The Best Smart Home Gyms of the Year: A Complete Review of Tonal vs Tempo

Consumers are increasingly able to choose from a variety of tech-savvy home gym options as a result of a pandemic that accelerated booming home fitness industries. CTW continues to expand our coverage and detail on as many of these products as possible for our readers. This includes products such as the Tonal, Tempo and FORME’s Studio Lift. NordicTrack’s Fusion CST is another example. Each connected home gym has its own features and design. Let’s start with a comparison of Tonal vs. Tempo and go from there.

Smart Home Gym Contestants

We will be comparing four related fitness brands, similar to our mirror fitness comparison. Each product fits into the same category: an at-home weightlifting gym.

These products are diverse in appearance, features, and accessories. Each product will be broken down, but we have also included all details in a complete chart below.


This brand is one of the newest in the home fitness market. Its name matches the flagship product.

The Tonal Systemis an all in one gym that can hold 200 lbs. Its proprietary digital weight system allows for resistance. That’s 100 lbs. Each arm can be folded down for storage. 200 lbs. This is also our highest weight resistance.

Tonal, on the other hand, offers a vast library of workouts including pre/postnatal, postnatal, and family fun.

However, technology isn’t always cheap. This product is priced at $3,490, including smart accessories. These accessories are a necessity for a complete workout. Tonal offers a 30-day money back guarantee, with no fees for returns and restocking.

Tonal’s personal gym

Tonal Pros

The smallest footprint, greatest variety of content, maximum weight, and great return policy.

Tonal Cons

A smaller touchscreen than others, the highest monthly fee ($49), and must be mounted to a wall.


Tonal is Tempo continues the fitness alliteration. This product is the only one on our list that uses free weights without any arms or cables. Tempo is also freestanding, as opposed to Tonal which is mounted.

The Tempo home gym is second-most expensive at $3,495. However, the Plus package adds weights, a barbell and a heart rate monitor to the standard Tempo which costs $2,495. We decided to compare the Tempo Plus below in order to be able to complete a full workout.

Tempo’s strong focus on strength training means that it offers the smallest selection of workouts. However, they are adding yoga classes soon. Tempo’s workouts can be personalized by a single-way 3D sensor, which provides feedback about your form in real-time. Tempo, at 100 lbs. is the lightest and easiest option for great exercise.

Tempo’s free standing home gym unit

Tempo Pros

3D sensor for form correction, universal bluetooth connectivity, lots of accessories, lightest device/free-standing, decent warranty.

Tempo Cons

The second most expensive option, with fewer workout options, a higher delivery fee ($250), and a return fee of $250-$350, is the best.


Studio LIFT, FORME’s home gym version of ’s Studio mirror , is now available. We have previously covered . This product adds weight training to the Studio’s perks.

FORME’s Studio Lift excels in almost every category. This is why it is the most expensive at $4,495. The Studio LIFT is a versatile machine that offers many other workouts, such as Barre, strength training and more. These workouts are delivered via the biggest and most clear touchscreen.

Two cameras are used in the home gym to monitor your form and adjust your weights. This will allow you to reach your maximum lift and not cause injury.

Studio LIFT’s unique feature is the fact that it offers personal training at an additional cost per session. This product also features a mirror. This device is also versatile, as it can be attached to a wall or used on its own.


FORME Studio LIFT Pros

The best touchscreen, no annual commitment, high quality cameras, wall-mounted or free-standing, delivery and white glove installation included in the purchase. 1:1 personal training also available.

FORME Studio LIFT Cons

The most expensive option. Only FORME’s HRM compatible. AirPods Pro not compatible. $250 return fee.

NordicTrack Fusion CST

Our largest and most affordable option is the NordicTrack Fusion CT. The traditional-looking home gym unit is priced at $1,899 and includes an iFit membership for one year. This will help you save almost $400 in addition to the cost of the unit.

While the value is evident, it comes at a cost to consumers. The Fusion CST includes a 10" tablet (included), which is much smaller than other touchscreens. It can also support 50 lbs. It can only provide 50 lbs of resistance per arm. This may not be enough for serious bodybuilders who need to have a great pump.

is a free-standing unit so there’s no need to install it. The Fusion CST is over 375 pounds. and requires $99 curbside delivery. It might be worth giving the delivery guys a little extra money to get this beast in your home.

If you decide that the Fusion CST isn’t for you, there will be a $250 shipping charge and a 10% restocking fee. You are looking for something more sleek? Perhaps you’d rather wait until the Fusion CST Studio mirror version of NordicTrack is released later in the year.

NordicTrack’s Fusion CST home gym

NordicTrack Fusion CST Pros

Lowest price, 1-year iFit Membership included, unlimited access to iFit’s vast content library.

NordicTrack Fusion CST Cons

The largest and most heavy unit, the smallest touchscreen, and the heaviest unit.

Comparison chart: Tonal and Tempo, NordicTrack and More

Tonal with smart accessories

Tempo (Plus)


NordicTrack Fusion CST

Footprint of Equipment

50.9’’ H x 21.50’’ W x 5.25” D

72" H x 26 1/2" W x 16” D

70’’ Hx26’’ Wx8’’ D

73.5’’ H x 60.5’’ W x 41.5’’ D

Workout space recommendations

7’ of wall and 7’ of floor

6’ x10'

7’ x7'

6’ of clearance around the machine

Touchscreen Size

24’’ HD 1080p touchscreen

42’’ HD touchscreen

43’’ 4K UHD touchscreen

HD touchscreen tablet 10"

Equipment Prices





Monthly Fee

$49/month (12-month commitment)

$39/month (12-month commitment)

$39/month Multi-user membership

1 Year iFit Family Membership Included ($396/year thereafter).


Strength training






Cardio dancing

Pre/Post Natal


Family fun





Strength training





Yoga (coming soon)



Pilates Meditation Dance

Resistance training

Body weight

Strength training

Weight strength training is free

For Beginners

Strength training

Body shaping




Types of Resistance

Proprietary digital weighs

Only: Free Weights

Proprietary active resistance


Maximum Weight

100 lbs. per arm

150 lbs.

75 lbs. per arm

50 lbs. per pulley


Not in use

3-D Sensor with One-Way

2 x 12 megapixel


Bluetooth Connectivity

Most devices

Most devices


Most headphones except AirPods Pro

Only compatible with HRMs/Most headphones

Accessories included

(Smart accessory add-on

6 gyroscope handles

Smart bar

Rope handling



Cushioned mat for exercise

Weight plates

4 x 1.25 Lb

4 x 2.5 lb

4 x 5 lb

4 x 10 lb

2 x 25 lb

Exercise mat

2 x 7.5 lb dumbbells

1 x 25 lb barbell

Monitor heart rate

Roller for recovery

Folding bench

2 FREE FORME handles

1 Premium rope grip

1 Short bar

2 Ankle straps

Premium yoga mat

Monitor heart rate

Microfiber towel

Screen camera covers

10" Portal 10i Tablet

iFit Bluetooth Chest Strap

2 Squat Pulleys

2 Ankle Straps


Wall mount

Standing free

Free standing or wall mount

Standing free


Delivery fee included

Delivery fee includes white glove installation

Installation with



Variables based upon address



$99.00 (curbside pickup)

One-on-One personal training



Additional $$ Based on program/trainer


Product weight

135 lbs.

100 lbs.

200 lbs.

378 lbs.

Return Policy

30 days no fees

30 Days with a $250-$350 shipping charge

30-day return policy with $250 fee

30 days with $250 shipping fee + 10% restocking fees


2 year parts, 1 Year labor and Accessories

3 year cabinet, 3 year weights, 1 Year display and labor

1 year parts and labour

10-year frame, 1-year parts and labor

Comparing Tonal vs. Tempo vs. FORME vs. NordicTrack

These products have their pros and cons, as you can see by the detailed breakdown. It all depends on which category you are most concerned about.

Tonal and Tempo appear to have found the perfect price, features, accessories, content, and pricing for these products. You can choose from a wall-mounted or freestanding device, or resistance cables and free weights for $5.

FORME Studio LIFT is $1,000 more. It will provide you with all the features of the other devices plus more. The only mirror device that can be used for personal training with advanced technology is the home gym.

You will also find a solid product at NordicTrack Fusion CST for a fraction of the cost of its rivals. Although you won’t get all the bells or whistles, you can still get great strength training, especially with an entire year worth of iFit.

This information is hoped to be useful in helping you evaluate your home gym purchase.

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