Comparing Nordictrack and ProForm - The Definitive Guide

Both Proform and NordicTrack are brands owned by iFIT. They both connect to the iFIT platform. If you’re looking for an iFIT-enabled device, there are at least five bikes and six rowers to choose from, as well as 12 treadmills. It is almost impossible to not feel overwhelmed. Today, we will focus on the differences among the five connected fitness bikes.

You currently have two options for your NordicTrack bike:

Proform offers three options for your bike:


There are differences between Proform and NordicTrack

Let’s start by comparing the Proform and NordicTrack brands.

  1. The NordicTrack bikes can be a little more expensive. The NordicTrack and HTML2i HTML2_ were designed with decline and incline control. The bikes can reach a maximum of 20% incline or 10% decline. This can be controlled manually, but the bike will adjust automatically based on terrain. Your bike will adjust the slope if you ride up a steep hill. This makes your rides more enjoyable.

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Proform bikes don’t have an incline or decline control. The Proform bikes have a decline control, so if you climb a hill, the resistance will still go up but not a physical incline. This is probably the biggest difference between the two brands.

  1. The resistance can also be controlled differently. The NordicTrack bikes have buttons on the handlebars that let you adjust the resistance. On the Proform, all resistance adjustments must be made on the screen.

This may seem like a huge difference to some, and it was for me. However, after trying both brands, I can say that the screen’s resistance is not an issue. You lose the ability to view the leaderboard simultaneously since they are in the same area of your screen.

iFIT recently added a new Smart adjust feature to all their bikes. The instructor’s suggestions, terrain, and your fitness level are all used to adjust the workout.

  1. The NordicTrack bikes come with a fan at the bottom of their screen, a tray for your phone and two bottles holders. Proform bikes have no fan, no tray and only one bottle holder.

  2. There are also cosmetic and adjustment differences. The Proform bikes can be more difficult to adjust. To get the Proform bikes to move, you need to turn each knob. NordicTrack bikes, on the other hand, are much more user-friendly and quicker. If you share your bike with others, this is something you should consider.

The NordicTrack bikes can be used up to 350 pounds, while the Proform bikes can only support 250. This is a significant factor to take into consideration if your weight exceeds 250 lbs.

Similarities between Proform and NordicTrack

Both the NordicTrack- and Proform bikes are equipped with:

  1. Smart Adjust and Automatic Resistance Control. This is a great feature that lets you enjoy the ride and immerse into the incredible locations where iFIT films its programs.

  2. Magnetic Resistance.This type resistance is very quiet and smooth. This is something that I find quite remarkable, as most bikes of similar price have it.

  3. Dumbbell holders with weights and weights are included with all bikes. However, they are a bit more expensive and are located up front on the NordicTrack.

We now know what the differences are between brands. Let’s look at the differences in actual bike models.

NordicTrack bikes

The NordicTrack S27i bike is the most expensive in the iFIT range. The S22ii is almost identical to it in every aspect except for the size and resistance levels. The S27i’s rotating screen is 27 inches, while the S22i’s rotating screen is 22 inches.

As a reminder, the price difference between these bikes is $400. This makes it a difficult decision. Personally, I prefer a larger screen. But you’ll have to decide if it is worth it.

Proform bikes

The Proform Studio Bicycle Pro 22 is the best Proform bike. It has a rotating screen of 22 inches, which is similar to the S22i. I have been using it quite a bit lately for a review. You can also set it to 24 resistance levels, just like the S22i. This bike is, in many ways, better than the NordicTrack S15i because it has a larger screen and more resistance levels. It is also $300 cheaper. It does not have the handlebar buttons, fan or incline/decline controls, nor the handlebar buttons.

Proform Studio Bike Pro 22

Proform’s most affordable bike, the Proform CX is only $599. It still comes with magnetic and automatic resistance control, which is an incredible value for such a low price. The screen is what you lose. Instead, you have a tablet holder that can be used and connected via Bluetooth. The Preform CX can only go up to 16 levels, instead of 24. This also means that you lose quite a lot of resistance levels. It is an excellent deal if you are looking for a bike that is really good in this price range.

Proform CX

The ProForm Studio Bike Pro Pro is the most difficult to value in terms of price.This bike has a similar design to the Studio Bike Pro 22 but without the 22-inch screen. Although the screen is only 10 inches, the Studio Bike Pro still rotates so that you can also take classes. You also get 22 levels of resistance, instead of 24. The best thing about this bike was its freeness. It is kind of.

Proform Studio Pro

Proform Studio Bike is available “free” with a 3-Year Membership to iFIT. This membership costs $39 per Month for 36 months. In other words, you will pay $1,403 for that period. Wouldn’t this make it more expensive that the Proform Studio Bike Pro 22, which is premium? Not quite. We did some math to compare the cost of each bike over three years.

Which bike offers the best value?

You will need to purchase a Proform or NordicTrack bicycle and pay a monthly membership to iFIT. To keep it simple, they do offer a free month. If you take the cost of each bike over a 3-year period, plus their membership fees, then you will see:

Studio Bike PRO offers the best value for money if you take it apart over three years.

These differences will hopefully help you to make an informed decision about which bike is right for you. Learn more about each bike at:



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