Upgrade Your Peloton Experience with These Must-Have Headphones

Even the most strenuous workouts can be made exciting with headphones. Peloton is an interactive and exciting workout. You will not only be able to communicate clearly with your
instructor but also avoid distractions, allowing you to focus on your workout.

Peloton works with both Bluetooth wireless headphones as well as NFC headphones. Peloton uses Bluetooth 4.0, so the Bluetooth set must be compatible.

The best headphones will make the experience even more enjoyable. What could be better than having a list of the best headphones for Peloton already selected for you?

Best Headphones for Peloton: Bluetooth/Wireless

Here’s a list of 6 top Bluetooth headphones for Peloton compatible with Peloton. These headphones will make you fall in love.

Let’s get started with the complete review of the peloton headphones:


Apple Airpods - Best Peloton Bluetooth Headphones

The AirPods will automatically connect to your Peloton
once you connect them. This will save you time and effort connecting the AirPods to your Peloton.

The setup is also simple and takes very little time. You can also use the headphones with other Apple devices. It will be disconnected from the Peloton if you use different devices.

Siri is a feature that Apple users are familiar with. The AirPods will give you quick access to Siri and allow you to ask any questions you may have.

The H1 headphone chip, the latest Apple innovation in headphones, is also worth mentioning. It will speed up the wireless connection to your Peloton.

The Peloton wireless headphones include a charging case that you can use in your studio or. This will ensure that your battery is never low.

The audio quality is excellent and transparent. You don’t need to slow down to hear your instructor.


  • It is easy to use during workouts. Just a double-tap, and your next track will play. Or you can skip.
  • Faster connections
  • The charging case is convenient for charging convenience
  • Siri provides reliable assistance
  • Automatic connection after the first connection.


  • If you connect to another device, the automatic connection to the Peloton will stop. The connection will need to be restarted.

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JBL 120TWS - Jbl Peloton Headphones Wireless

Peloton is a fashionable sport. These Bluetooth headphones, compatible with JBL peloton compatible Bluetooth headphones, are affordable. You can have intense workouts that are more fun with various vibrant colors.

The headphones also come with a 5.8mm driver that brings out the best JBL pure bass to give your music a powerful beat. You can also do your workouts wirelessly without worrying about wires getting damaged.

The headphones also provide music for a long time. They come with a portable charging case that can be used for up to 4 hours. This case can be used to extend the battery’s life by up to 12 hours and charge fully in less than 2 hours.


  • For workout headphones, this is a stylish and colorful design.
  • The charging case extends the battery life.
  • You can add pure JBL bass to any music.


  • Although the battery life is shorter than expected, having a charging case makes up in spades.

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Galaxy Buds - Best Peloton Wireless Headphones

Do you want to be able to hear your phone’s notifications or alarm while ignoring all external noises? With these headphones, ambient Aware allows you to control the external sounds you want to hear. Quick Ambient Mode will enable you to hear traffic announcements, flight announcements, and other important details.

How long does the battery last after being charged? The battery lasts for 6 hours. The wireless charging case adds 7 hours.

The driver is tuned by AKG and provides optimal bass. The volume driver offers a wide range of sounds that add to the excitement.

You have three options for ear tips, including wingtip sizes that can be adjusted.

Thanks to the splash-resistant technology, the buds are protected from water and sweat.


  • Control of exact noise sources
  • Case with long battery life.
  • Optimal bass for your music
  • Water-resistant.


  • It is pretty heavy, but not too much to be a concern.

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Aftershokz Air - Perfect Wireless Headphones for Peloton

Do you hate the idea of headphones in or over your ears? Bone-conducting earphones might be your perfect peloton solution.

The lightweight package also includes wireless bone conduction headphones that connect via Bluetooth. You can pair them with your Peloton or other devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, computer, or tablet, regardless of whether they are Android or iOS. You can thus multitask while you train.

The headphones also have a dual noise-canceling mic that allows you to be heard by the class. The headphones provide the best communication in a peloton class, thanks to their premium pitch tech that produces a greater variety and bass. The headphones also feature leaks layer technology, which minimizes sound leakage to the outside.

The new organic wrap-around headphones are lighter than the Treks Titanium for better comfort.

The bone-conducting headphones can be used in any environment, including water and dust.

The headphones can last for 6 hours once fully charged. This ensures that you have enough time to complete your class and still have plenty.


  • Active noise-cancellation feature available.
  • Multipoint pairing allows you to use multiple devices with the headphones at once.
  • Water- and dust-resistant headphones
  • Bone-conduction is the reason there is no in-ear headache irritation.


  • It takes a while to charge.

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Bose Soundsport - Best Bluetooth Headphones for Peloton

Do you often forget where your things are, small items like headphones? Bose offers these headphones. You can track them using the Bose Connect app Tile. You don’t have to pause your workouts searching for your peloton headphones.

Bose ActiveEQ ensures that the headphones provide balanced volume. Connectivity Technology.

The headphones can also be used wired. Bluetooth and NFC are both compatible with Peloton, with some voice prompts.

The headphones are specially designed for exercise and feature Stay Hear and Tips to keep them steady throughout a workout.

The weather-resistant outer protects the headphones from dust, water, and sweat.

You can do all your Peloton workouts and get additional headphone service with 6-hour-long battery life.


  • An app that prevents headphones from being lost.
  • Balanced volume and sound
  • Wireless connection via NFC or Bluetooth
  • Weather-resistant.
  • Stay Hear exclusive Tips & Tricks for working out


  • It does not include a charging case.

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Jaybird Vista - Peloton Compatible Bluetooth Headphones

Peloton Bluetooth headphones are water-resistant and can be dropped on any hard surface. Jaybird Vista is the ultimate solution. It can withstand any harsh conditions that earbuds might encounter.

The headphones can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth. This ensures that it is always easy to connect to your Peloton.

The headphones are also so small and lightweight that you forget they are there. You can focus on your workout and enjoy the best headphones.

You also get a lot of time with the earbuds, which can last up to 6 hours once fully charged and ten additional from the case.

The headphones come with three sizes of ear gels that you can swap out for optimal comfort.

The 6mm drivers provide excellent audio quality with EQ control over volume and sound combinations.

The best part is that you can always find your tiny earbuds no matter where they are placed. To locate them, you will only need to use the Jaybird app.


  • It is impervious to extreme conditions and can withstand them.
  • High-quality headphones that produce high volume and sound quality.
  • Jaybird app will help you stay connected.
  • Three sizes of ear gels are available for the best comfort.


  • Although it is pretty expensive, the quality is well worth it.

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Things to Consider When Buying Peloton Wireless Headphones

Peloton Compatibility

It is important to make sure that the
wireless headphones work with Peloton. Peloton uses Bluetooth 4.0. Bluetooth headphones must be compatible with BL 4.0. If the Bluetooth headphones are not compatible with 4.0, you can ask your supplier.

Peloton can also be used with headphones that have NFC connectivity. If your headphones have NFC connectivity, they will be compatible with Peloton.

Sound Quality

When you’re looking to purchase earphones, sound quality and balance are important. A well-balanced bass will help you enjoy and be motivated during your workouts.

You will also be able to hear your instructor clearly without straining.

It would help if you also controlled the volume. This will allow you to adjust the volume to suit your ears and enable you to hear crisper messages or play more incredible music.


Peloton workouts are not without a sweat. It is a cardio workout, so you know it. You will need headphones that can withstand sweat.

Headphones with water resistance will not get wet no matter how hard you sweat.


Earphones can come with extras such as a charging case and extra ear tips. Earphones with additional benefits are always better than those of the same quality.

Longer battery life is also a benefit. You don’t need to be in Peloton for more than 2 hours, but you can still use the headphones for personal entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use headphones with Peloton?

Yes, you can. Peloton can be used with both wired and wireless headphones. Wireless headphones can be used with Bluetooth headphones or NFC-connected headphones.

For wired headphones, the headphone plug must be 3.5mm in size to fit in the microphone/peloton audio jack.

Where do you plug headphones into Peloton?

If your headphones are wired, you can plug them into the screen. Near the volume button on the screen, you’ll find an audio/ microphone connector, where you can plug in your headphones.

The jack measures 3.5mm. This determines the size of a suitable headphone plug for Peloton.

Can I play my music on Peloton?

It’s not true. Peloton allows you to search for your favorite music by artist or track name. The music will then be available to you in the appropriate class.

Even if you cannot put your music on track, you still have the option to play the music you like. Peloton offers a wide variety of classes so that you can find the right song for you.


Peloton headphones are a must-have accessory for any peloton class because peloton classes include interaction with the instructor and having your favorite music revive your energy.

The six best headphones for Peloton are now in your hands. If you aren’t sure which headphones are best for you, check out the top recommendations for the best peloton-compatible headphones.

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