Terra Core Balance Trainer Review: Your Key to Total Body Fitness

The Terracore has been my friend for a while and I must say that I’m impressed. Terra-Core can be used as a bench or balance trainer. This review will tell you everything you need to know about Terra-Core, and whether it is the right addition to your home gym.

Terra-Core design

The Terra-Core looked very similar to a Bosu ball, and at first glance I was confused by the hype. It is very different and it does not compare. The Terra-Core is 28 lbs in weight and offers many different workouts. The Terra-Core’s top is made from high-density polyethylene, which feels durable and is easy clean. The top is marked with markings that aid in stability and placement. The markings helped me stay centered when I was doing squats.

The bottom is flat and has push-up handles that can be used for narrow or wide push-ups. These handles make it more challenging than normal push-ups on the ground. The base of Terra-Core also has ridges. These ridges were not explained to me until I saw the introduction video. They are useful for holding resistance bands in their place, which is a great design idea. You can use resistance bands to hold the ridges in place during a workout. They won’t slide.

Terra-Core package

You also get a measuring tape, and a pump along with Terra-Core. The pump described on the website as “terribly inefficient.” However, it is a basic pump that I found to work well. However, the first time you fill up your Terra-Core it will certainly get your shoulders achy.

To be honest, I was initially confused by the measuring tape. It was a beautiful piece of tape that I first saw. It must be expected that everyone will lose inches if they send you an inch measuring tape. But then, I discovered it was actually used to measure how much air is needed to fill the Terra-Core.

The Terra-Core’s air content is less stable and has more reactivity while you balance. However, more air equals more stability and lower reactivity. To make your Terra-Core more stable while getting to know it, they recommend that you inflate it between 21-22 inches.

You will also find a chart with Terra-Core exercises, complete with photos, so that you can start using it immediately. The Terra-Core setup was easy and only took ten minutes.

Terra-Core app

Although I knew some of my favorite workouts on Terra-Core, the chart provided me with so many more options. It was also exciting to discover that there is an app available for downloading and streaming on-demand classes.

The Terra-Core’s side has a QR code that users can scan to get to the Terra-Core site. They can then choose to buy the Terra-Core On-Demand plan for $19.99 per month or $149.99 per year. For those who want to test the app out before buying, they offer a 14-day trial.

The app has an introduction video, as I have mentioned before. This is for all new Terra-Core users. It was very clear and helpful in explaining the setup. They also give additional workout ideas at the end.

There are many workout options available on the app, including HIIT and sculpt, lower body, active age, prenatal, yoga and others. You can also search for classes by difficulty and duration.

I found it very helpful that you can download classes for later use if Terra-Core is not available in your area. Although there are not many workouts to choose from in each category, the app has enough to get you moving.

Thoughts on Terra-Core

I enjoy the Terra-Core, and think it is well-designed. The best thing about the Terra-Core is that it doesn’t require you to alter your workout to use it. For an added stability challenge, you can do the same exercises but on the Terra-Core.

The Terra-Core weighs in at 28lbs, so you don’t have to run out of ideas for exercise. Even if you lift it with no other movements, it will still be a great workout. The Terra-Core is a truly unique product that can be used by all levels of fitness.

Purchase Terra-Core here.

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