Peloton Service Plans: Everything You Need to Know About

You can train day in and out with confidence when you add extra protection to your Peloton product.

Peloton original product owners may be eligible for an optional service plan that will provide additional protection after the 12-month limited warranty expires. Peloton service plans may be purchased simultaneously with your Peloton product, up to 12 months after product arrival in stores or by calling 833-821-0099.

These are the prices you can pay for Peloton service plan plans:

Product12-Month Extension24 Months Total Coverage27-Month Extension39 Months Total Coverage

A single service appointment, without a plan, might run more than $250, including parts depending on what type of repair is being done.

Service Plan Coverage

Peloton service plans cover:

  • All labor and parts for covered repairs (nodeductible).

  • Protection against mechanical and electrical breakdowns. Failures due to normal wear and tear and power surges.

  • Repairs performed by certified Peloton Technicians using genuine Peloton parts.

  • The Peloton Member Support team manages your claims quickly and efficiently.

  • Replacement of your Peloton item, including shipping costs, if it is not repairable.

Peloton service plans do not cover:

  • Product appearance damaged.

  • Any cosmetic parts or defects, such as paint, plastic or scratches, chips or rust.

  • Unintentional damage caused by handling, such as drops, spills or tip-overs.

For more information, please refer to your plan’s Terms and Conditions.

How to Request Service

  1. Contact us: Chat with us or call us at 833-821-0099. We are available 7 days a semaine, 9am-9pm ET.
  2. Show proof of purchase: Keep your Peloton product receipt and serial number along with your order confirmation for your service plan.
  3. Get support: Our team will work with you to resolve your concerns and schedule a time and date that suits your schedule for a Peloton-authorized technician service visit.

Service Plan Terms and Conditions

You can find the full Terms and Conditions of your service agreement here .

Frequently Asked Question

Which items are eligible to receive Peloton service plans

Service plans are available for all new Bike, Tread, and Guide units purchased in Canada.

I have previously purchased a Peloton product. Can I still buy a Peloton service package?

You can still purchase a Peloton service package for Bike, Bike+, Tram, or Guide as long as you remain the original owner. This is up to 12 months from the date of your original Peloton product delivery.

How can I buy a Peloton service package?

You can purchase the service plan concurrently with your Peloton products or for up to 12 months after product deliveries in stores. Or by calling 833-821 0099 .

When does Peloton’s service plan coverage start?

Once the 12-month manufacturer’s limited warranty expires, coverage takes effect.

How much does the Peloton service package extend my coverage?

Peloton offers extended 12-month and 27-month warranties for the 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. This extends to 24 months, or 39 months total coverage. Some components, such as the Bike/Tread frame, have a longer warranty from the manufacturer and are not covered by additional coverage.

What is the Peloton service package?

Peloton service plans provide the same coverage as your manufacturer’s limited warranty, but for an extended time period. They also include surge protection after your manufacturer’s limited warranty ends. The following benefits are covered:

  • Genuine Peloton replacement parts

  • Peloton-authorized Technicians

  • On-site Service

  • Support and management direct from Peloton

  • $0 Deductible

Do I need to register my service plan or purchase a Peloton product?

Registering is easy. After your product is delivered, the Service Plan Terms and Conditions will be sent to you by email. Keep your product receipt and confirmation email for future reference.

Can my Peloton service package be transferred to another owner if my product is sold or gifted?

The service plan cannot be transferred and covers only the original purchaser of the Covered Product.

Will my Peloton plan cover me if my location changes within my country?

Peloton service plans are still valid as long as the product is not damaged during your move, and the location where Peloton has service plans available.

Will my Peloton plan cover me if we move to another country?

Peloton service plans are only available in the country/territory you purchased your Peloton product, as described in your Terms and Condition.

Is it possible to purchase a Peloton plan for a second owner?

Peloton service plans can only be purchased by the original purchaser of a Peloton product.

Will I be covered if my receipt proving I bought a Peloton service package is lost?

Yes. Simply contact Peloton at833-821 0099 and provide your name and telephone number under which you purchased the product. We’ll be able locate your proof of purchase.

Can I make a claim with my Peloton service?

We will only cover claims up to the original price paid for the product. If you bought a bike for $1,895 but the repair costs were $320, you’ll have $1,575 left for future claims.

Does the service plan apply to attachments and accessories purchased from third parties?

Peloton components still have a warranty, provided that the failure was not due to a 3rd-party accessory or installation of a third party accessory.

What is the difference between Peloton’s 3rd-party coverage and Peloton’s service plan?

Peloton’s service program includes genuine replacement parts and service by Peloton-authorized technicians. There is no reimbursement or third-party communication.

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