Stay on Your Feet: Peloton's Standing Classes for a Full-Body Workout

I wrote my first article about standing classes on Peloton in the Summer 2021. Why? Because I had broken my wrist and fallen. This meant I could not do traditional strength training classes and hold weights in my hands. Core classes on the floor were also impossible for me.

Fortunately, I was already doing the Hardcore on the Floor calendar of strength training workouts. Are you unfamiliar with Hardcore on The Floor? Check out my review.

However, a part of the Hardcore on the Floor Facebook Group contained files of the Peloton standing core courses. These files were immediately downloaded by me. These were life-savers for me during the many weeks that I was without a cast on my right arm. With no restrictions, I was able do core and ab classes every day. You can find the link to this Facebook group at end of post.

Peloton standing classes are still being asked about by people so I decided to write about them as well as other standing core classes that don’t require any equipment. That would be the Peloton standing Yoga.

What are the core classes of Peloton standing?

These core classes sound exactly like they sound. As you work your core, you will be standing. You can’t do sit-ups, crunches or planks.

Don’t discount standing classes just because you are standing. You’ll get a great abdominal and oblique workout.

The majority of Peloton’s core classes for standing are Rebecca Kennedy classes at the moment. One class is available On Demand from Becs Gentry. It is a core class of 15 minutes, and all stands up.

How to locate Peloton standing classes

These standing core and yoga classes can be found in a few ways. These suggestions make up the majority of the Peloton platform. Facebook is the last place to look for ideas.

Find specific classes of Peloton

First, use the Peloton search feature. This blog post explains how search works.

When I searched for “standing”, I was able to find all the standing Peloton yoga classes. It was amazing. It was amazing.

However, I did also get all the Stacking Stuffer classes during the holidays. The search algorithm seems to see “standing” and “stacking as one word. Keep that in mind.

Instructors who teach core classes in Peloton standing

Second, look for core classes where instructors are familiar with the standing classes. As I mentioned, Rebecca Kennedy, a Peloton instructor, teaches almost all of the standing core classes. Becs Gentry also offers a single core class.

The class preview will usually show you if there is standing core work. For example, I searched for Strength classes on the Peloton website. Next, I filtered by instructor Rebecca Kennedy and class type (core). It was easy to see which classes were standing core classes as I scrolled through all the results.

Actually, Rebecca Kennedy and I discovered two new core Peloton workouts. These are available from 1/3/22 to 2/14/22. They are both quick and easy to add to your stack in five minutes.

Hardcore on the Floor List of Standing Classes

You can also join the HCOTF facebook group. Once you have done so, you will be able to access the files of the core Peloton Peloton standing classes.

There are actually two standing class files. The first contains a list listing all standing classes on Pelotoncore, yoga, and barre. You can also stack your classes by linking to the Peloton website.

Learn more about how to stack Peloton Classes here.

According to HCOTF’s most current standing core class file, Rebecca Kennedy currently has eight core classes. Seven of the eight core classes are 10 minutes long and one is five minutes.

Becs Gentry core classes

As of right now, there is only one core class in Becs Gentry. It takes 15 minutes.

Nevertheless, the Hardcore on the Floor file was crucial in locating this class. The class didn’t show up when I searched Peloton using the keywords core, 15 minutes and Becs. But, if I removed the core option and searched by her name under strength, the class was found. It will be available starting January 26, 2021.

Peloton standing yoga classes

The Peloton standing yoga classes can be found under “Yoga Anywhere.” They are meant to be done anywhere, without any equipment or props. A mat is not necessary.

Chair yoga classes are another type of class offered by Yoga Anywhere. These yoga classes are great for seniors and anyone recovering from injuries. For those who want to keep their Peloton streak alive but don’t have the time or are unable to go to the gym. When my husband was on business trips, he started chair yoga in his hotel room.

How to locate Peloton standing yoga

Concerning the Peloton standing yoga classes, you can access them via the Peloton app or website, as well as the Peloton channel on Roku TV. Yoga classes can be accessed via your Peloton bike.

These are the steps to get you to where you want. Choose Yoga from the classes. Next, select Yoga Anywhere using the filter. Then, you will see both Standing Yoga as well as Chair Yoga classes.

Standing yoga is more challenging than chair yoga, I’ll admit. Standing yoga requires a good sense of balance. It’s a good idea either to have a chair near you or to do your standing yoga next to a wall. You want something to hold on to if you get wobbly.

Who teaches standing yoga to Peloton?

It seems that each Peloton yoga instructor teaches at least one standing class. As I was writing this article, I discovered the following standing yoga classes:

  • Mariana Fernandez
  • Anna Greenberg
  • Kristin McGee
  • Kirra Michel
  • Denis Morton
  • Ross Rayburn
  • Chelsea Jackson Roberts
  • Nico Sarani
  • Aditi Shah

It’s amazing that standing yoga classes are available in many languages. These include Spanish with Mariana Fernandez and German with Nico Sarani, a Peloton instructor.

This is my review about the Peloton Yoga classes.

Peloton standing barre classes

You probably picture yourself standing at a barre barre when you think of taking a barre class. This is how barre classes have been traditionally run.

Peloton barre classes require that you work on the floor. Except for Hanna Corbin’s class, that is. It’s a standing barre class and will be available starting February 22, 2021.

A recent Ally Love barre class was posted to the HCOTF calendar. I believe we were all standing the entire time. It’s the Ally Love barre class for 15 minutes starting December 29, 2021.

How to locate Peloton barre classes

Peloton’s barre classes are listed under strength, in case you didn’t know. Select strength under classes and then choose the filter to select the class type. Scroll down to barre, and start searching. FYI: This is also where you will find Peloton Pilates classes.

You would not know this was the only standing barre class. You can search for barre classes on Peloton and see a small portion of the instructor standing up.

This is my review on the Peloton barre classes.

Last thoughts on Standing Pilates Classes in Core, Yoga, and Barre

Sometimes I don’t feel like getting down on the ground to exercise. Peloton’s standing core classes are my favorite. The standing yoga options are great for me when I need to stretch and don’t want my mat, blocks or straps on.

If you have tried standing classes, let me know what you think. They are something I hope Peloton instructors will continue to include. Here’s a link to HCOTF’s Facebook group

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