Look Your Best Every Workout: Find the Perfect Subscription Workout Clothing Box

You can get your workout clothes delivered monthly just like you can use an online stylist to dress you professionally. Yes you can.

Subscription boxes can be a great way to save money for many occasions. There are also shoe subscription boxes. You can also subscribe to sock or loungewear subscription boxes and lingerie subscription boxes. All these are ways to have a personal stylist available online.

Why not cover your workout clothes boxes?

Fair enough, some of the top online stylists I’ve ever reviewed offerwhat you might refer to as a subscription box for workout clothes. They will send you your workout clothes on a monthly basis.

Since I knew I would be writing this article about the best subscription boxes for workout clothes, I requested an activewear subscription box that included fitness apparel. I signed up for a subscription box to yoga. I also signed up for a subscription box of yoga to help my daughters get into shape.

Fabletics has new leggings. It’s always easier to exercise when you feel confident. Take some time to enjoy your week and get out on the streets in style.

Are you looking for information on Peloton’s workout clothes? You can read my Q&A here.

Check out these online options for workout clothes

These online workout clothes for women have been reviewed by me. These are the best:

  1. Dia&Co Activity Box
  2. Fabletics Subscription Box
  3. Stitch Fix Clothing
  4. Wantable Active Edit
  5. Yoga Club Subscription Box

This is how you can choose between Fabletics and Stitch Fix for activewear.

Last note: There are many ways to describe a subscription of workout clothes. These phrases might be used:

  • Box of subscriptions for athletic clothing
  • Monthly delivery of workout clothes
  • Activewear subscription box
  • Box of fitness clothes
  • Subscription box for workout clothes or a monthly box of workout clothes
  • Subscription box for gym clothes
  • Box of fitness apparel subscriptions
  • Monthly workout clothes
  • Monthly box of fitness clothes
  • athleisure subscription box

It’s not necessary to list all the ways people refer to subscriptions for workout clothes. If you’ve searched for the best subscriptions for workout clothes, you’ll be able to find a review of them here.

Dia&Co Active Box Review

My popular blog post about online stylist services for women will tell you that Jane, my daughter, is a huge fan of Dia&Co. Jane has been receiving style boxes from Dia&Co for many years.

She was intrigued to see the post I wrote about subscription boxes for workout clothes. Before I could even say “sports bra”, she had requested a Dia&Co Active Box. It arrived about a week later.

Dia&Co Active Box. It arrived about a week later.

What’s inside a Dia&Co subscription box for workout clothes?

Jane received five items in her Dia&Co subscription box for active and workout clothes. Online stylists offer five pieces per subscription box.

Although I do know that Dia&Co also stocks Venus Williams activewear clothing, EleVen, Jane did not get any. Here is what she got in her box.

  • ActiveZone Mock Neck Jacket, Black
  • ActiveZone Sorrel tee with cutout details in light blue/turquoise
  • Lola Getts Walker capri pants (aka leggings), in black/olive
  • Livi Mead underwire bras in black and royal blue from Livi Mead
  • Red Beyond Yoga Maiden high waist tights (aka leggings), in red

What do the workout clothes look like?

Jane tried every item on right away when the box arrived. She was able mix and match because she got two sets of leggings and one tee. She quickly realized that she loved everything and was going to keep everything.

It is beneficial to keep everything in her Dia&Co Active Box. She is now ready to wear workout clothes. She also got 25% off because she kept all five pieces. Everyone gets a discount if you keep all five pieces. All customers are required to pay a $20 styling fee. This is taken from the clothing you own.

You have five days to test on your clothes and decide what you want to keep. Dia&Co will pay the shipping costs if you send anything back. To make it even easier, you will receive a pre-paid envelope in your subscription box. You can also exchange for items of a different size.

It was great to receive a box of workout clothes.

Jane loves the workout clothes that she received in her Dia&Co Active subscription box. They are so loved that she has been wearing them every day. It’s not surprising considering the increasing popularity of leggings and athleisure clothing.

This is another benefit for Dia&Co. You don’t need to send it every month.

You can actually get clothes more often. Dia&Co allows you to choose how often your clothing subscription is delivered.

You would need to request a new package previously. You can now subscribe to receive a box of clothing every 15 days or every other month. This new option is my favorite!

Dia&Co will offer a discount code for new customers in 2022. New customers can get 30% off by using WELCOME30 at checkout.

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This is the best way to remove sweat odor from clothes.

Fabletics Subscription box Review

Annie, my younger daughter, wears her workout clothes every day. A subscription to her workout clothes is a smart move for her as it reduces the amount of laundry she needs. It’s great to have new pieces regularly as she is constantly wearing, washing, and changing her workout clothes.

She was a huge Kate Hudson fan and loved supporting Fabletics. Fabletics, a monthly subscription box for fitness clothes and an athletic clothes box is what you need to know. She loves the Fabletics workout clothes and is now a regular Fabletics user.

Sign up for the Fabletics Subscription Box

Annie wanted to avail the $24 promo on 2 leggings that Fabletics was promoting all over. To get this deal, you must sign up to VIP. I mean, _who doesn’t_wish to feel like one or be treated as such?

Fabletics requires you to complete a fun quiz in order to get started. Fabletics uses this quiz to capture your style profile, just like other online styling agencies. Annie loved the colorful pictures and that it was detailed.

Fabletics asks you questions

Fabletics first wanted to find Annie’s preferred way to get fit. She had several options.

  • Yoga
  • Run
  • Gym
  • Cycle
  • You can mix it up

Annie picked “I Mix It Up” as her choice because she is a yogi, runs, and does spinning.

Fabletics then asked Fabletics her top places to exercise. These were her choices:

  • Yoga Studio
  • Outdoors
  • Gym
  • Home
  • It all depends on the day

Annie chose to go to the gym because it’s where she’s most likely to be found on any given day. It’s also where Annie takes yoga classes, so it made sense.

Choose from a variety of colors

Fabletics then asked her which colors would best suit her style. She was presented with four options of color and pattern swatches. They were described by her as:

  • Black and white
  • Red and pink
  • Fun patterns
  • Blues and greys
  • They are all fabulous

Since Annie was able to say purple, her favorite color has been purple. Unfortunately, there was not a purple option. She also doesn’t like leggings in lighter colors as they can be seen through. She ended up choosing the blues and grays.

Type of body

Fabletics then asks about her body type. These were the body types:

  • Petite
  • Lean
  • Curvy
  • Athletic
  • I am one of a kind

Her answer was simple-athletic, as she is a former varsity athlete and a fitness addict.

Fabletics also asked her for the sizes of the clothing she wore in these items.

  • Bottom
  • Top
  • Sports bra

FYI: Fabletics has leggings and clothing available in its subscription box, in sizes XXS through 3X.

You could also choose your sports bra support preference (low or medium) from the drop-down menu. After that, she had to fill in her personal details, such as her zip code, email address, and create a password.

What you get when you subscribe to Fabletics

Annie must provide her credit card in order to become a Fabletics VIP. She would then receive a complete outfit for $49.95 each month. She can choose to skip a month. Fabletics is permitted to allow her to skip a month, provided she informs them in advance.

Fabletics clothing comes with an unconditional 30-day guarantee She has been very happy with everything she’s received so far. She was impressed by the quality of the leggings.

Although she was concerned about the light colors becoming too transparent, this has not been an issue. Fabletics’ leggings are thick but not restrictive. It washes beautifully on a gentle cycle in the washer. She then hangs them to dry.

The leggings don’t pill even after repeated washing and regular wear. Annie recommends anyone who enjoys athleisure to join the VIP membership with Fabletics.

This is my review of the top subscription boxes in each state.

Stitch Fix Review of Workout Clothes

This is a Stitch Fix workout clothing review. Your Stitch Fix shipment can be received as frequently or as little as you wish. Stitch Fix can send clothes monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Stitch Fix has always offered workout clothing to its customers, even though I was a regular customer. Last year I wrote a blog about how Stitch Fix added new options for men . This included workout clothes for them. It was possible to have a box of workout clothes for you, so I asked about it.

This is a review about ordering atheletic clothing from Stitch Fix.

How I asked for my Stitch Fix work clothes

This was something I wanted to share with my Stitch Fix personal stylist by logging in to my Stitch Fix account and leaving a note. The Stitch Fix app allows you to leave a message.

You will usually receive an email notification or an email before your Fix is ready to be sent. This is a great opportunity to request a box of workout clothes.

You will need to sign up if this is your first experience with Stitch Fix . The profile will ask about your likes, dislikes, and other details. It takes only five minutes to complete the profile quiz.

Schedule your first Stitch Fix fix as soon as you sign up for Stitch Fix .It can sometimes take a while for the first Fix to arrive. It would be a shame to see you wait for your amazing clothing.

Stitch Fix brands of workout clothes

My Stitch Fix boxes used to include Stitch Fix-exclusive brands in the past. Stitch Fix’s workout clothes are not included in these boxes. Here’s an alphabetical listing of some of the activewear and workout brands Stitch Fix has available:

  • Adidas
  • Other Apparel
  • Beyond Yoga
  • Nike
  • The North Face

My Stitch Fix box of workout clothes

My Stitch Fix box of workout clothes arrived and I was thrilled. I have been wearing my workout clothes like mad since getting our Peloton bike. For my daily workout, I need to have a sports bra, leggings, and top. If you don’t know what I mean, I would rather do laundry every day than work out.

Nike supplied four of the five items in my box of workout clothes. They were:

  1. Reddish pink dry tank
  2. Zip-up, long sleeve pullover
  3. Nike Swoosh sports bra
  4. Sport leggings

The fifth item was a MPG Sport zip up performance jacket.

This is what I thought about the Stitch Fix workout clothes

The pieces were beautiful and of great quality. It seems that everything from Nike is either too small or too slim for my liking.

Even though Stitch Fix sent me the size I preferred (large), it didn’t fit. Since I do most of my exercise indoors, the fifth item was sufficient.

I was able give feedback to the Stitch Fix app when I checked out. I also had the option of exchanging the item for something else.

Unfortunately, the extra large dry tank was not available. That’s what I requested. The tank cost was covered by my $20 styling fee.

I returned all five items in the prepaid envelope included with each Fix. A week later, I received the larger tank. Stitch Fix sent it to me free of charge.

Stitch Fix is a great place to shop for workout clothes

Since then, I’ve worn the top at least once per week while riding my Peloton. This includes the time I completed my landmark ride 900 at Pittsburgh Peloton. Below is the photo.

The fabric is great. It doesn’t absorb sweat and doesn’t feel soaked so it isn’t gross after a workout. It’s my favorite top for spinning. My stylist would be happy to send me a Stitch Fix box of workout clothes again.

You can also buy unique pieces without having to request a Fix. This is called Stitch Fix Freestyle. This is my review for Stitch Fix Freestyle.

It is important to note that Stitch Fix men can send men workout clothes, just like they did for me. This type of gym clothes box does not only cater to women’s fitness.

Check out my review of Stitch Fix Men

We Want an Active Edit Review

Recently, I wrote another Wantable review. This included a I signed up for the Wantable Active Edit to add it to my growing collection of Wantable reviews.

You have to be open with me. I have tried many leggings and have worn them all. My Wantable Edit three pair of leggings might be my favorite and most comfortable workout leggings. All three of them were keepers.

How the Wantable Active Edit works

It is similar to asking for a Wantable Style Editor. Take a quiz about your clothing preferences, size preferences, and color preference. (FYI: Wantable plus-size is an option.

This is my review on the top plus-size online styling companies including Wantable.

Except for the Wantable, your answers will be based on what kind of exercise you do and how often you use the Wantable clothing. Active Edit questions were the best way to answer my question since I do yoga and spin, but I don’t like being chased.

Wantable, your answers will be based on what kind of exercise you do and how often you use the Wantable clothing. Active Edit questions were the best way to answer my question since I do yoga and spin, but I don’t like being chased.

How much does Wantable cost

You will pay a styling fee of $20, just like the Style Edit. This is the same as all other subscription boxes that I have reviewed. The $20 can be used to purchase any Active Edit services. This is the only upfront cost that’s necessary.

It all depends on how much you want to spend on Wantable clothing. Wantable can be contacted to let them know how much you are willing to pay for tops, leggings and sports bras. My price range is usually right in the middle. The price range for Wantable clothing is quite generous, with a range of approximately $50.

How to Order a Desired Active Edit

Similar to the going over to the Wantable stream. Here you will find actual clothing pieces that you can request to be added to your Active Edit. Concerning the Wantable brands: I was able to see brands I liked and knew, such as Onzie and Free People. I didn’t know that Free People makes fitness gear, so I added them as an option to my request.

going over to the Wantable stream. Here you will find actual clothing pieces that you can request to be added to your Active Edit. Concerning the Wantable brands: I was able to see brands I liked and knew, such as Onzie and Free People. I didn’t know that Free People makes fitness gear, so I added them as an option to my request.

A week later my Active Edit Box arrived. Seven pieces are included in your Wantable subscription box of workout clothes. You get the exact amount for every box you order. Then you have five days to test everything before sending it back. Both ways shipping is free.

It was like opening my ActiveEdit box. Each piece of clothing I pulled out made me love it more. Each piece was like a KitKat bar. I’m sure you will agree with me if you love KitKat bras as much as I do.

Review of clothing from my Wantable Edit

The Free People leggings are exactly what I requested. It actually stated Free People Movement on the tag. Two other pairs of leggings were also included from brands I had never tried. Colosseum and Interval were the other Wantable brands.

You have to be open with me. I have tried many leggings and I’m still trying to find the right one. My Wantable Edit three pair of leggings might be my favorite and most comfortable workout leggings. All three of them were keepsakes. One pair of leggings featured pockets on both the legs. This is my favorite feature in workout leggings.

The Active Edit leggings were comparable to other styling companies that I have used in terms of Wantable Prices. At $78, the Free People brand was most expensive. Other brands were priced between $50 and $75.

Nice tops, but no keepers

My Active edit also included four tops. The one I chose was a long-sleeve pullover, which was nice but not what I needed. Three other tops were tank-tops that I used for exercising.

One of them was a potential keeper. One possible keeper was a Spiritual Gangster active muscle tank. It was flatteringly cut, and the fabric was light.

My arm holes were large enough to not restrict my movement and flexibility. The arm holes were not so large that they showed most of my sports bra.

This was the issue I had with the Active Edit tops, one from Interval and one from Glyder. These tops had huge arm holes. This style of large arm holes isn’t exclusive to Wantable clothing. Peloton has workout clothes that look the same. Why?

Sent all four tops back

All four tops were returned to me in the end. The Spiritual Gangster top was beautiful, but I couldn’t justify spending $58 on a tank for my workout. As part of my Wantable subscription, my next Active Editnext months is something I am excited about. I will be asking for sports bras this time.

If you are interested in reading my Wantable Style Edit reviews, please visit my Wantable review. My husband used the service to purchase gear.

Yoga Club Subscription Box Review

I was thrilled to sign up for using the Peloton app. I also love yoga clothes. Comfortable is my preference.

How the Yoga Club Subscription Box Works

It was simple to sign up for the Yoga Club subscription box. As with traditional online styling companies I had to give my thumbs up and down to various clothing options. This is how Yoga Club determines my style profile for workout clothes.

Yoga Club informed me that my stylist would curate my box of work clothes after I answered these questions. They would then be sent to me within a week.

Frequency options for Yoga Club subscription boxes

Yoga Club allows you to choose how frequently you receive your workout clothes subscription box . You can choose from three frequency options to match the clothes you receive.

  1. You can only get one pair per month of Mantra leggings.
  2. Karma frequency allows you to get a 2-piece workout outfit every 2 months
  3. Guru frequency is when you receive a 3-piece set of workout clothes every three months or each quarter.

I chose the Guru option.

What was inside my Yoga Club subscription box of workout clothes?

What did I do?

  • Black cropped Kenneth Cole leggings
  • Alternative Apparel Grey cotton tank top
  • Onzie crisscross chic sports bra

My first Yoga Club subscription box included a box of workout clothes. I paid $79 Yoga Club informed me that the three-piece outfit I received was worth more than $160. This is a huge savings.

Yoga Club clothing and brands

All the brands were either well-known or highly respected in the fitness community. The box was of excellent quality and definitely a two-out-of-three. It was only a two out of three because the Onzie bra did not fit. Based on my style, it was the right size. But, I suspect the sizes are small. My sports bras and me. It will never end.

Exchanges require a lot of work

As I said, the Yoga Club workout bra they sent me was too small. Even though it was large, it was too small to be worn by any of our women. It was too big for my daughters so I gave it to them. They didn’t like it either.

I had inquired about the possibility of exchanging the bra. Yoga Club offers exchanges, but you cannot just ask your stylist for a replacement. You have two options.

  1. Ask a Yoga Club member to trade with yours by joining the Yoga Club Facebook Group
  2. Send a request to the Yoga Club exchange shop. Your order must be eligible for exchange (mine was after I provided feedback on the items in my box). If you need the item immediately, an additional shipping charge ($6.95) will be charged.

Shipping costs are $6.95 per subscription box. This surprised me, as I am used to shipping free from other online styling websites.

Yoga Club is more than a subscription box for workout clothes.

After I received my first Yoga Club box, I realized is what a subscription box really is. You get what you receive with a monthly subscription box. You can’t send back items you don’t love or exchange for another size or color.

It made me appreciate the flexibility Dia&Cooffer offer. I believe the term subscription box is what most people use to describe the products you receive from an online stylist.

It is important to be aware of the differences before you sign up. These differences include the ability to choose when you get your clothes and what you keep and send back. True subscription boxes don’t allow for sending back.

Overall thoughts on Workout Clothing Subscription boxes

Our family was very happy with the clothing that they received through their monthly subscription boxes. All of us are experienced online shoppers. It was a refreshing way for us to look at online styling services.

It was so easy to get monthly workout clothes. It ensured that we had clean clothes to go to the gym or the peloton (in my case).

There are likely other subscription boxes for workout clothes that we could also try. I will update this review and write another one if I find any. You can leave a comment here if you have any suggestions for a service that you would like to try. I would be delighted to be your subscription guinea-pig for workout clothes.

Are you looking for office clothing? MM.LaFleur is my favorite online styling service. Read my MM LaFleur reviews here.

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