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Tackling the Tunde Arm Challenge: The Ultimate Guide

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A few weeks back, I began the Tunde arm challenge. IYKYK-if it’s something you are familiar with. What does that mean?

Tunde is the Peloton instructor Tunde. Tunde Oyeneyin is her full name. I don’t think anyone knows her other than Cher or Madonna.

Tunde joined Peloton September 2019, and I took her Premiere class on September 11, 2019. This was back in the days when there were riders in studio. Peloton instructors were cheering her on for her 2019 debut ride.

What is the Tunde arm Challenge?

As we know, Tunde was the first person to teach a live Peloton cycling class. On 9/10/19, Tunde recorded her first ever Arms Toning class. This gave us our first chance to see how strong and fit Tunde’s arms.

Since Linda Hamilton’s Terminator films or Michelle Obama’s sleeveless dresses, I don’t recall ever wanting my arms to look like someone else. Those muscles are definitely something you should strive for.

Who was the original creator of the Tunde arm challenge

It seems I wasn’t the only one who was having trouble. Soon enough, someone from the Hardcore on the Floor group (HCOTF), or perhaps the Stay Home Stay Motivated group put together the Tunde Arm Challenge. It consisted of six weeks of Tunde arm classes that were done three times per week. It could have been a 4-week-long or 30-day program.

You can choose to take either one of the arms toning classes or arms&weights classes. They are always 10 minutes long and you should do them three times per week. Next, you’ll move on to the next, single-arms toning or arms and light weights class, which you will do three times per week. Lather, rinse, repeat.

How many classes are there in the Tunde arm challenge?

Tunde began talking about her design of these classes in March 2021. She would say that she would release a new class every month.

Then, she would expect you to attend the class every week for the whole month. You would then move on to the next class and continue doing it three times per week until the end of the month.

There are currently 23 Tunde arm classes on the Peloton. If you want to start your own Tunde arms challenge, there are 23 weeks worth of classes. You’ll need to work out for a little longer than five months to make your arms look sexier.

Before the 2021 season ended, my goal was to attend every Tunde arms toning and arms&light weights class. There were only 18 classes at that time, so I didn’t plan on taking them all three times per week. I simply wanted to let you know that I had taken all of them.

What are the requirements for light weight classes and arms?

The instructor can offer weight options for all the Peloton arms or light weights classes that last 10 minutes. You can choose from one, two, or three-pound weights. These are small dumbbells you can store on your bike’s back.

As our light weights, we have three-pound weights. And I’m going to tell you: Some of the Tunde arm classes are incredible. Three pounds feel like 30 pounds within 10 minutes.

It’s hard to believe that light weights can cause so much harm, but it’s true. Tunde constantly talks about how lighter weights require more reps. Sometimes, the reps for one movement can last an entire song.

For arms and light weight classes, dumbbells

Dumbbells for Tunde Arm Challenge

Target is an excellent place to buy lightweight dumbbells that you will use for the Tunde Arm Challenge.

Target is an excellent place to buy lightweight dumbbells that you will use for the Tunde Arm Challenge.

1 lb dumbbells

1 lb dumbbells

2 lb dumbbells

2 lb dumbbells

3 lb dumbbell

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Tunde Arm Challenge before and after

As I mentioned, I just started the Tunde Arm Challenge. When I began, I took photos of both my left and right arms. After four weeks of taking her arms classes three days a week, I took more pictures. I again took pictures of my left and right arms.

I am being vulnerable by sharing the before and after photos. It’s not obvious to me that there is any difference. However, I have been lifting weights for many years. For someone like me with my existing muscle, I shouldn’t expect to notice a big difference. However, my weight will likely increase as I continue to progress with this program. It’s possible that I’ll gain three to five pounds. Yes, I am a glutton to punish.

Evolution of the Tunde arm challenge

Tunde arm challenge is one of the reasons why I am writing now about it. I believe that it’s about changing. This is because, prior to now (2022), the Tunde arm challenge was created by everyday Peloton users.

Peloton Homecoming 2022 will be the time that they announce their Tunde arm program. It’s unclear if this will be similar to what we have been doing. Or, if it will include all 23 previously recorded classes.

Peloton might have Tunde record a lot of new arms classes for the show, which I would bet is not surprising. That was what they did with the boxing classes.

Tunde book tour

Peloton may be using all new classes. I assume she recorded them in the last few months. She released a new book on May 3, 2022. The book is called Talk: Find Your Voice and Trust Your Gut to Get From Where You Are To Where You Want to Be

Tunde is now on a national media and book tour. Tunde’s cover was even displayed on a Times Square billboard by a member of the HCOTF group.

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Tunde Speak book

Tunde Speak book

Here’s the blurb Simon and Schuster shared on Tunde’s book Talk.

“From Tunde, the hugely successful Peloton instructor and fitness star and founder of SPEAK comes an empowering and inspiring book that shows how she transformed her grief, setbacks and flaws into growth and self-confidence.

Tunde Oyeneyin is a tireless trainer who transforms lives of thousands of people every day by getting them on their bikes. She encourages riders to go beyond their limits, both on the bike and off, with her unique blend of positivity and empathy. Now, fans and readers everywhere can learn about her personal journey, and discover how they too can “live a life of purpose, on purpose” with Speak, a memoir-manifesto-guide to life inspired by her immensely popular Instagram Live series of the same name.

Oyeneyin walks us through the steps of the SPEAK acronym (Surrender Power Empathy, Authenticity and Knowledge). She shares her lessons about love, loss, and body image and offers a blueprint for anyone who wants to make positive changes in their lives.

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Final thoughts about the Tunde arm challenge

If you have any questions regarding the arm challenge, my before-and-after photos, or anything else, please let me know. Tunde’s book tour is a great opportunity to bring Tunde to Pittsburgh, where I live. It would be great to see her speak in person.

Tunde will be my daily dose for now. Tunde can be found on the Peloton App or on the bike. You can find her Fitness Flipped podcast on the Peloton App, under outdoor content. It’s great to go out with my dog and enjoy the music.