Feel Energized and Refreshed with These Peloton Workout Mantras

You’ve probably been there. Fitness is both physical and mental. Peloton members were asked to share their top motivational mantras. Take a deep breath, and then repeat these phrases to yourself the next time you feel ready to quit. This is it!

  • “This is only one small part of your day. “This is just one blip in your day.
  • " It was the hardest part.” Adrienne S, New York, NY
  • “I often go with a You got that, You are a badass and You won’t die.’ Or, when all else fails, a? I’m, I can, will, I do.
  • “I don’t know if it’s a mantra, but I often think that I birthed a natural 9-pound and 13-ounce baby. “I can hold zone X for X mins.” -Amy R. Fredericksburg, VA
  • " I’m a titan!!” -Stacey R. The Woodlands, TX
  • “One day, you won’t be able to accomplish this.” “Today is not the day.” -Natalia S. Oak Harbor, WA
  • “’ You don’t know what you can do” have become extremely important words for me.
  • “’ There is no pain.’ You get what you put in” -Alfred S. Miami, FL
  • " It takes 30 seconds to do anything.” Jeff P, Toms River NJ
  • “’ Drop all your baggage.” I use it in my life. It has helped me prepare speakers for conferences. It was a great tool to use with my children. It was great for me to use in stressful situations.
  • “Don’t fight with it. Invite it!” -Steve D, Long Beach, CA
  • " It’s worth it!"-Heather B. Otis, MA
  • “’ This isn’t daycare” from Alex Toussaint, and’Britney [Spears] could survive 2007, then you can climb this damn hill_ from Cody Rigsby.”
  • " Boss up. Crown straight."-Erica B. Grand Junction, CO
  • “’ What is the point?” In my most difficult moments on the bike, I’ve started to mutter that to myself. The act of asking the question pushes past my limitations every time. It’s also something I have started to use in my daily life. When things seem overwhelming, or I feel unable to push through them, I ask myself these four words. It simplifies everything, breaks down it, and makes it possible." -Kelly V. Glen Rock, NJ

What are your workout mantras This is one way our instructors increase mental strength.

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