The Bicycle Revolution: Superteam Bike Wheelset Review

Superteam Bike Wheels are now available on the carbon clincher market as affordable items. These wheels have a standard, decent design with a matte 3k rim finish. We wanted to give our opinion on the Superteam lineup, as your rims can be one of your most critical safety features (failure at high speed could result in death).

The rim’s depth is 50mm and the height is 23mm. 50mm isn’t the deepest rim depth, but it is the closest to an aero rim. These models have 20 holes in the front and 24 at the rear.

They are lighter than similar products, and slightly more flexible for this price range. The Superteam bike wheels’ aerodynamics are not enough to make a significant wind resistance difference.

The rim’s carbon fiber construction gives it a strong feel and light weight. The rim also comes with a 6-layer carbon rim body and 12-layer carbon brake track. This can help improve braking performance.

Road Test of Superteam Bike Wheels

Although they seem to be a great value, Superteam’s bike wheels have been disappointing in road testing. It’s hard to see the difference in the geometry between these and the more expensive competition. The problems can start to show up once they are used. When the bearings were tested in the rain, they started making loud, high-pitched sounds, which indicates poor construction quality. Although we don’t believe the wheels will fail after 100 miles, they are still not as durable as some European and American-made brands.

Many riders reported cracks, or crack during their first use. This is leading many riders to believe that the manufacturing process was a bit sloppy.

Brakes on previous Superteam wheels contact the carbon directly, instead of using a metal brace. This can lead to an unpleasant surprise and potentially dangerous situation. Carbon tends heat up and becomes unstable. This can be a safety problem, especially if your passion is to pump the brakes while going downhill. Superteams’ latest models now have an aluminum breaking surface. We recommend that you choose these wheels if you are looking to get the best value for money.

You might be able, if you have a quality tire and a quality tube, to reduce any problems caused by the material’s rim pinching the tube. We did receive a few reports about this happening in early models of the wheel.

Superteam Wheel Pricing

The Superteam bike wheels, like many other Chinese brands are priced lower than most. Many riders are aware of them because of this. We found it to be in the $300 range, give or take. They can be found here on Amazon.

Alternatives to Superteam Wheelsets

Many bike wheels brands have been proven to be reliable over the past decades. Although some are more expensive than Superteams, many cyclists swear to their impeccable quality and great value. These wheels are also getting cheaper than they were 3 years ago. These are some other options:

Zipp - Zipp bike wheels are well-known for their rigidity, strength, durability, low weight, and stiffness. These wheels can be used for both hill-hiking and speedy road riding. There are many top-quality models available in a variety of price points to suit every budget.

We highly recommend the Mavic Aksium

Mavic - The French engineering of the Mavic bicycle wheels is highly regarded around the globe. These wheels are a great upgrade for your bike because they offer a wonderful balance between strength and weight. We are seeing some Aksium wheelsets prices drop to levels that are comparable to the Superteams. These wheels are often a bargain if you find them at a discounted price.

Shimano - The high quality of the Shimano bicycle wheels is something you’ll notice immediately. Each model is a great choice because of its outstanding performance. There are many Shimano wheels available, so you won’t have to worry about finding the right one for your needs. The or 501 is a great example for an all-around wheelet that won’t break the bank.


Although the price might seem appealing, we recommend that you wait to see if the Superteams last over time. A trusted brand such as Shimano or Mavic can help you save money. Even though there are a few complaints about the quality of the wheels, it is a warning sign. However, this Chinese retailer may be quite risky. There are many reliable and affordable options available, even if you don’t have the budget for premium wheels. If you are looking for something you will use only occasionally, they can be a good choice. These products are suitable for driving at a high speed on the roads. We’d love to hear about riders who have been riding these bikes for at least 500 miles.

We recommend that you consider this option instead, considering how reasonable the prices for good wheels such as the Mavic Aksium in recent years.

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