The Smart Choice: Why Buying a Refurbished Peloton Bike is a Win-Win

Peloton offers a limited-time opportunity for select members in certain territories to purchase refurbished Peloton Bikes. You can also purchase an extended warranty for your refurbished Peloton bike. All eligible members will be notified by email about the promotion and can place orders via our Sales Team or at a Showroom location.

Peloton sent an email to select users of digital apps saying:

You can improve your workouts with a Peloton Bike. We are giving Peloton Digital members the opportunity to purchase a refurbished bike for just $1495. You can also finance it. This Memorial Day, take the heat off of your workouts with this exclusive offer.

Each refurbished bike is calibrated to perform as new, so you can unlock your full potential. Only available in a few areas. To confirm eligibility, speak to a member our team by entering your zip code.

You can purchase one of these refurbished Peloton Bikes by going to this link. This will open up a conversation between you and one of their sales representatives.

Reddit users claim that he purchased one of these refurbished Peloton Bikes. The standard one-year warranty comes with the option to buy an extended 24-month warranty.

Peloton’s refurbished bikes are bikes that have been used and then returned to Peloton. These bikes could be defective or simply plain unsatisfying. Peloton repairs these bikes, makes sure they are as good or better than new, and then sells them at lower prices. As you can see, it is more cost-effective to get them than to buy a new bike for a higher price.

Peloton will provide a refurbished Peloton bicycle directly to you. The bike will be far more durable than a used Peloton bicycle from a user. Let’s learn more about the refurbished Peloton bikes.

How to Get Refurbished Peloton Bikes?

Peloton doesn’t always announce the sale or reconditioning of bikes. They do occasionally announce the sale of refurbished bikes, but not always.

Due to the limited supply of bikes for sale, the Peloton bike refurbished offer is only available in a few states. Peloton sent emails to eligible digital app users during the September 2021 sale. If you did not receive the email from Peloton, you would be disqualified.

Once you have received the email, you should immediately log onto the Peloton website to apply for the offer. Unfortunately, the number of offers is usually not enough to meet the demand.

You can ask a friend who is a Peloton member to update your account in case of sales if you aren’t a member of the digital app. You can then use their account to purchase the bike, as the offer only applies to active digital app users. As in the previous case, you should apply immediately for the offer.

Talk to a Peloton representative. They will always be aware of any refurb bike sales. You can ask them to put you on the list. You might end up at the top of the list. You might be the first one to ask for the season, giving yourself an advantage.

Where Does Peloton Get the Refurbished Bikes?

Every Peloton fan was eager to test the new model after Peloton introduced the new Peloton bicycle plus. This group included people who had previously bought the standard Peloton bicycle. Peloton offered standard bike owners the option to exchange their bikes for the new plus model. They would pay $700 more to get the bike plus than the $2495.

Peloton received thousands of bikes in return for the new bike plus. These bikes included bikes that were relatively recent and others that were as old or as new as the Peloton platform.

Peloton also offers a one-year warranty for all bike owners. Peloton will replace your bike if it has a major problem this year. Peloton also offers a 30-day return policy. Peloton offers a 30-day return guarantee if customers are not satisfied with their bikes.

These are the reasons why Peloton has used bikes that they repair and resell.

Advantages of Getting a Refurbished Peloton Bike

  • The refurbished bike is more affordable than a new one. The latest offer was $1195 and offered a $300 discount on the new bicycle. You can also get a payment plan so that you don’t have to pay all at once after Peloton announces this offer.
  • The bike also comes with a Peloton warranty that lasts for one year. This gives you more assurance than the used bike option.
  • Refurbished bikes can be repaired and calibrated to work as new bikes. You won’t face the same problems with a used bike: bent, scratched, or faulty parts.
  • Peloton offers delivery and installation on refurbished bikes just like with new bikes. Shipping costs are not an issue after purchase.
  • Peloton provides sufficient online support for bike owners, no matter if the bike is brand new, refurbished or used. If you have a limited budget, it is a good idea to go for the cheapest option.

What is the cost of a Peloton bike refurbished?

Peloton now has a new price on refurbished bikes. It costs $1,045 plus $250 delivery and setup. This is significantly cheaper than purchasing a used Peloton from eBay or Facebook Marketplace. This blog post will discuss the pros and cons associated with buying a used Peloton.

Scroll down to the bottom for a link to the Peloton site where you can purchase a refurbished bicycle.

What you need to know about a Peloton bike refurbished

Okay, let’s assume you are interested in buying a refurbished bike. According to the company, every bike sold like this is recalibrated so that it runs like a brand new bike.

Each refurbished bike also comes with a 1-year warranty. It’s the same price as purchasing a new bike.

You can buy an extended warranty if you purchase a new Peloton. This option is not available for refurbished models.

There is hope. Many credit cards offer extended warranties, guarantees, or purchase protection if you choose to buy a bike using credit card. When you think about how to pay for your bike, new or refurbished, consider this.

Are you looking for a credit card with this coverage? You should check out Credit Karma to see your options.

Is it worth the cost to purchase a refurbished bicycle?

At $300 less than the regular price, is it worth buying a used Peloton? Unscientific review of comments in this Reddit thread has led me to conclude that users are divided.

Refurbished peloton bike from pelotoncycle

Many people said that they finally “pulled the trigger” on a Peloton. They were compelled to take action by the offer. Others felt that $300 was not enough to buy a new bike with a longer warranty.

That is what I understand. This was my conclusion when I considered buying a new or used Peloton. It seemed like a better deal to pay a bit more for a bike, but have the assurance of coverage.

Important to remember that my example was used for purchasing a second Peloton for our vacation home. We purchased the Bike Plus. Our first Peloton was an OG bike. It was purchased in 2016.

Except for a pedal problem in 2016, when we received it back, and Peloton sent us new pedals free of charge under their warranty, we haven’t had any problems with this bike. I just wrote that down on my wooden desk to not jinx the bike. A warranty is great for peace of mind. However, if you are lucky, it may not be necessary in the long-term.

Frequently Asked Questions

I received an email/in app notification regarding a promotion for a Peloton bike.

The email is about a limited-time offer in select areas for a Peloton bike. Refurbished bikes are fully functional, but may be slightly damaged such as scratches.

I received an email/in app notification regarding a promotion for a Peloton Bike. However, it was not available in my area. What can I do?

Please chat with our Sales Team by visiting call 866-695-7866.

What is a refurbished Peloton Bike, and how do I know?

Refurbished Peloton Bikes can be described as pre-owned Peloton Bikes which have been tested for quality and are fully operational. However, they may show minor cosmetic damage like scratches.

Does my Peloton Bike have a warranty?

The Peloton Bike comes with our 1-year limited warranty. Only the US is eligible for extended warranties on refurbished Peloton bikes. Click here for more information about Peloton’s warranty coverage.

What is the 1-year limited warranty?

Click Here for more information about our 1-year limited warranty.

What’s the return policy for Peloton Bikes?

Refurbished Peloton Bikes cannot be returned or given a Home Trial.

Can I cancel my order prior to delivery?

Refurbished Peloton Bikes can be cancelled once they are delivered. They are not eligible for a Home Trial or Return.

The offer window has closed. Can I still get this discount?

This offer is only valid for a short time.

I received an email regarding the promotion. Can I use it to buy a Peloton Tread or Peloton Bike+?

No, this offer is not valid for the Peloton Tread or the Peloton Pike+.

When will you sell refurbished Peloton Bikes to other markets?

At the moment, we don’t plan on selling refurbished Peloton bikes in other markets.

Can I combine this offer with other discounts or offers?

Unfortunately, this promotion can’t be combined with other offers or discount codes. Refer to the Referral Program or code “Treat Your Friends”.

Where do refurbished Peloton bikes come from?

Peloton has not provided any information about the origin of these refurbished cycles. However, I do have an inkling.

One, bikes purchased at Peloton stores. Two, bikes that have been returned by users who used the 30-day free trial and decided not to keep it.

(Here’s a link for more information on the free trial.

Three original Peloton bikes, which users traded in when they upgraded to the Bike Plus.

Bike Plus Trade In Deal Still Going On

While updating the post on Peloton refurbished bicycles, I wondered if Peloton bike enthusiasts like me could trade in their bikes for a new Peloton Bike plus. According to the Peloton website we can still trade in our bikes and get a $700 rebate.

This is you need to indicate that you are buying your Bike Plus with the Trade In option. Peloton support confirmed that this option is still available. It was really my belief that it would be expired, but with all the news surrounding Peloton, I suspect they have too many Bike Plus bikes and will need to make more. This brings us to the original topic of this blog: refurbished Peloton bikes.

Final thoughts

I hope you have understood the pros and cons to buying used over buying new. If you are an app user, and there is an offer to purchase a refurbished Peloton again, you will know immediately if it’s worth your time. Or if it’s a good idea to keep using what you have.

How do you buy a used Peloton bike? This guide will give you an idea. You will also learn why there is a rush for these bikes, despite the fact that there are many used peloton bikes.

Be patient and prepared if you’re thinking about getting a refurbished Peloton. We might not be ready for the next season.

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