Peloton's Origin Story: A Look at the First-Ever Instructor

It’s always fun to learn about the backstories of my instructors, even though I’m new to Peloton. Although they are essentially coaching me, it still feels like I am getting to know them.

Jenn Sherman is one of my favourite instructors. Jenn Sherman was also the instructor for the Grateful Deathride that I took a few weeks ago. She is the longest-tenured and oldest instructor in Peloton. Recently, she was featured New Jersey Monthly.

Jenn Sherman is quick to inform you that she’s the oldest Peloton instructor. It’s true, at 51. What’s even more important is the fact that Sherman was the first Peloton instructor. Sherman was hired by Peloton in May 2013. At the time, Peloton was an at-home fitness company that was struggling to raise capital and operated out of a Manhattan studio called “the closet.” In October 2019, Peloton went public and has over 2.6 million members who use its streaming bike and treadmill workouts as well as digital app.

Jenn does an amazing job and is a valuable asset to Peloton. She loves what she does, as you can see from her comments.

Sherman says that people couldn’t go to the gym, but they could ride with their friends and their community to escape.

Jenn Sherman

Sherman receives hundreds of messages each week from Peloton members who are inspired and helped by her classes. It was evident that this community is vital, especially during the Covid-19 shut down. Sherman and her co-instructors live-streamed classes from home rather than Peloton’s new Manhattan studio. Although the facility is still closed to the public, instructors have returned to the studios to continue teaching and filming classes.

Peloton must recognize that instructors are an integral part of their brand. I have found that I prefer to take classes with the same instructors, mainly because I like their music selection and how they motivate.

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