Eliminate the Clicking Noise on Your Peloton Bike: A Step-by-Step Guide

Peloton bikes are fun to ride, and you look forward to your next ride. You have a group of highly engaged instructors who are motivating and captivating. This excitement can be ruined if your bike makes a clicking sound during or after the ride. How can you fix a clicking sound on your Peloton bike?

Although there is no cause for the noise, it could be caused by a problem with one or more of the bike’s parts. It will be much easier to fix the noise if you can identify the source.

What Causes a Clicking Noise on Your Peloton Bike?

  1. A clicking sound could be caused by the interaction of your pedals with the cleats. If the cleat bolts are not appropriately attached to the pedals, it could cause noise. If the tension is too low or the bolts between the crank arm and pedals are not tightened properly, the pedal cleat may click.
  2. The crank arm could be loose and cause clicking sounds, especially during fast rides.
  3. If they are not level, the transport wheels and stabilizers can also generate clicking noise.
  4. The bike may need some lubrication in its moving parts, but it is unlikely.

How Do You Fix a Clicking Noise on the Peloton Bike?

We can quickly find quick solutions to the problems we’ve discussed.

Loose nuts and bolts almost always cause the sound you hear. You should check the bolts on your bike at least once every two months as part of your maintenance. Start by checking the pedals and frame.

Next, tighten the bolts connecting your cleats and the cycling shoes. To ensure they are not the problem, tighten them.

It would be a great idea to increase your pedal tension. This is a critical factor in solving clicking problems.

Most bikes will be able to make the clicking sound again after the three above solutions. If your bike still makes clicking sounds, check the crank arm. Before you attempt anything, take a video and report the noise to the Peloton support. If the crank is the problem, they will send you a replacement set. They can also offer their support to help you assess the situation.

Dry lubricant may be used occasionally, but this is not always necessary for indoor spinning bikes. If it works, lube sprays every once in a while may be required.


How can I fix the clicking sound on my Peloton bike? The most effective solution is to tighten the bolts, especially the pedals, and increase the pedal tension. If none of these solutions work, you can also ensure your cycling shoes are well-tightened.

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