Top Form Design's Pivot Review: The Secret to a More Ergonomic Peloton Workout

Today we are reviewing the Pivot from Top Form Design. This attachment is for the original Peloton bicycle and allows you to rotate your screen 360 degrees.

Peloton cycling classes make up only a small part of the Peloton membership. You can also find yoga, strength training, meditation, stretching and bike bootcamps. Although you can stream your workouts to your TV or computer, it is much more convenient to use the bike for classes, especially when stacking or taking part in bike bootcamps. YouTube

A rotating screen was an important deciding factor in our decision to choose between the Peloton Bike and Bike+. Top Form created The Pivot to make it easy for all Peloton bike owners.

The Pivot is placed right under the monitor, and doesn’t require any modifications to the Peloton bicycle.

We’re going to be reviewing an accessory specifically made for the Peloton Bike this week. Top Form Design’s Pivot allows you to rotate, pivot, and angle your original Peloton Bike’s video screen 360 degrees. The new Peloton Bike+ was a big draw, but Top Form Design’s accessory lets you upgrade your Peloton Bike to include this rotate-and-swivel function! You can rotate the bike 360 degrees and adjust the angle of the screen, making it an ideal companion for Bike Bootcamp classes as well as floor classes such as yoga & strength.

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Top Form Design sent us The Pivot for review and to try out. You’ll save 10% if you use our affiliate link or coupon code for The Pivot.

The Pivot has been thoroughly tested and reviewed by us. It is embedded below. You can also find it on YouTube. For a detailed review of The Pivot accessory to the Peloton Bike, you can read on.

Top Form Design the Pivot Review - Upgrade your Peloton Bike so it can swivel and rotate the tablet


The Pivot retail price at time of publication is $59.99. With our 10% discount code “PeloBuddy”, your price will be just below $54 plus shipping and tax.

The Pivot was in high demand last year and earlier this year. However, they now have more stock and will ship the product within 2-3 weeks.

Installation: How do you install the Pivot on a Peloton Bike. Installation Guide for The Pivot & Peloton

Everything you need to attach it to your Peloton is included in the box. The Pivot is very strong because it was specifically designed for the Peloton bicycle. However, the box also includes extra washers and bolts for small adjustments.

The Pivot will be installed exactly where the original monitor was. To secure it, you will use the same bolts as the bike. It’s super easy! You will need an extra pair of hands to help you install the pivot.

After you have installed the Pivot onto the Peloton, rotate the screen carefully. It is important that it is slightly angled to ensure the screen does not touch the handlebars. You will need to adjust the cable tension so that they don’t pull away when you turn your screen.

One of the most common questions is “Does the Pivot affect my Peloton warranty?” “Yes, technically, the Pivot could void your warranty. However, as with any modification of the Peloton hardware it is unlikely.

The Pivot is very simple to install and uninstall. You don’t need to worry about the Pivot voiding your Peloton warranty unless something happens while you were installing it.

The Pivot is a great addition to your Peloton bike. It also takes some strain off your eyes so that you can see the screen clearly from any angle. This attachment may be a better choice if you are considering upgrading your Peloton bike to a Bike+ just for the screen.

Take 10% off The Pivot by using the code “WATTS”.

Top Form also offers The Adjuster, a bike attachment that allows tall and short people to ride the bike more comfortably. Check out our review of it!

Although it can be done with just one person, they recommend that you have at least two people to help you install the screen. Although we were able to do it ourselves, we would have preferred a second pair of hands to help with the last step of attaching the screen to our bike.

Despite this caveat, installation is easy and should take less than 15 minutes. You must first unplug all data cables that are connected to your monitor. Next, remove the bolt from the back of the monitor and place it on the ground. The same bolt and washers will be used to attach the pivot to your monitor’s back with it on the ground. To attach the Pivot frame to the Peloton Bike, you will use the new bolt and washers included with The Pivot. You are now ready to go. The Pivot comes with all the necessary bolts, washers and wrenches for installation.

Installed on an original Peloton Bike, the Pivot.

It is important to remember that the bolts may need to be re-tigthened after a few uses. This is normal and expected. It is up to you to decide how tight things should be.

Top Form Design The Pivot-Usage Report

The Pivot works. There isn’t much to say. Once installed, the Pivot can rotate your screen 360 degrees in any direction. This is similar to what you can do with the Bike+. Your screen can be angled to face the ceiling or down towards the ground. You can upgrade your Peloton Bike using the same rotating screen features as the new Bike+.

One problem we found on The Pivot was that it could scratch the screen and your handlebars as it rotates. It can contact the two points depending on how the screen is rotated. It’s easy to avoid this happening once you understand it. The rotation of the Bike+ is subject to a similar problem. To fully rotate the bike+, the screen must be set at an angle.

The handlebars are slightly scratched from the screen scraping it when we rotated The Pivot.

Keep in mind that you will need to be careful about how you manage your data cables. You’ll need to leave enough room for the screen to rotate fully. You won’t be allowed to rotate your screen at an angle of 90 degrees from the normal angle. It will still hit the handlebars. A little more rotation will give you a slightly lower angle.

Another thing you should know is that The Pivot will increase your screen by a few pixels. Although this shouldn’t have any effect on most people, it is worth noting. The Pivot can be used with “The Adjuster”, another Top Form Design accessory that allows for fore/aft adjustments of your handlebars. Read Our review of The Adjuster.

The Pivot Warranty: Will the warranty on the Peloton Bike be voided by using The Pivot?

Top Form Designs recommends that you assume your warranty will be voided. As we have already mentioned, installation is simple and can be removed easily. Peloton would be able tell if you had a service visit and the Pivot was removed to bring your bike back to its original condition before technicians arrived. Although it seems unlikely, we don’t have any advice and aren’t lawyers so you should proceed at your own risk.

The Pivot can rotate the screen 360 degrees, and it can also be angled up or down.

Final Thoughts on Top-Form Design The Pivot - Is it Worth It? Would you recommend The Pivot to others?

The Pivot is an affordable way to replace your old Peloton Bike and add some functionality to the new Bike+. The Pivot could be a good investment if you do any kind of floor work or want to take up Bike Bootcamp classes. The Pivot, which costs less than $60 is the best upgrade to your bike that a Peloton bike owner can do.

The screen was rotated on an original Peloton Bike fitted with The Pivot.

Purchase The Pivot from Top Form Design’s website. Use the discount code “PeloBuddy”, to receive 10% off your order.

Top Form Design also offers a variety of accessories for the Bike, Bike+ and Treads. These include the SpinTray (which you can read our review of here) and a similar StepTray for the Peloton Tread - both of these allow you to use your laptop while you train.

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