How to Take Care of Your Peloton Bike for Long-term Use [Ultimate Guide]

Many people have reached out to me for help with maintaining their Peloton bikes. Many people had read my How to Clean a Peloton article, but they wanted more. They wanted to learn about maintenance and how to fix a peloton bike that is making a loud noise.

First, I reached out the Peloton maintenance representative. He helped me answer common questions about maintaining a Peloton bicycle. I then did some research on any other maintenance or management questions about your Peloton. This article is the end of it. I hope that you find it useful.

Peloton bikes and bike plus can be quite expensive if you really think about it. It is important to maintain your expensive workout equipment. If you don’t maintain your equipment, disappointment will be your worst nightmare.

Maintenance of peloton bikes is one of the easiest tasks you can do for any exercise equipment. So, don’t worry if you are worried. Do you want to know the easy steps to make this happen? Would you be willing to stick with me?

It is important to treat your bike as delicate equipment. Let’s now get down to the basics of maintaining a Peloton bicycle.

We will take care of the maintenance so that each point is addressed correctly.

Let’s get started by giving you an overview of how to care for your bike. A Peloton doesn’t have a chain. You don’t need to oil your chain if you are used to maintaining a road, mountain, or outdoor bike.

Magnetic resistance is what powers the Peloton. You’ll find two brake-like calipers if you look under the water bottle holder and on the flywheel. You’ll also notice the red light blinking from this area. These calipers hold magnets that move closer to the flywheel if you increase the resistance.

Consider Investing in a Bike Mat

Although a peloton or plus bike does not include a mat, it is essential for equipment maintenance. Why?

Moreover, the dirt, debris, and dust often on bare floors and carpets will affect your bike. It will get into the chain and other delicate parts, which could cause damage.

A carpet is the best accessory to welcome your bike home, and it should be the first.

Place the bike in a place that is at least 60 cm from the ground.

As a safety precaution, ensure that the ground is level.

Concentrate on Setting up Your Bike Correctly

Why is this a Peloton bike maintenance requirementThis will ensure safe workouts and prevent injury during workouts.

After placing your bike on its mat ensure it is stable and not rocking. To ensure stability, the bike has leveling feet that you can remove.

The seat height and depth should be adjusted, followed by the height of the handlebars. Next, tighten the Allen wrench to ensure that all bolts are securely seated.

Install the screen or the bike plus. Be sure to keep it packed separately to avoid damage.

Done? This is the first step in maintaining your peloton bike.

Cleaning the Bike to Maintain Smooth Surface

Let me rewind. Remember how Peloton bike maintenance is the easiest to do? The maintenance process is now a breeze.

Let’s get to work cleaning the bike.

Use a damp towel or cloth to wipe the bike after every ride. Start with the handlebars. Next, move onto the frame. Finally, move onto the seat and wheels. This is a daily activity so it won’t take too much time when you do a Peloton workout. This is also to prevent dirt and dust from building up.

Before and after any workout, ensure that the bike/bike plus is securely locked. This will prevent any accidental bike falls, regardless of whether you are in the room or not.

For a thorough clean, add a mild laundry detergent to the water after a week. The solution can be dipped in an electronic wipe, and then
wipe your Peloton screen during your bike workout.

Use the solution to clean a cloth.

Make sure the pedals are in good condition and tighten any loose bolts. Take a closer look at the frame and tighten any loose parts. The seat should be parallel to the ground at the height and depth that you prefer.

Do a Regular Brake Check-Up to Avoid Friction?

The resistance knob in Peloton acts as a brake. The bike will stop if you only press the knob down while you pedal less. Even if you don’t use the brake often, it is important to ensure that it is functional for safety and maintenance.

To stop the bike, you should always press the resistance knob down. This is the best way to ensure that the bike is not in active mode.

The bike should stop immediately after you have pressed the resistance knob. If the bike does not stop immediately, you can contact Peloton for assistance. They will always be available.

Check Up on the Bike Frame

Spend a little more time every month on your bike’s frame or bike plus. Take a closer look after the regular cleaning. To avoid injury from a damaged area, you can gently feel it with your hands. It should be smooth. If it is not, you might notice signs of wear.

Make sure bolt connections are tight. To correct this, use the Allen wrench on your bike.

The Pedals Already Wearing Out?

You may notice that your pedals have worn out after a year of riding your bike or bike plus. It’s not your fault.

Your pedals will last one year if you clip your shoes well and use the correct cycling shoes .

As part of maintenance, they should be replaced every year. Remember that the parts
warranty does not cover pedals. Your parts warranty is only valid if you replace your Peloton pedals. You will lose your warranty if you use any other brand of pedals.

Do Not Use Bike Parts from another Bike or Vice Versa

Do you own a road bike, or an indoor bike that you only use occasionally? You should not use the parts of your bike to replace broken parts on your peloton bike. However, you should not borrow parts from your other bike and then return them. What’s the deal?

You may have to use parts that are not intended for your bike, and you might have to strain to fit them. You could endanger the installation. You could also damage the point of installation if you borrow a Peloton part. This will result in damage to the bike component.

Finally, Always Keep the Bike Environment Dry and Clean

Peloton bikes can only be used indoors. They are therefore more susceptible to moisture, dust, and debris. Make sure your bike or bike plus stays indoors. If you need to take it out, return it quickly.

You should also ensure that indoor conditions are favorable. To prevent sun damage, the bike must be kept dry and away from windows.

Final Thoughts

Peloton bike or bike plus maintenance? Being indoor fitness bikes, Peloton bikes are easier to maintain than outdoor bikes. However, ensuring that you set them up gently and correctly and cleaning them when necessary give your bike extended durability. On top of that, always keep the bike in a dry place, and you will be surprised at how impressive the service will be.

What is the red blinking light at the Peloton?

When I first got off my bike to stretch I saw the blinking red light at the flywheel. It was a warning light, and I thought it was an indication that something was not right.

It’s not. It’s just the resistance sensor on your bike’s flywheel. The blinking red light indicates that the bike “communicates” with the wheel. It’s all fine. There’s no need to be worried.

My bike’s blinking light is also red. It may look orange on yours. Again, don’t worry. This means that your bike is in great shape and running as it should.

Fun fact: You can sometimes see blinking red lights throughout the studio if you take an “before times” On Demand class.

The brakes on the Peloton are not available

So no brakes? There is no need to replace or tune up bike brakes.

The bearings are part of the Peloton flywheel. These bearings are not ball bearings like the ones you used to have on roller skates. The bearing (singular), is the center of the Peloton Flywheel, the metal wheel that spins as you move the pedals.

Bad bearings

Sometimes, a bearing can fail. Many users have posted on Reddit about being able to replace their bearings on their own after Peloton support sent a replacement bearing.

Sidebar: How can you tell if your bearing is bad? A grinding or rubbing sound will be heard. It’s not a clicking sound, but a loud noise that will wake your neighbors.

Maintain your Peloton

Maintaining a Peloton is important. Dirt, dust and even more harmful sweat shouldn’t get in your Peloton.

Many of these issues are addressed in my popular How to Clean Your Peloton post. It’s a great piece of advice that I think is worth repeating.

After every ride, wipe down your bike

The same goes for the tread. To get rid of sweat, wipe it down. Sweat = salt = rust. You’ve seen the damage road salt can do to your car’s underside. Your sweat could also corrode parts your Peloton.

Peloton suggests that you use gentle cleaners to clean your bike. They specifically state don’t use soap and water.

Use gentle cleansers

People have reported that Peloton delivery men recommend baby wipes. If it’s gentle enough to clean a baby’s bottom, then it should be gentle enough to use on a Peloton. I prefer the Wipex all-natural wipes

Use the code LEAH15 to get 15% off your Wipex order

Many people have asked whether you can use Clorox wipes while riding the Peloton. Peloton doesn’t recommend soap or water. Clorox wipes are a good option since they can be used to clean up grimy areas in your home.

I’d stick with the Wipex wiping wipes or a mild cleaner such as Mrs. Meyers. Spray the cleaner on a microfiber cloth, and wipe everything on your bike that has been sweaty.

Special cleaning for touchscreens

These cleaners should not be used on your touchscreen. Here are the instructions from Peloton for cleaning a touchscreen.

Use an approved electronic cleaner (one that is specifically designed for flat-screen LCDs, Plasmas, and other flat screens) to clean your touchscreen.

How to Clean Peloton Bike: The Best Cleaning Product

How to clean Peloton. These are the top cleaners or cleaning products I use to clean my Peloton. These include the best Peloton wipes. These wipes can be used to clean your Peloton bike and tread.

Wipex Original Natural Fitness Equipment Wipes, Lavender, Vinegar, 2 canisters, 124 Wipes They are also available in Eucalyptus fragrance.

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Get 15% off your order by using the code LEAH15 during checkout

Three scents of Wipex Natural Cleaning Wipes For Gyms&Fitness Equipment

  1. Lavender
  2. Lemongrass
  3. Watermelon

Get 15% off your order by using the code LEAH15 during checkout

Get 15% off your order by using the code LEAH15 during checkout

Sustainable Soft Touchscreen Wipes, 97% Natural Formula. This is a great way to clean your Peloton screen.

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Do not dry around metal parts

Why should you dry around metal? Because you don’t want moisture to cause corrosion.

This includes the resistance knob, pedal crank arms, and screws. Any metal object is susceptible to rust.

To maintain your Peloton, vacuum and dust it regularly

My experience is that hair and other debris build up between the plastic belt guard (technically the belt guard, since the Peloton doesn’t have a chain) and the frame of my bike. The Swiffer duster works well for getting into those places to remove the dust. You can also use a narrower nozzle head with your vacuum cleaner in these small spaces.

Clean the Peloton mat beneath your bike

My Power Zone Rides make me sweat profusely. It was so bad that I initially thought my water bottle was leaking when I first noticed it. It wasn’t. My pores were leaking sweat.

Salt from sweat isn’t as damaging to a rubber mat than it is to metal screws but you still need it to be cleaned. It keeps the mat clean and prevents it from breaking down.

You can use aftermarket products under your bike

To catch sweat, you might also want to use a towel. You can then wash the towel more often than having to clean the mat every day. These are add-ons from the aftermarket that can collect sweat under your bike, handelbars, and frame.

How to Clean Your Peloton: Products that Protect You from Sweat

Velotowel - FrameWrap for Peloton Spin Bike

Spin Bike Sweat Towel- Spintowel designed for use with PELOTON bicycles.

For maintenance between uses, shut down your Peloton

It is important to understand what your Peloton actually is: a computer. It’s a computer tablet that attaches to an extremely cool bike or treadmill. It’s still a computer.

It’s also important to turn off your smartphone and computer so that they can reset. Between every ride, we turn off the bike.

It’s like the hardware or the software getting “tired”. I know it because my phone and computer are slower to respond if it’s not shut down for a few days. As part of your Peloton maintenance make sure you shut down your computer after each use.

Peloton bike tune up

Some Peloton riders, especially those who are serious about their sport, like to keep their Pelotons in tip top shape or to follow a strict maintenance schedule. A dry, spray-on lubricant on the belt is one example of such a tune up. You will need to take off the plastic belt guard.

Tighten pedals

They like to tighten their pedals on a daily basis. According to what I have read, you should only tighten your pedals if your cleats are slipping while you’re riding and clipped in. This is a sign that your pedals may be loose.

Don’t over tighten your pedals. You may remember my story in my best Peloton accessories post about how our pedals were damaged after we bought our first bike.

We were having difficulty clipping in and out. Peloton support recommended that we tighten our pedals in order to keep our shoes clipped in.

My husband had tightened the pedals to such an extent that they broke off. As I mentioned, Peloton provided us with new pedals free of charge, since the bike was still covered by warranty.

Make sure you check your seat and cleats

Peloton suggests that you check the tightness of your pedals, seat and shoes on a monthly basis. The seat is constantly being moved by my husband and me, who both ride the Peloton. It’s not too tight for me.

I tightened my cleats using the Allen wrench or hex tool that came with my bike. After doing my remote bike fitting, Team Wilpers, I learned how best to position my cleats.

FYI: I have heard complaints from some people about a squeaking sound coming from their pedal area. This could indicate loose cleats. The dry, spray-on, lubricant can also be used to treat a squeaky shoe clip or pedal.

Calibration of a Peloton bike

Some riders report difficulty riding their Peloton over time. It frustrates them because they are becoming more fit, but their PRs are getting harder.

Try Power Zone training first. This program can make a huge difference in your fitness. You may also need to calibrate your Peloton bike.

Two years ago, we moved and I noticed a change in the way our bike felt. While 40 resistance used to be difficult, 40 resistance feels like you’re pedaling through cement. It was becoming so hard to ride my Peloton that it was not enjoyable.

I reached out to the Peloton Facebook groups regarding this topic. Bike calibration was the topic that most people discussed. It’s basically a manual reset of your bike.

Here’s a story I wrote about the process of calibrating my bike.

When you calibrate your Peloton, be careful

Be aware: Recalibrating your bike can make it more comfortable to use. Sometimes it’s too simple. It was so easy that I had to recalibrat my bike the first time. It was almost like I could crank the bike up to 60 degrees and feel the grit.

It was so easy that I tried it again. The bike was now impossible to use. It was like I couldn’t get off the 20s.

With the third calibration, we finally achieved the Goldilocks Effect. It is much more fun to ride the bike now. Although it is certainly easier than before, I have modified my riding style to reflect this.

For maintenance assistance, reach out to Peloton Support

Peloton support is something I mentioned in the beginning of this article. I had spoken with a representative while researching this post. This is the perfect time to share their tips on maintaining a Peloton.

Take care of your bike while it is under warranty

Each Peloton comes with an one-year warranty. Peloton covers all parts. That is why we received a replacement pedal when our pedals broke.

Here’s what the Peloton representative I spoke to me about the warranty.

You have the option to purchase an extended warranty. For an additional 12 month of coverage, the price is $175. The price for additional 27-months of coverage is $230. A single service appointment with no service plan can cost you more than $200, including parts depending on what type of repair.

After owning the bike for a while, I didn’t know you could purchase an extended warranty. You can learn more about the Peloton extended Warranty on the Peloton Website.

Peloton is a lot like Apple Care and Apple Care, which I found quite interesting. This is because if you don’t sign up to Apple Care at the time you buy your device, you will be SOL if it comes down to buying it later.

Pro tip: Always get Apple Care with every Apple product you purchase. Apple Care has never been a regret in my many years of using Apple products.

How to find replacement parts for the Peloton

Readers have written to me asking what to do if a bike cup holder is damaged or how to replace it. I also need to know how to get a Peloton replacement power cord, a new Peloton post, and how to get a Peloton seat post (I know that some families have different saddles to suit different riders).

Peloton was kind enough to answer my questions about this. Here’s their response:

Peloton’s live chat function and email can be used by users to notify them about maintenance issues. Peloton support email em is open to all information (pictures/videos)

The Peloton screen should be maintained

You should close your Peloton screen between uses, as I said earlier. This will allow it to reset. You should also use a cleaner designed for flat screens. Both of these are essential for maintaining a Peloton bicycle screen.

We haven’t yet addressed an older bike, but there could be another issue with the Peloton screen.

Our bike was purchased in 2016. From the color of the power buttons-red/orange, we know that it is a generation 2 bike. There are still some generation 1 screens and bikes out there with the same power button color, but they may not be functioning as well as once.

You don’t need to buy a new bike. A new Peloton tablet can be ordered for a small fee. Here is what the Peloton support representative said when I asked about this:

Call 1.866.679.9129 to arrange for the upgrade of your [screen] and they’ll get you set up.

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