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The Definitive Guide to Sizing a Vintage Mountain Bike

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An old piece of vintage mountain biking equipment is a great addition to your collection. Bike sizing has changed over the years, so the 1915s frame design is quite different than the 2000s.

Unfortunately, the current mountain bike sizing charts cannot be used to measure vintage bikes. This is especially true if you want to be exact. However, this is not the end. If your bike is vintage, you can still use the vintage measurement process and compare it with the current size chart.

Vintage Mountain Bike

Let’s begin with a brief overview of vintage bikes. Vintage bikes are a collection of old bikes that dates back to before and after 1915. Vintage mountain bikes are defined by their age in the mid-1980s.

The vintage bikes were not designed to be used on the mountain, but only for road riding.

Vintage Mountain Bike Sizing?

How can you comprehend the bike’s size, which is not consistent with the current mountain bike sizing standards.

Let’s take a look at the different sizing methods our counterparts have come to trust over the years.

Method 1: Using the Inseam Measurement

Although the inseam measurement can be used to date the mountain bike size, it is not the same as the vintage mountain bike size.

How can you ensure the correct inseam length? Stand with your legs apart at a maximum 8 inches.

Next, measure the length of the tape starting at your crotch. Make sure it is the topmost portion of your legs, not your pants. The tape measure should be lowered until it touches the ground.

If it is too difficult to measure yourself accurately, a partner can help.

If you are unsure about your crotch or are unsure about your pants, you could place a book between your legs and feel the top of your pants. Next, measure from the ground to where the book ends.

Your inseam measurement will determine the right size vintage bike. Instead of multiplying this by 0.66, as with current mountain bike sizes, subtract 14 from your results. Your answer should give you the correct size mountain bike that you should compare with vintage bikes.

Method 2: Stand Over Method

If you’re lucky enough to buy the bike in a store you can use the stand-over method. This is when you stand on the bike astride and get ready to go for a ride. However, your legs are on the ground.

Your crotch should be at least an inch from the top tube to achieve the perfect size bike. However, your mountain trails will determine the exact spacing.

For example, if there are more people riding in downhill conditions, spacing can be as high as 7 inches. For cross-country trips, you will need to space your riders four inches apart.

Why is the spacing important? If you’re standing or trying to adjust your seat, the spacing will protect your crotch. The more difficult the situation, the greater the space should be.

Method 3: The Seat Tube Sizing

This is the most common method of sizing bikes, including mountain bikes. To find the best fit, you will need to measure your height and inseam.

The seat tube measurement begins at the bottom of your seat post and continues down to the section where the pedals align.

This measurement will give the bike measurement. You can also use your height to determine your best bike.

These are the top three ways to get the right mountain bike size. These methods can all be used simultaneously to achieve the right mountain bike sizing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What size vintage frame do I need?

It would be helpful to have a vintage bike frame that is appropriate for your height and length. This will depend on what type of vintage bike that you are looking for. Is it a mountain bike or a road bike? You can use the above three methods to build mountain bikes.

You can use the same methods as above to purchase a roadbike. However, there may be slight variations. If you measure your inseam, you will notice a smaller spacing between the top tube (and the crotch)

Does it matter if my bike frame is too big?

Yes. You will have to strain to pedal if your bike frame is too large. You will not be able to pedal at the speed your large frame allows.

Should I get a medium or large mountain bike?

The size you need will depend on your height. Mountain bikes are more efficient in smaller frames than road bikes. Make sure to measure your frame first.

The large mountain bike is best for tall people. Medium-sized people prefer small mountain bikes. It all depends on your measurements and the bike.

What size mountain bike should I get for my height?

The smallest size is XXL if your height ranges between 4?10 ft and 5 ft. The size ranges can take up to three inches to reach the next size. The XXL mountain bikes are comfortable for riders between 6?4 and 6?6 feet.

Wrapping Up

Although owning a vintage bicycle can boost your self-esteem and accomplishments in the world of cycling, most people buy them for their fun. They are heavier than modern mountain bikes and therefore more difficult to pedal. A new bike will be more suitable for you if you are looking to race.

For a comfortable and fit bike, it is important to measure your vintage mountain bike. It should be your first consideration before you rush to buy the bike.