have ever seen. Here are two reasons why:

  1. The dumbbells and weight plates, collars, collars, and container cost $395. This is a great value. Tempo Move is still valuable and functional even if you cancel your Tempo membership.
  2. Tempo Move uses the camera technology on your smartphone (only iPhone compatible at the moment), and it will continue to be future-proof as long as your phone is upgraded.

While I like the Tempo Studio’s tech, and it is more future-proof than other connected fitness devices that have the same technology, the Tempo Move has this feature.

Expanding options

The Tempo Move is not compatible with the barbell or kettlebell. While this may change in the future it will not affect the Tempo Studio’s storage capabilities for additional equipment such as the barbell.

Personal preference is to be able to set my own weights for the Tempo classes. Tempo Studio makes this possible because I can manually input my weights onto it. Tempo Move does not support non-Tempo weights as it uses the camera’s ability to detect and record the load.

Final thoughts

The Tempo Move is the most popular option. This is especially true if you have limited space or don’t plan to add barbells to your workout.

Tempo Studio is the best overall option, if you can afford it. This package includes a larger vertical screen and expandable options.

You can order Tempo Move or Studio here

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