A Tribute to Amy Winehouse: Peloton Artist Series

Peloton announced that Amy Winehouse, an English singer/songwriter, will be the first featured artist series in 2022! Peloton shared this news via Instagramthis AM.

A @amywinehouse voice can bring a chorus to life. As you progress through this Soulful New Artist Series, let that iconic, smoky voice inspire and motivate you.

The series will include two rides as well as a run and a yoga flow. Mayla Wedekind and Hannah Frankson will instruct. Matty Maggiacomo, Becs Gentry and Aditi Shah are the instructors. Below is the complete class schedule.

30 min Amy Winehouse Peloton Ride - Mayla Wedekind - 1/12/22 @ 1:00pm ET [German] 30 min Amy Winehouse Peloton Ride - Hannah Frankson - 1/12/22 @ 3:00pm ET

30 min Amy Winehouse Peloton Yoga Flow - Aditi Shah - 1/12/22 @ 6:00pm ET

30 min Amy Winehouse Peloton Run - Becs Gentry - 1/12/22 @ 7:00pm ET

20 minute Amy Winehouse Peloton Body Strength - Matty Magiacomo - 1/12/22 @ 7:15 ET

Amy Winehouse Peloton Post Run Stretch - Joslyn Thomson Rule - 1/1/22 @ 6:30am ET [On Demand]

2022 will be a huge year for featured artist programs. Peloton has already teased that the next week’s featured artist series will include David Bowie. has additional Peloton featured artist series. You can see the full list in our guide.

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