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The Peloton Rowing Machine Could Be the Next Big Thing: Is it coming?

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Rumours of Peloton rowing machines have been floating around since 2019, and they are still circulating. A Peloton insider claimed that one piece of equipment was in process and had a codename Mazu. This name suggests a Chinese water goddess.

The good news is that we now know more about Peloton’s plans for a rower. Thanks to the Android features embedded on the Peloton App, we can now confirm the rumor. There’s more.

Peloton Rowing Machine

Peloton never made a formal announcement that they would release a rowing device. There is still hope that this could happen.

There are a few signs that Peloton may consider a rowing machine to be its next equipment. Let’s take a look at these tips.

Peloton Rower Tips on Peloton Android App

Peloton recently updated its Android app. This token was provided, even though it is not everyone’s cup of tea to update apps on their smartphones and gadgets. Version 1.0.331270 included updates that included instructions to use an indoor rowing machine.

It contained instructions for the following four-stroke positions on a boater:

  • Start position for the stroke: You need to sit tall with your back straight and your arms straight. The knees should be slightly higher than the ankles.
  • For the drive position, you will be tall enough to sit on the rower with your back straight and your arms straight. The knees should be slightly higher than the ankles, just as in the starting position.
  • You will be able to sit straight with your arms straight in the final position. Your knees should be slightly higher than your ankles, as usual.
  • The recovery position is the final step in the stroke recovery process. The recovery position of the stroke is to sit tall on the rower. Your arms should be straight and your back should be straight. Your knees will be slightly higher than your knees.

These instructions are not intended for a tread or a bike. The rower is the best-suited of all the gym equipment. There are also a few mentions made of the name rower.

The in-app text continues without any explanations and contains a difficult-to-understand has decoded the meaning of the texts using a Caesar Cipher. They are the? Just Ride? They represent the? Just Ride? and? Just Run?? options. There are two options for the tread and Peloton bike, but this time it is for another piece.

The equipment was assigned two codes: Caesar and Mazu. They are probably looking forward to the best name for the rower, I imagine. Or, perhaps the? Just Ride? Rower feature name.

Despite this obvious indication, Peloton management insists it is an interesting guess but they have yet to come up for new equipment.

Peloton Advert

Peloton announced in July a job opening in their Peloton Connected devices department. Unfortunately, the job posting was deleted before it could be seen by many people. A stolen excerpt shows that Peloton had mentioned three pieces of equipment around which the job would revolve: treads, bikes, and rowers.

Although all the guesses are just guesses without any Peloton support, this advertisement was actually from Peloton. It was obvious that Peloton had a rower in its arsenal.

These are other indications that Peloton may be interested in a rower:

Peloton Rowing Machine Could be Next on Line

Everyone hoped that the next bike plus would be a rowing machine with the tread, and the bike already in stock. This was however a disappointment as Peloton introduced a new, better bike to the market.

Then came the announcement of a cheaper tread. This was not a surprise. Today, you can buy a tread for as low as $2495, and it doesn’t cost more than $4000.

It is quite disappointing for rowers who are Peloton aficionados.

What triggered people’s belief that Peloton would eventually release a rower?

John Foley’s Announcement in 2018

John Foley, Peloton’s CEO, announced that Peloton would bring some new equipment to market. Unfortunately for those who were hopeful, the bike plus was not released. The Peloton tread plus was the next to be released.

Jill Woolworth, however, did not deny that the machine was a rower when she was asked about it after the bike plus.

Peloton’s Mystery Studio

Peloton offers one studio for each workout. The tread and bike studios must be able to accommodate the two, despite the brand new bike. The workouts are the exact same regardless of the tread or bike you use.

Peloton also owns a yoga studio, in addition to the tread workout studios and the bike. Peloton has yet to bring to light another studio. It could be elliptical but the rower is most likely to have all the points that are relevant to it.

The Rowing Machine Patent

Tonic Exercise Technology has been manufacturing Peloton equipment, from the bike to tread plus. The company applied for a patent on a rowing machine, which was thankfully granted.

A patent application is a lengthy and expensive process. This is why it should only be done by serious companies. Peloton is the owner of the company so it could be that the rower in this process is a Peloton. is another website you may have heard of. This website is not yet in use. It redirects users to the official Peloton site. Towing?row is the name of the website. There are rumors that it could be the site for the Peloton rower.

Pressure from Potential Customers

Peloton rower rumors have been generating excitement and heat. This is a sign that it is a marketable piece for Peloton. Peloton is not for everyone. It would be a great way to increase fanbase and business if they could get a low-intensity workout like a rower.

After all, if Peloton doesn’t take up this opportunity, others are. Actually, they already are, using the advantage over the Peloton. Peloton has the upper hand due to the live and on-demand classes, and it knows it. Does it want sole reign in its fans’ gyms? Who doesn’t! So, who knows, it could just utilize the opportunity even when they did not have it in mind.

Insider Rumours

Remember the insider rumor that I mentioned earlier? Peloton was building a piece new equipment and there was a tip about Mazu. It is a Chinese term that refers to the water, and the equipment that looks like a piece of indoor water equipment is the rower.

Some claim that Peloton staff members tipped them off to the possibility of a rower. Fans are hopeful, even though this rumor is still a possibility due to the fact that the two related equipment were released while the rower was still being manufactured.

Rowing machines from other companies

I love my Concept 2 Rower because it’s a low-impact cardio machine that she can use whenever she’s not able to get to the gym.

Peloton is not the only manufacturer that makes rowers. There are many other manufacturers that produce highly-rated rowers.

When my daughter was looking for a rower, almost everyone I spoke to recommended the concept 2 rower. The Concept 2 rower has many benefits.

It breaks down into smaller pieces. If you wish to bring it along on vacation, you can keep it in your car. You can also store it under your mattress.

It’s also relatively affordable for high-quality cardio equipment. These rowers can be purchased on Amazon for around $1,000. These rowers are relatively inexpensive, as I mentioned. Remember, however, that you only get what you pay when you buy exercise equipment.

Amazon has a Concept 2 Rower for sale

Three, I mentioned Amazon. You can order the Concept 2 Rower from Amazon and it will be delivered right to your door with free shipping. You don’t need to coordinate with logistics companies like the Peloton bikes.

Let me repeat that I had no problems with XPO Logistics when I bought my Bike Plus.

You can actually find many brands of rowers on Amazon if you don’t want to wait for one from Peloton. Echelon, Cityrow are also available.

Hydrow machine

A smart rower with touch screen and classes is already available. This is the Hydrow machine.

Hydrow’s own hotel finder was the reason I began writing about it. It’s actually the reason I started writing about Hydrow when I realized that Hydrow had its own hotel finder option.Note : Many of these hotels are also Peloton hotels.

Hydrow promotions are available until Memorial Day.

Hydrow has also been invested by celebrities. Hydrow has attracted the attention of celebrities like Kevin Hart, Lizzo, and Justin Timberlake.

Final Thoughts

Peloton has yet to confirm this. It may be the next big thing for Peloton, however, as it was upgraded both of Peloton’s equipment. Let’s wait and see if the air clears.

Even if Peloton does not plan to row, the pressure is already too great. It is what their fans want and it will be a good business decision to satisfy their customers. It is exciting to see this happen!

I hope you found these reasonable options to get a cardio workout in before the new rower is released. We don’t know when the Peloton rower is due to be released in 2022.

However, I believe I have done a fair job explaining how the app can be used for bootcamp classes with any piece of cardio equipment that you may own or use at a fitness center. If I have missed something, let me know.