Read This Before You Buy: Nordictrack iSelect Review

Today, we will be taking a look the new NordicTrack iSelect voice controlled adjustable dumbbells. Let’s see if these smart dumbbells with Alexa connectivity are the right fit for your home gym.

Review video of NordicTrack iSelect dumbbell

Adjustable dumbbell weight range

The NordicTrack iSelect, like most premium adjustable dumbbell sets can be adjusted in increments of five pound starting at 5-50lbs.

They will also be heavier than traditional dumbbells of the same weight, just like all adjustable dumbbells. For the cost savings and space saved, I believe the tradeoff is worth it.

Rapid weight loss

You may also have to spend time and effort changing the weight of adjustable dumbbells. With the Nordictrack iSelects, this is not an issue.

These weights no longer need to be manually adjusted. Instead, they can be digitally adjusted by turning the knob at their base. The iSelects adjusts automatically by changing the number of plates it locks in. This happens very quickly. This entire process takes less than one second.

The speed is great, especially when you move from one movement to another. This speed, combined with the fact that you have the entire dumbbell set at your disposal, has made it my favorite dumbbells for Peloton and iFIT classes.

iSelect Alexa integration&app

You can adjust the NordicTrack iSelect dumbbells using Alexa voice control. This allows you to say “Alexa,” to add 10 pounds to your weight, or “Alexa,” to change it to 35 lbs. It takes a little longer than the dial, but I have found this useful on many occasions.

If I’m doing a bodyweight exercise like push-ups and I have time, I will tell Alexa my desired weight so they can prepare for the next one. Sometimes, I’ll drink water in between sets. It is easier to say the weight out loud than changing it via the digital dial.

You can tell Alexa to adjust the weight for certain movements, such as “Alexa change weight to overhead shoulder presses.”

Resetting the dumbbell

One issue with the NordicTrack iSelect dumbbells has been raised a few times. It is my fault 100%. You can quickly get used to the fact that weight changes are so quick.

Be aware, however: It is not instant.

The locking mechanism may be damaged if you remove the weight plate before the adjustment is complete (as indicated with the flashing numbers). You will then need to take out all plates and reset the length. Then, place the plates back in the base. This process takes between five and ten minutes.

Once I had a better understanding of how the locking mechanism works, I was able to find a quicker way with a butter knife. The process took me less than one minute. It is better to wait for the adjustment process to complete than to be impatient like I was.

Last thoughts and costs

The NordicTrack iSelect adjustable dumbbells are currently on sale at $429 on Amazon. This is a great deal. They are listed on the Nordictrack website for $599.

While I’m not certain if Amazon will ever charge $429 for the same product forever, I recommend that you check both websites before purchasing to ensure you get the best price.

These are my favorite way to strength train at home and they are by far the best adjustable dumbbells that I have ever used. These dumbbells are highly recommended, regardless of whether you use iFIT or Peloton or simply want a great set.

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