How-to: Make your Peloton Rides More Comfortable with the Right Handlebars

Are you looking for answers to your questions about the Peloton handlebars or did you just happen upon this post? Perhaps your handlebars have become stuck and you don’t know how to move them. Perhaps you wanted to know how high the Peloton handlebars should be in order to fit your bike. These and other questions regarding the Peloton handlebars will be answered by me.

What are the questions about Peloton handlebars?

What inspired me to write this article on the Peloton handlebars. Maybe you are like me. I was not new to spinning when my Peloton cycle arrived in 2016. But I was pleasantly surprised to learn the Peloton handlebars.

What does this mean? You can’t move the Peloton handlebars forward or back, as I’m sure many of you have discovered. They can be moved vertically (i.e. You can move them vertically (i.e., up and down), but not horizontally.

The seat can be moved both horizontally and vertically. However, that is not the focus of this article. This post contains Tips & Tricks to make your Peloton seat more comfortable.

If you’re a shorter rider, like me-shoutout @thePeloton #shortietribe-you might have difficulty reaching the handlebars of the Peloton. It’s frustrating that they aren’t closer to you.

Or could you?

This article is about Peloton handlebars

This article will answer the most frequently asked questions about your bike’s handlebars. I’ll also share useful Tips & Tricks that include how to move them closer. You can also find accessories and products to make your handlebars more comfortable.

Finally, I will answer any questions readers sent me. I’ll answer questions such as how to clean the Peloton handlebars or why my Peloton Bike Plus handlebars wobble.

Adjusting the handlebars of the Peloton

The first time you set up your Peloton bicycle, you will have to adjust the handlebars. This is especially true for families with multiple riders.

You may also need to move the seat around, or raise or lower the Peloton handlebars.

I know how difficult it is to move the handlebars. It’s so much easier to lower them than to raise them. It’s not because they are super heavy with the screen attached. It’s difficult to move these screens due to their design.

How to raise or lower the Peloton handlebars

How do you adjust the handlebars of the Peloton? These are the steps.

  1. Turn the crank arm (original Peloton bike) or the large knob (Peloton Bike Plus). It will be located above the water bottle holder.
  2. You can rest your hands on the handlebars and pull the handlebars towards yourself.
  3. To move the handlebars up or down, pull up towards the rear of the bike. Alternately you can also stand behind the screen, push the handlebars towards your seat, and then lift them up.
  4. The handlebar can be placed at any letter setting that you choose. It goes from A to MAX.
  5. The crank arm of the original Peloton bike or the large knob on the Peloton Bike Plus should be tightened.

How high should Peloton handlebars go?

You may now be asking where to put the handlebars of your Peloton. Our handlebars were always at MAX height for a long time.

My husband is 6'3", and I am 5'4. This setting was perfect for my husband and I liked that I could sit up more to ride the bicycle. You’d probably be able to sit upright to ride a beach cruiser, right?

A Peloton is not a beach cruiser, except that it’s not a Peloton. You shouldn’t be standing straight up. This was something I realized when I tried to fit my virtual bike with Team Wilpers.

When you ride, your glutes should be engaged, or the muscles at the back of your legs and in your butt. Except for when you are sitting straight up, your quadriceps (or quads) will only be used when you are.

You shouldn’t be able to sit upright when using the handlebars

Sitting upright also means that you are likely to lean on the handlebars more often than you should. This can cause wrist, arm, shoulder, and lower back pain.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, you should actually be leaning forward when riding your Peloton bike. To achieve this, your Peloton handlebars should be at a height that your back is almost straight ahead.

After my virtual bike fitting, I moved my handlebars from MAX to a M. The fitter originally wanted them to be at L but it felt too heavy on my forearms. It felt so much better to move them up one letter, from L to M. To maintain proper form, I maintained the forward position.

Peloton proper form

This was my first experience with Peloton in its true form. I was able to reach the handlebars better when I moved them from MAX up to M. I had previously struggled to reach the handlebars. They were just too far away.

I thought that raising them to MAX height would bring them closer. The handlebars move in an angle towards the seat, so they kind of move up. If I set them at the highest setting, they would be closer to me, right?

Here’s the thing: Once I had achieved my proper form on Peloton and was leaning forward, it was easier to reach the handlebars. It’s amazing! If you have trouble reaching the Peloton handlebars try to go against logic and lower them.

Peloton accessories can also be attached to make it easier for you to reach the handlebars. Below are some of my favorite accessories.

Peloton handlebars: Where can you put your hands?

When taking a class or riding, where should you put your hands? The Peloton handlebars are shaped like a bump, which triathletes will use for long-distance rides. However, I wouldn’t recommend that you take a Peloton class.

Instead, place your hands on the bars nearest to the seat. Are you unsure what I mean? You can take a look at the Peloton instructors in class and try to imitate what they are doing.

What are the various positions on a spin bicycle?

What about when the instructors get out of their saddle and discuss second or third place? It sounds like ballet, but it is not.

If you like, second position is when you are standing on the saddle and pedaling out, with your hands about halfway up the handlebars. Third position is where your hands are closest to the screen, or table. Third position is when your hands are closest to the screen or table. I place my hands on the protruding edges of the handlebars.

Original Peloton bike versus Bike Plus handlebars

The handlebars of the original Peloton bike are very different to the Bike Plus handlebars. Bike Plus handlebars have a more square shape, while the original handlebars look more round.

Many of us OG bikers hoped that when Peloton introduced their Peloton Bike Plus, the new design would allow them to be moved horizontally. It didn’t happen.

Bike Plus handlebars can be found closer

But, I was able to learn from Team Wilpers that the handlebars of the Peloton Bike Plus are actually two inches closer than the original bike’s seat stem.

The Bike Plus is a great option for those who are short, maybe five or less feet.

This is my article on Peloton for short riders.

The Bike Plus also offers other benefits, including a swiveling screen as well as an auto-resistance setting to allow you to take On Demand rides. This review will explain the differences between the Bike PLUS and the original Bike.

Bike Plus handlebars feel free and wobbley

The handlebars of the Bike Plus handlebars are another thing that you might notice. They seem to be in constant motion. Two Peloton bikes are ours, the original and the Plus. The handlebars of the Bike Plus are always tightened.

The handlebars feel wobbly and the screen shakes more than the original bike. I believe the Bike Plus screen’s pivoting ability is what causes the feel of bounce or looseness in the handlebars.

How to clean the handlebars of the Peloton

Your handlebars will likely get sweaty while you ride. I usually ride with a towel on my handlebars. Because I have the towel to wipe my hands on, it helps me keep my hands from sliding.

You can see below my recommendations for handlebar towels or this article about the best sweat towels.

However, the handlebars should be cleaned in the same way as the rest of your bike after a sweaty ride. Wipex wipes are my preferred choice, as they are made from natural ingredients. Others use baby wipes. Some people use Windex wipes.

This is my article about how to clean your Peloton bicycle.

It is important to remove sweat from the metal bars. Because sweat and metal together equals corrosion. You don’t want your Peloton bike rusting if it is to last a long time.

As I mentioned earlier, our Peloton bike was purchased in 2016. It’s been six years since we bought it, and it’s still in great condition. It is probably due to the fact that we regularly clean it.

How to Clean Peloton Bike: The Best Cleaning Product

How to clean Peloton. These are the top cleaners or cleaning products I use to clean my Peloton. These include the best Peloton wipes. These wipes can be used to clean your Peloton bike and tread.

Wipex Original Natural Fitness Equipment Wipes, Lavender, Vinegar, 2 canisters, 124 Wipes They are also available in Eucalyptus fragrance.

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Wipex Store

Three scents of Wipex Natural Cleaning Wipes For Gyms&Fitness Equipment

  1. Lavender
  2. Lemongrass
  3. Watermelon

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Sustainable Soft Touchscreen Wipes, 97% Natural Formula. This is a great way to clean your Peloton screen.

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Peloton handlebars

Peloton accessories for handlebars can be used on both the Bike Plus and the original Peloton. These are my top picks for handlebar attachments.

Peloton handlebar extender

Handlebar Adjuster for Peloton

The Adjuster is an aftermarket product adapter that allows you to slide the Peloton handlebars closer towards the seat.

Top Form Design, the maker of the Adjuster has now released multiple versions of the original Peloton Bike and the Bike Plus.

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The Adjuster - Top Form Design For Original Peloton Bike

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The Adjuster for Plus Bike

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Adjuster Fixed (Peloton Original)

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Aerow Comfort Grip For Peloton

The Aerow Comfort Grip is a must-have accessory for any peloton.

Aerow Comfort Grips for Peloton Bikes - Less Tension and Better Posture Peloton Accessories. It also provides padding for the handlebars.

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How to Clean Your Peloton: Products that Protect You from Sweat

Velotowel - FrameWrap for Peloton Spin Bike

Spin Bike Sweat Towel - Spintowel designed for use with PELOTON bicycles.

Laptop tray for Peloton handlebars

Desk for your Peloton

My original SpinTray is still my favorite. The company that invented it now makes many versions for different bikes.

These can be viewed on the company’s website.

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A laptop tray made exclusively by for the Bike Plus has been contacted by me. I have therefore added their product to this page.

Spintray for Peloton

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CycleFrog for Bike Peloton Tray Bike Plus | Etsy

StepTray–Laptop Tray to Your Tread

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Peloton handlebars to be attached with a fan

Peloton handlebars to be attached with a fan

Vernado Pivot

Vornado Pivot3C Compact Fan Clip-On with Multi-Surface Mount. Black

Vornado Pivot3C


Hoods with handlebars

Hize Hoods Peloton Handlebar Extender

Use code LEAH to get 10% off your pair Hize Hood handelbar extensions for the Peloton bicycle.


Peloton’s Hize Hood handlebar extension for Peloton makes it feel like riding outdoors.

Final thoughts on any questions regarding the Peloton handlebars

Did I miss answering your questions about the Peloton handlebars. Please leave a comment and let us know if you have any questions. This post will be updated accordingly. Thank you for your feedback.

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