Best Rowing Machine of the Year: NordicTrack vs Hydrow vs Ergatta

With each connected product, it becomes easier to build your own home gym. We want to make sure you are informed about which products are available and what type of fitness technology is available. The rower is a popular fitness machine that has recently gained popularity due to its low-impact training and storage. To help you compare the rowers, we have compared several premium brands such as Hydrow and CITYROW to show where they differ. We’ll start with
NordicTrackvs. Hydrow and then go.

The home rowing team

We will be comparing five related fitness brands, similar to the mirror fitness comparison. Each product fits into the same category: an at-home rowing device.

These products are diverse in appearance, features, and accessories. Each product will be broken down, but we have also included all details in a complete chart below.

Hydrow Rower

The fitness company has a single product offering: the Hydrow rower. The Hydrow rower’s elegant design and patent drag mechanism give you the feeling of being on water.

Hydrow’s 22 inch HD touchscreen is the largest, giving you a better view from different angles. Hydrow has some of the most innovative content options, including live classes with instructors who are actually out on the water. You can also choose to go unguided and row along scenic waterways at your own pace, called “Journeys”.

Hydrow is the only machine that comes with accessories such as a yoga block, resistance bands, and a mat. Hydrow rower is our most expensive at $2,295 (before tax), and also charges the highest monthly fees for content. Standard shipping is included in your purchase so you can save money.

Hydrow pros

Design is sleek, large touchscreen, innovative content, accessories, and shipping included in purchase. First time customers only.

Hydrow cons

The most expensive equipment, monthly fee, and additional equipment required to store Hydrow upright, the heaviest machine.

Ergatta Rower

Ergatta is the timeless craftsman, while the Hydrow rower represents the modern space-age design. The cherry wood frame is a perfect example of the home decor design. This rower, at 500 lbs, can support most of the weight we have on the list.

Ergatta’s lone offering can support tall rowers with a maximum 40 inch inseam, or 6'8 inches. Ergatta used the traditional water resistance method of rowing but it is not the most heavy.

The Ergatta’s competitive gaming approach is what makes it unique and fascinating. The workouts are focused on achieving goals within a program as well as racing and intervals. This is the second-most expensive rower, at $2199 before taxes and fees. You will also need to pay $199 for delivery, but this includes assembly.

Ergatta pros

Beautiful wood design, gaming-inspired contents, highest weight and maximum height, 30-day return policy with full refund.

Ergatta cons

Small touchscreen, expensive, delivery/assembly fees.

NordicTrack RW900

NordicTrack, unlike the other two rowers is a well-established fitness brand with a wide range of machines. We chose to compare the RW900, which is the highest-tier NordicTrack rower above the RW500 or RW700.

The chart below shows that the RW900 ticks many boxes in the rower category. The price is the most important. The RW900, while the highest offering from NordicTrack is still the most affordable at $1599. Customers also receive a family membership to iFit for a year and all its workout content. This is a savings of just below $400

The 22-inch HD touchscreen on this NordicTrack rower is similar to the Hydrow rower’s, but it is more compact. This rower is compact in size and can be stored away. Nordictrack will deliver your boat to your home at $199 per threshold. Then, you are on your own for assembly.

Before you buy the RW900, make sure you read the entire article.

NordicTrack pros

iFit Membership for 1-year is the most affordable. It includes access to iFit’s extensive content library, smallest storage footprint and digital and magnetic resistance (no need to drink).

NordicTrack cons

Heavy equipment, low weight limit, and lowest height limit. High shipping/restocking fees are applicable for returns.


CITYROW’s GO Max rower is based on the machines found in a CITYROW classroom throughout the US. CITYROW has developed its own rower and brand it to bring its class to you.

It is a sturdy home rower that has water resistance and offers a variety of workout options. These include strength, yoga, and Kinstretch (we had too look that up).

The CITYROW GONE Max ranks in the middle of pack for specs. The CITYROW GO Max offers two major perks: free shipping and a 30-day return period for a full refund. This might ease some cost anxiety as the rower is priced at $2195. This rower is $5 cheaper than the Ergatta.


Low monthly fees, sweat-resistant touchscreen, delivery included, and 30-day return policy.


Additional accessories not included in the pricey, smaller content library.

LIT Method Strength Machine

The Strength machine from LIT Method is last but not least. This rower is not foldable, but it has the versatility to compensate. The machine comes equipped with handles, straps and resistance bands that can be used for a variety of exercises, both on the machine and off.

At 89 lbs, it is the lightest of the rowers on the list. This means that it can be moved around more easily and stored upright with water in the resistance tank. Lit Strength not only increases strength but also provides it. It can hold up to 400 pounds. It can support up to 400 lbs. and a rower as tall as 6'8".

This is the second-cheapest rower we have, at $1,750 including taxes. The $24/month charge for workout content is the lowest and includes the first three months of free. The delivery fee is $12 per month in the USA.

This rower is the only one on the list that doesn’t have a touchscreen. You will need to use your phone or tablet to view your class. Before you buy, make sure you are ready to go LIT. Returns will cost you $400.

LIT Strength Machine pros

Equipment and membership affordable, three months free to start, a variety of classes, accessories, lightest machine, low delivery fees.

LIT Strength Machine cons

You will need to provide a large footprint and a tablet or phone number in order to view the content. There is a hefty charge for returns.

Rumours about Peloton rowers

Peloton rumors of a rower have circulated for almost a year and heated up during the brand’s rapid growth during the pandemic.

Reddit user r/pelotoncycle found an image last July of Ben Aldis, a trainer, using a rowing machinein what appears to be a Peloton studio. Although there wasn’t much information available at the time, rumors arose that Peloton was planning to have rowers in Studio 3 at its new headquarters in Hudson Commons, Manhattan.

Image of a potential Peloton Rower (unconfirmed)

Fortunemagazine revived the rumor mill in February by mentioning , a rower that was spotted at Peloton’s research-and-development lab. We have seen images and reports about a possible rowing machine from Peloton, but it remains speculation until Peloton confirms.

John Foley, Peloton CEO, has mentioned that there was a lot of “crazy stuff” taking place at the R&D factory . This includes a device for the strength category. However, Foley never specifically mentioned a rower.

Comparison chart: NordicTrack, Hydrow, Ergatta and many more

Hydrow Rower

Ergatta Rower

NordicTrack RW900


Lit Method Strength Machine







Monthly Fee


$29/month, $290/year

1 Year iFit Family Membership Included ($396/year thereafter).


3 Months Included ($24.99/month thereafter).

Equipment dimensions (in use)

86’’ L x 25’’ W x47’’ H

86” Lx23" Wx40" H

86.5’’ L x 22.0’’ W x 504’’ H

83.5" Lx22.25"Wx20"H

84’" L x 21’’ W x19’’ H

Equipment dimensions (stored)

25’’ Wx33’’ Dx86’’ H

86" Lx23" Wx22.5" H

36.2’’ D x 22.0’’ W x 50.4’’ H

20" D x 22.25’ W x 83.5 " H

19’’ Lx21’’ Wx84’’ H


145 lbs.

103 lbs.

131 lbs.

98 lbs.

89 lbs.

Touchscreen size

22’’ Rotating HD touchscreen

17.3" HD touchscreen

22’’ Rotating HD touchscreen

19.5" Sweat-resistant touchscreen

N/A - You must have your own smartphone or tablet


Water is life

Rows unguided





Strength training

(Game-inspired content)

Training based on goals

Training in intervals



Open row

Studio sessions

Rowing around the world


Strength training









Cardio + core


Mat Strength

Rowing with x strength

Mat barre


Partner class


Ab laboratory



Capacity to support user weight

350 lbs.

500 lbs.

250 lbs.

375 lbs.

400 lbs.

User height limit

36" inseam

(about 6’ 6’')

40’’ inseam (about 6'8’')

4’ 10’’ - 6’ 5''

39’’ inseam (6’ 7’’).

40’’ inseam (about 6'8’')

Type of resistance

Computer-controlled resistance that is responsive and dynamic

Water resistance

Digital and physical resistance

Water resistance

Water resistance

Bluetooth connectivity

Most devices

Most devices

Most devices

Most devices


Accessories included

Exercise mat

Yoga blocks





1 Pair handles

2 pairs 15 lb resistance bands

1 Pair ankle cuffs

1 tablet holder


Standard shipping includes

$199 (includes assembly)

$199 Threshold delivery


Flat rate of $12

Return policy

30-day full refund for first-time online customers

All other orders eligible for free shipping within 14 days

Full refund within 30 days

30 days with $250 shipping fee + possible return fee

Full refund within 30 days

14-day return policy with $400 restocking fee


5-year frame and storage kit

1 year parts and labour

5-year frame, 3-year parts, 1-year tablet

10-year period

Parts for 2 years

1-year labor

5-year frame, 3-year parts, 1-year tablet

5-year period

Parts for 3 years

*** - Vertical storage available with an upright storage kit, sold separately.

Comparison of rowers: NordicTrack Vs. Hydrow Vs. Ergatta vs. CITYROW Method

Each rower is similar but each one is unique, so it can be difficult to decide which rower you want. The chart below shows the details of each rower. It should make the differences clearer.

These rowers can be divided into two price groups. Hydrow, Ergatta and the CITYROW GO Max are available at the higher end of the price range ($2,100 and up). You can also get the NordicTrack RW900 or LIT Method Strength Machine at a fraction of the price.

Both options are cheaper and include a one-year or three-month membership, respectively. You can also save money by purchasing equipment.

Although the Hydrow and Ergatta rowers are the most visually appealing, it might not be enough for some customers to justify their high costs. Each rower has their own unique benefits, including in terms of their workout options.

The NordicTrack W900 is probably the best option for value, quality, and content. You really can’t go wrong and it is easy to make a decision based on your fitness priorities.

This information can be used to help you make an informed decision about your rower purchase.

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