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Solved: The Reason Behind Your Peloton Screen Randomly Turning On!

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Don’t know why your Peloton screen keeps turning on? Find out the answers here and what you need to do to stop it

Why does my Peloton’s screen suddenly turn on by itself?
Is there a problem?
The screen can power on and off several times per day.

If there is a Peloton software update, the treadmill and bike may not turn back on or may turn on randomly. This could be because it may not be scheduled. Peloton is constantly updating its software to provide a seamless experience. This could explain the situation.

Peloton Bike white screen flashing

Is The Peloton Screen Random Powering on a Distraction?

We will all be surprised when the screen turns on for the first and only time. Some people wonder if there is a functional problem with the screen. However, the screen can update the software whenever Peloton has them.

We have to admit that software updates that don’t disrupt our schedule are a relief. You can always find your tablet quickly, with the latest updates installed and little disappointments.

Nevertheless, even after knowing the reason, the bright light can be irritating, especially at night or busy with work. In any case, you may actually want to be in control of the situation.

To avoid distraction, you can turn off your screen at any time. You can then schedule the updates when it is convenient for you, usually when you are not at home or free.

How to Turn Off the Peloton Screen

Here’s a simplified guide to help you decide if turning off the screen is the best way to prevent random turning on.

First, hold down the power button for a few seconds without releasing it. A pop-up will then appear asking you to either shut down, sleep, or restart your touchscreen. Your distraction will end when you click on the button to shut down.

Once you are ready to go, press the power button once more. You will be ready to do a Peloton workout on your own time.

Final Thoughts

When you put the touchscreen to sleep, it will randomly turn on. It will turn on and the Wi-Fi will be available so that any updates from Peloton can update automatically. It is a good thing that you won’t be able to exercise as much. If you don’t like the light distraction, you can always turn the screen off. Software updates can be scheduled when you feel most comfortable.