Don't Buy New: Score a Used Peloton Bike for a Steal - Here's How to Find it

Although the standard Peloton is now priced at $1495, it is still much more expensive than regular spin bikes. We still want the bike for a great experience on Peloton. You may not have the funds but it could take weeks, or even months, for the bike to be delivered. Unfortunately, not everyone can be patient.

Can you buy a used Peloton bicycle? There are thousands of people looking to sell their used Peloton bikes. Surprisingly not all second-hand bikes are worn out. You may find a wonderful deal. You will also save money and have your bike delivered at your convenience.

A new bike is the best option for most people. However, it’s not always possible to save money by purchasing a used Peloton.

Is it a Good Idea to Buy a Used Peloton?

Yes. It is fundamentally cheaper to buy a used Peloton bike than new equipment. The performance of the treadmill or bike is the same as new equipment, provided that the previous owner has taken good care of it.

Should You Buy a Used Peloton Bike or Tread?

Yes. If the benefits outweigh the costs, used Peloton treadmills and bikes are more affordable and offer the same performance and performance as new ones. Even if the equipment is used, make sure it is in good condition.

It would be a good idea to choose the best equipment for you, such as a treadmill or a bike. The bike is ideal for people who are looking to be gentle on their knees and cyclists. The treadmill is faster for weight loss and offers athletes the best training options.

Can You Get a Warranty on a Used Peloton Bike?

Peloton’s warranty was non transferable so most people will advise against purchasing a used bike. It was true that the warranty provided by Peloton was not transferable. However, people don’t realize there is an additional option to purchase extended warranty for an used Peloton Bike. Here’s how it works:

  • You should ensure that the Peloton bike you are looking for is not older than 11 months.
  • Be sure to give the receipt to the Peloton owners.
  • If the owner is purchasing a bike, they should purchase an extended warranty through Upsie (just ask them to use your card so that they don’t have to pay).
  • Upsie’s extended warranty is transferrable. Once the original owners have sold the bike, they can transfer it to you.

Use code “9to5” to get 10% off your entire Peloton extended Warranty through Upsie

Also, Peloton changed its warranty policy in April 2022. An extended warranty, which is longer than the 12-month warranty that came with a new bike, will transfer to the new owner.

This extended warranty, now known as the Peloton Protection Plan (or Peloton Protection Plan), provides 48-month coverage for your bike or tread. This gives you coverage for four years. Only U.S. residents can apply for it. The Peloton Protection Plan is $199.

Peloton has some thoughts about the transferability and use of these new warranties options.

Protective plans purchased after April 5, 2022, are transferable. In the event that you need future service under the plan, ensure you request and keep the confirmation of the protection plan order from the original owner if you purchase a Peloton product previously owned.

This coverage is something I wouldn’t buy a Peloton bike with. It can be costly to fix a problem on a Peloton bicycle so it seems risky not having a warranty. There will always be sellers who aren’t willing to assist you, but there are many sellers who will.

How Much Do You Need to Pay for Peloton extended warranties?

The following Upsie Peloton extended warranties can be found:

  • Peloton bike, and bike plus: $122.86 per three-year
  • Peloton bike, and bike plus: $200.56 per five-year
  • Peloton treadmill: $141.75 per year
  • Peloton treadmill: $231.44 five-year
  • Peloton treadmill plus $198.46 for three-years
  • Peloton treadmill plus $324 for five year

All options are affordable and offer at least half of the Peloton extended warranty. There are also longer options for bikes other than the Peloton. The best part is that the warranty can be transferred, which is great news for bike buyers.

Where to Find a Used Peloton Bike

Peloton bikes can be purchased on almost all social selling platforms. You can also use e-Bay to find exactly what you need. Let’s focus on platforms that can be used to get quick results.


Your local Facebook Market is a great place to start. Due the bike’s size and weight, it is best to look for a local option. It will be possible to view the product in advance and possibly even try it out.

Facebook offers a platform to sell used Peloton bikes. You can also search for a used Peloton bike on local selling pages or visit Facebook’s unofficial Peloton Buy Sell Trade Group. The best thing about Facebook is the ability to narrow down your search to only sales in your area.

You can also find used bikes on Peloton Buy, Sell Trade (BST) FB GROUP (Official)

Two benefits to buying from a convenient location include the ability to inspect the bike before you buy it and assess its viability. You will also save fuel and shipping costs.


Although they are very costly to ship, you can search eBay for Peloton bikes. Although it is possible to find one for a reasonable price, it will be very expensive to ship. It would be best to pick one up locally. It would still likely be cheaper than shipping a bicycle, even if it takes you an hour to get there.

As a guide, we recommend reviewing our page on relocation a Pelotong Bike.

eBay seems always to have something for sale. Even if the bike is not available immediately, you can check the site. Your email will notify you within days. If you do have to purchase a bike through e-Bay you should consider the shipping cost. This will be added to the final price you agree to with the seller. You won’t pay more for a new Peloton bicycle if you do this.


The last option is to search your local Craigslist pages. Local sellers of bikes will list their listings on Craigslist and on the Facebook marketplace. Be aware that Craigslist may have more scams than you think. Make sure you test the bike before buying.

Craigslist offers a wide range of products, making it easy to narrow down your search to a used Peloton bicycle. You can also narrow it down to sellers within your area, just like Facebook.

Craiglist has one drawback: scammers are easy to spot, since there is no platform protection. As such, even though a deal might sound appealing, make sure you have security measures in place. If a seller insists on cash or a large deposit, you might consider another seller.

Friends and Relatives

Peloton bikes are often purchased by friends and family. They might have one or know someone who would like to sell one. A friend is more trustworthy than strangers, which is the best thing about acquaintances. They will be open if there is a problem with the bike, as they can always be reached.

Local Selling sites

You can quickly find a used Peloton bike in a large city, such as New York City. The best thing about buying in your city is that you can view the bike before making any commitments. It’s also a great way to meet the seller and have a conversation, which can be more effective than buying online. You might even find a new friend!

What to Do After Buying a Used Peloton Bike

These are some quick tips to consider when you purchase a used Peloton bicycle.

  • After you have purchased the bike, make sure that the seller has deleted all his user accounts so you can replace them. You can contact Peloton customer service as a primary owner by doing this.
  • For safe transporting your bike, you should consider a small truck. If you have an SUV, you can use it. However, cushions or pillows will protect your bike from scratches as it lies on the car’s floor. You should also slow down if you come across any rough patches to ensure the bike’s safety.
  • Replace them immediately if they present a problem, such as worn-out pedals. Wearing out pedals can cause damage to the crank arm and put you at risk during rides.
  • Even if the bike came without a mat, it is a good idea to purchase one to protect the bike from dirt and dust. The bike mat will protect your floor from the intense spinning workouts. Your workouts will be personalized because the bike mat absorbs vibrations from cycling.
  • To ensure a smooth ride on your bike, you will need to wear cycling shoes or toe-cages. The Look Delta design’s pedals are clipless, so you will need the appropriate cycling shoes . You can also get Peloton compatible toe cages which will allow you to ride the bike with sneakers or sport shoes.

How do you activate a used Peloton?

  • Connect to Wi-Fi networks using your Peloton device. Enter your password to connect to a Wi-Fi network that is included in the list.
  • Click to select your time zone “getting started”
  • Enter your email address and password to sign in to your Peloton Account.
  • Activate the membership-associated account by selecting it and pressing the ?activate?
  • Your rider profile should include a username and other information. Your Peloton username will have to be unique from any other user.
  • Click “looks great” Make sure you are correct.

Why Would Someone Be Selling their Used Bike?

Peloton bikes are highly desired, so why would anyone consider selling their bike. These are the top reasons people sell their bikes.

  • The bike becomes more burdensome when someone moves. If this happens, the person may decide to sell their bike and purchase a new one once they move into their new home.
  • Some people bought the bike for the vibe, but they realized they didn’t really need it. They decide to sell it instead of leaving it in their garages.
  • Some people upgraded to the bike+ because they felt they could make better returns selling their bikes second-hand, rather than exchanging them in Peloton. Sometimes, people purchase the new bike plus and then compare it with the older bike to see if they are ready to part ways with the old bike.
  • People may find themselves in financial ruin and decide to make a living by selling their precious household items, including the bike.
  • Peloton bike owners decide they don’t want a bike and prefer a treadmill. They sell their bikes and invest in a treadmill.

What to Consider When Buying a Used Peloton Bike and Tread?

There are five options for purchasing a used peloton bicycle. However, you can combine the platforms. You don’t have to choose one.

You will have more than one choice of sellers in this instance. How do you choose the best-used Peloton bicycle?

Seller Info

It is important to make sure that the seller you choose has genuine credentials. It is important to choose more than one seller. The more you compare, the better your bike and the benefits you will get.

You should not be tempted by a seller who threatens you, requests a private meeting, or asks for cash in your home. You can always cancel the consideration, even if this was your first choice.

It is important to ask your employer why they are selling the bicycle. If they are selling the bike because they have upgraded to the Peloton plus, are moving, can’t take the bike or don’t use the equipment, these are all valid reasons.

Ask the seller if you are the first person to use the bike. If they aren’t, there may be a reason that the bike is being sold. In most cases, it is not a good reason. It would be better to not take the bike.

Nearest Location

Start with the closest seller if you have many options. The location should come with a fair price, a bike in good shape, and a genuine seller.

A nearer location saves you on shipping costs. You also have the chance to test the bike at the seller’s house before you decide to buy it.

The Condition of the Bike

The condition of the bike matters so much that you’d rather go for a new bike if you can’t get one in good condition. You have to check the bearings, the pedals, and even whether the bike has bends or scratches. If the bike comes with a touchscreen, ensure that the touchscreen is also in good condition.

When you get to the seller’s place, plug in the bike to power to ensure that the power cord is working. Then, power on the touchscreen and see whether it takes long to load. Meanwhile, rotate the pedals while on the bike, all the while increasing and decreasing the resistance. Listen carefully for any sounds.

You can then hop on the bike and start riding at different intensities: low to high, high to low, and high to high. You can also adjust the resistance and brake with the resistance knob.

Adjust the handlebars and seat. If your bike passes these tests, it will be fine. You can also accept any flaws if they don’t affect the bike and help you save money on the cost.

The Cost Variation

You should look for the cheapest option. This is the main reason why you are buying a used bike. The original price of the Peloton bike was $2245 at first and then $1895, but the second-hand option would cost approximately $1600 and $1400 at later times.

The bike was new at $1495, so you can get your luck for less than $1000. I saw one on Facebook for $900 and the buyer returned with a positive review.

Bike Accessories

Peloton Bike with all the accessories

Some bikes are used with a defective or no touchscreen. This means that they cost less. Don’t buy the bike if it doesn’t have a touchscreen. Others may have shoes, a heart monitor, a bike mat, bike dumbbells, or any combination of these items.

As long as the bike is in great condition, you should always choose the bike that is most affordable. You can always take your cycling shoes and sell them second-hand, even if they are not your size. This will help offset the cost of purchasing your perfect pair.

Number of Rides the Bike Has Endured

Remember to ask the seller approximately how many rides the bike has endured. You can also ask how many users frequent the bike. The more the users and rides, the more worn the bike could be.

However, the number of rides is not sufficient to qualify or disqualify a Peloton bike. Remember that the bikes are quality and built to last. Therefore, the bike could have endured more rides but is well-maintained. On the other hand, another could just have one cyclist, but kids hand on the handlebars, the bike has bends or a screeching sound during the ride.

Therefore, the bike’s overall condition will overrule the number of riders on the bike.

Touchscreen Generation and Age of the Bike

It is important to ask or check the generation of the touchscreen. Technically, Peloton has released three touchscreen generations, the oldest being the first and the newest being the third.

The first generation is not the best, and I see most people on Peloton platforms complain about them. Most have replaced the touchscreens for the newer models, mainly because they won’t take recent technological advancements on Peloton.

In most cases, the first generation is on the oldest Peloton bikes. And the older the bike is, the more worn out it may appear. Unless the bike is well-maintained and the cost sufficient for the tablet replacement, consider a newer model.

Ask the right questions when buying a used Peloton bicycle

A great post is available on the Peloton subreddit about buying a used Peloton bicycle. This includes the questions you should ask before paying for the bike.

  • What year the bike was made?
  • How can you identify which generation of the Peloton? The model number at the back of your monitor. Here’s a quick and easy way to identify the Peloton generation.
    • Gen 1 displays QUARTZ on its monitor.
    • The monitor for Generation 2 Peloton bikes has RB1V1.
    • The monitor for Generation 3 Peloton bikes has RB1VQ.
  • How many owners did the bike have? If there are many, you probably don’t need that bike. It’s not clear what it has been through.
  • How many people use the bike at home and how many rides have they combined?
  • You might also want to inquire if there have been any repairs.

Which One Should You Take: Peloton Bike or Bike Plus?

Peloton has two bike options, the standard Peloton bike, and the bike plus. The bike plus has better technological advancements than the Peloton bike. For example, the touchscreen is larger, at 24 inches, and with a faster processor. In addition, the resistance is both manual and digital, with an auto-follow option where you preset the resistance range.

However, it is more expensive and more challenging to get. It is the most recent version and only came to the market in late 2020. However, if you get one, it is likely to cost approximately $2000. The new bike goes for $2495.

The standard Peloton bike is, however, more popular and cheaper. The current price is $1495, but you can also get a used model for around $1000.

If you’re looking for a budget bike, the standard Peloton bike is your best option. The bike plus is a great option if you are looking for a used, reasonably new Peloton bike.

What should you spend?

Peloton recently reduced the price of an original bike from $149 to $1499. It is not unusual to see used Pelotons for much more than what they are worth.

Used Peloton Bikes are sometimes still listed for far more than they are worth

My personal limit is $1,100, but I’d prefer to find one under $1,000 that is in excellent condition. It is possible, provided you are patient and responsive to any new offers as they become available.

What are you getting when you buy a Peloton used bike?

It all depends on the items that the seller includes. Many of the listings that I found on the Facebook Peloton Sell Trade Group included the same items that we received with our “The Works” package when we purchased our bike. These items include the headphones, heart rate monitors, shoes, and bike mat.

Do used Peloton bikes come with Peloton Digital?

Peloton customer support helped me to log in to the Peloton used bike that I was interested in buying. Since I already had an account, I decided to log in to the new bike by using my profile.

Wrong. Every bike comes with its own key and a subscription.

Even though I already own a bike, I pay $39.99 for my subscription. This gives me Peloton digital as an “extra” add-on. However, I would need to purchase a second subscription for another bike. If I purchased a used Peloton or a new one, this would apply.

How to activate an old Peloton bike

As I said, I believed that my current subscription could be used to purchase a Peloton bike I was interested in. After speaking with Peloton support I learned that I would need a “key” in order to activate my used Peloton bicycle.

If you are considering buying a used Peloton bicycle like I did, remember that once you have it home you can’t just plug it in and go. To activate your bike, you will need to first call or chat with Peloton Support.

Is it possible for the seller to transfer their prepaid membership credit to me?

Yes. At the seller’s option, they can transfer prepaid membership credit to you. Please have them [email protected] both parties’ rider names or email addresses.

What’s better? A brand new or an used Peloton bike?

What do you think I did? Was it worth saving a few hundred dollars to buy the used bike that I found on Facebook Marketplace. Was it a smart decision to purchase a used Peloton bicycle? No.

So I bought a new bike plus. Why? There are a few reasons.

Pros and Cons to buying a new Peloton bicycle over buying one used

First, because I blog a lot about Peloton, it was important that I have the Bike+. I want to be able to review it and share its pros, cons and other details, just like I did about my first bike.

This is a link that will take you to all my Peloton-related content.

Remember how I said that a Peloton used bike doesn’t come with a warranty? I ended up deciding that I _did_want a warranty.

You can buy something on Facebook for $100 and not have a warranty. It’s a completely different story if you spend more than 1,000 dollars.

To buy a second-hand bike, I had to drive it to the shop. I drove my car. With my husband, we lift it and transport it to the car.

What if it breaks when I take it from the seller’s house? I didn’t want the hassle. Peloton will deliver the bike to your home if you buy it.

Fourth, I was able to pay securely. You can either pay with your credit card, or finance the Peloton bike using Affirm. You are giving money to someone else when you purchase a used Peloton bicycle. This doesn’t feel very secure unless you know the person.

Not only are you spending more on the bike overall but also the waiting time for delivery. The Bike Plus was purchased in February. The delivery date for the bike plus was April 2. If I had bought a second-hand bike, it would have been delivered the following day.

Overall thoughts about whether to buy a Peloton used bike or a new one

What would you do if you were in my position? What would you do if you had the option to save money and buy a used Peloton bike? Even if that meant moving the bike yourself and invalidating the warranty? Or would you choose to buy new?

To save $100, get a referral code if you decide to buy new. You should definitely take advantage of the Peloton Referral Program.

Ask your friends who are Pelotons to share theirs. It is valid in the United States, Canada, and the UK. This code saves money on accessories, but not the bike.

Did I leave out any tips or tricks for those who have bought used? Let me know if you have any questions.

Finally, since we bought a new bike, I am going to review my experience with bike delivery, including how long it took me to get my new Peloton.

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