Roll Faster: A Comprehensive Look at the Zipp 404 Wheelset!

The brand’s most beloved wheelset, the Zipp 404, is without doubt its star wheel. It is a perfect balance of aerodynamics, weight and ride quality. The Zipp 404 is a great choice for serious cyclists and triathletes.

Zipp has been around since the beginning. In 1988, they released their first high performance wheels. This was just as time-trial racing was growing in popularity and triathlon was starting to take off. They continued to develop new models and designs throughout the 1990s. The first 404s were introduced in 1999. Zipp 404s are a favorite choice for serious time-trialers and triathletes ever since.

Zipp’s Firecrest profile is one of the most impressive features of this wheelset. Although the 404 rim is very deep, it has a wide profile that significantly improves straight-line aerodynamics and airflow.

Zipp’s improved rear hub is one of the most significant design improvements for this set. This hub has a major change: they have switched from radially lacing to their unique lacing pattern. This makes the wheel more rigid.

They are wide and thick. The sides are flat like planks. Their noses are blunt. This set is designed to cut through wind and speed ahead, making it an excellent alternative to aero-powered models. You will get a responsive and durable tire that allows you to feel the road and can handle potholes without any problems.

Road Test Zipp 404 Wheelset

A wider rim profile helps absorb impacts better and makes the road feel more smoother. It also gives the tire a greater contact area for better traction. The tire’s rolling resistance is also reduced. The clincher also benefits from the use of its heat resistant resin and carbon layup, which will ensure a more consistent and high-quality braking surface.

The special lacing pattern mentioned above has a slight increase of lateral stiffness. You’ll also notice that the power you exert on the pedals will transfer to the rear wheels very well. This creates a responsive rod.

The rear hub bearing position has been slightly modified (compared to older models) to allow for a wider stance, and a larger bearing. This improves the hub’s stiffness.

Zipp’s 404 Wheelset is a great investment, even though it may seem expensive if you have a limited budget. These wheels are ideal for use in all weather conditions and roads because of their flawless combination of rigidity and strength. These wheels are great for time trials and can be used in hill climbs, provided you don’t have to fight for seconds. These wheels are super fast, even though it takes some time to get used.

Zipp 404 wheelset’s clincher design is ideal if you want to ride fast. These wheels are faster than their slimmer counterparts and they are large and fast. They will provide stability against crosswinds and can even perfectly combat the most violent. You won’t be tossed out by the wind with their top-notch brake performance.

They can also be taken up to the mountains in peace due to their temperature capabilities.

Zipp 404 Pricing

The 404 is a nice, thick rim for the bike.

Are you ready for some great news? Zipp 404 wheelsets are very popular and easy to find online and in offline shops. The prices are reasonable for the amazing features and high quality. All of the complete wheelset combinations cost more than $2,000 when we last looked, which makes them rare from a market perspective. These wheels are not what you would use on your entry level tricycle or your aluminum all road bike. We’re always on the lookout for places where we can recommend that you price-check (prices change constantly).

We will continue to add places as we find great retailers that are impressed us with their price on 404. However, Amazon often has the best prices. Consider consulting your local bike shop. We love to support them and they can offer great advice.

Alternatives to the 404

Another set of wide-rims with similar aerodynamic characteristics to the Zipp 404 Wheelset is an alternative.

Zipp 808 Firecrest. Zipp 808 Firecrest is a bit more expensive than the other 404 models. It has a deeper section front and a better design of dimples around the rim. Some riders find the Zipp 808 Firecrest a little difficult to ride. The price difference between the 808 and 404 is typically in the $150-200 range.

Smart Enve system 6.7. This Enve wheelet can be purchased for a significantly higher price than the 404. It is said to be faster and more durable. This is a great option for those who want to be as fast as possible.

Boyd Cycling 60mm carbon Clincher This is a cheaper option than the Zipp 404. It is heavier than the Zipp 404 wheelset.

Mavic Ksyrium.The Ksyrium lineis actually a collection of wheels priced between $700 and $2,000, with some being as high as $1000. The Zipps are worth comparing to the higher-end pro-carbon wheels. Zipp vs. Mavic – It is difficult to go wrong with these brands.


The Zipp 404 aerodynamic wheelset is a timeless choice and one of our top picks for aerodynamic gains. If you have the money, we recommend it. This is an excellent option if you are looking for a bike that can be transformed into a speeder or a beautiful design. It’s a high-quality, reliable aerodynamic upgrade that is well worth the cost. This is the type of wheelet that works well on any kind of crosswind or flat terrain.

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