Never Miss a Ride: How to Take Your Peloton With You While Traveling

You may be thinking about taking a vacation this time of year. If you are a Peloton user, like me, you might be wondering if your Peloton can still be used while you travel.

The good news is you can. This article will cover more than half a dozen ways to use Peloton bikes while on the road. You can also use the Peloton app even when you are at 30,000 feet, or on the ocean floor of a cruise ship. This information is extremely useful, I believe.

There are many options for Peloton when traveling

What are some ways that you can use Peloton and the bikes while traveling? Here is a list of possible options. This blog post will provide details, tips, and information that will help you bring these ideas to life.

  1. Hotels with Peloton bicycles
  2. A Peloton is a great option for vacation rentals
  3. Peloton bikes on cruise ships
  4. Local gyms offering Pelotons and day passes
  5. Peloton app on Delta Airlines
  6. Peloton bikes in airport lounges
  7. Peloton stores

Hotels: Peloton bikes when you travel

I have almost two dozen Peloton hotel-related blogs written. I want to create posts for every location with a decent number of hotels that have Peloton bikes inside.

This is the main Peloton hotel guide, which provides general advice about where to stay and how to use a Peloton bike at the hotel gym, or in a guest bedroom. Here is an alphabetical listing of the countries, cities and states I have covered.

Blog posts about Peloton hotels locations

  1. Arizona
  2. California
  3. Canada
  4. Colorado
  5. Florida
  6. Georgia
  7. Hawaii
  8. Illinois
  9. Kentucky
  10. Massachusetts
  11. Nevada
  12. New England
  13. New Jersey
  14. New York
  15. Ohio
  16. Pennsylvania
  17. South Carolina
  18. Tennessee
  19. Texas
  20. United Kingdom
  21. Virginia
  22. Washington D.C.
  23. Washington State

A Few NYC Hotels With Peloton Bikes

These are just a few examples of NYC hotels that have Peloton bikes. New York City and New York State might have the highest number of hotels with Pelotons. It could be because Peloton has its headquarters there.

This blog post contains a complete list of hotels in New York, including New York City. It also includes a guide to hotel gyms with Peloton bikes.

Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel

Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel

Residence Inn New York Downtown Manhattan/World Trade Center Area

Residence Inn New York Downtown Manhattan/World Trade Center Area

The Westin New York Times Square

The Westin New York Times Square

The Westin New York Grand Central

The Westin New York Grand Central

W Hotel Times Square

I have also covered other Peloton hotels

I have also covered hotels at airports equipped with Peloton bikes. Additionally, I have written about college cities where you can find a hotel equipped with a Peloton bicycle.

These Peloton hotel pieces are still in development. As I find new information, I will add it to the main Peloton hotel guide article or one of my destination-specific articles. When I have enough hotels that have Pelotons in one location (mainly, a state), then I’ll write another post.

It’s obvious that Peloton bikes are very popular in hotels. This is also a great way to keep your Peloton streak alive while traveling. If you have been to a Peloton hotel in another location while on vacation, let me know.

Peloton bikes for vacation rentals

It’s clear that Americans are more interested in renting homes for vacation. Nearly everyone I know will rent a private apartment or home for a vacation, especially when they are traveling with children.

It was logical for me to look into a niche in the vacation rental market-homes with Peloton bicycles. This blog post explains how to find a vacation home with a Peloton. This article was not only about finding homes with Peloton Treads but also included listings for homes with Peloton Bikes.

Where are these rental houses with Pelotons? Below is an alphabetical list of all the places I have visited. There are currently 30 locations in the United States and Caribbean.

The locations of Pelotons homes

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Jamaica, Montego Bay
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Turks and Caicos
  • U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Washington State
  • Wisconsin

How I found vacation rentals through Pelotons

Two sources were used to find these Peloton vacation rentals. Two Homes&Villas by Marriott International.

Sometimes, I have found homes with Pelotons via Orbitz. VRBO and Homes&Villages by Marriott are the best sources of information.

Is it possible to find a Peloton at a vacation rental?

Good luck if you are trying to do your research yourself. Peloton is not a filter that you can use on any of the major vacation rental websites. You can only filter by home gym or work out space. However, it’s impossible to determine if the home gym or work space you want has the hardware you need.

But I am very skilled at what I do. I’m a good at finding information that other people are looking for. If you are looking for a vacation rental with an electric Peloton, This blog post will help you.

Finally, if your home has a Peloton and you are interested in renting it out, this link will take you to VRBO. If you have a Canadian home that you are interested in renting and that has a Peloton please let me know. It would be a great idea to include it in my articles.

Peloton Bicycles on Cruise Ships

Our family was on a cruise the last time we took one. It was also long before our Peloton bikes were available. But times have changed. You can still keep your Peloton spirit alive while you travel and cruise.

It appears that Peloton bikes are only available on two cruise lines. Celebrity Cruises, and one Royal Caribbean Ship are the only ones with Peloton bikes on board.

Celebrity Cruises with Pelotons

In the Celebrity Edge’s fitness center, you will find Pelotons. Celebrity Cruises claims that the bikes are available onboard ships of the Solstice, Millennium and Edge classes. This includes the Celebrity Summit boat.

Also, the Celebrity Cruises Silhouette ship boasts six Peloton bikes. This is in comparison to the three bikes on Celebrity Apex.

FYI: You can book Celebrity Cruises via the money-saving website Cruise Direct.

My friend wrote about her experiences with the Pelotons aboard a Celebrity ship for Cruise Critic. Here’s what she had to share about the ships that have them.

Six bikes are per ship for the line’s Solstice and Edge-class ships and four for its Millennium-class vessels.

It wouldn’t surprise me if other cruise lines add Pelotons. If you’re on a ship that doesn’t have the cycles, the Peloton app can be used to take classes there.

Royal Caribbean Cruise with Pelotons

This new feature is available as of 2022: Some Royal Caribbean ships have added Peloton bicycles to their fitness center.

I discovered recently that the Royal Caribbean Wonder of the Seas has four Peloton bikes aboard. It is the largest cruise ship in the world.

This photo was actually taken by a friend (she’s onboard right now) which she shared with me.

I will add any information I have on other Royal Caribbean vessels that are equipped with Pelotons to this page.

When you travel, there are local gyms that offer Peloton bikes.

You may be able find a gym nearby that will grant you a day pass if you are not staying in a hotel, vacation rental or other accommodation with a Peloton. Readers who traveled and found Peloton bikes at Anytime Fitness, a local YMCA, and university clubs reported that they were able to use them.

This article about U.S. Gyms with Pelotons will help you find one.

Peloton on college campuses

Some universities and colleges also have Pelotons. This blog post is about the topic. This blog post covers college towns that have Peloton hotels.

However, I have also included some options on campus in that post. You might be eligible to receive a day pass to campus recreation center, where the Peloton bikes are available to parents of current students or alumni.

Some colleges that have Pelotons include:

  • Emory University
  • Harvard University
  • Miami Dade College
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • University of Massachusetts-Amherst
  • University of North Carolina-Charlotte
  • University of Utah
  • University of Vermont
  • University of Virginia

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for colleges or universities that have a Peloton. I would love to include them in this post.

Peloton app on Delta Airlines

Peloton recently announced that its app could be used while you travel on Delta Airlines. Peloton content can be loaded onto the seats-back TVs of Delta Airlines planes.

This content focuses primarily on yoga, meditation, and stretching you can do while sitting. Peloton calls it “Classes in The Clouds”.

This content focuses primarily on yoga, meditation, and stretching you can do while sitting. Peloton calls it “Classes in The Clouds”.

Peloton posted the following on Facebook, announcing their partnership with Delta Airlines:

“Now, you can access Peloton classes in flight from your Delta seatback screen. This includes seated stretches as well as sleep meditations with the same instructors that you love.”

Peloton App Travel Collection

Peloton also introduced these “Classes in the Clouds” and has created a new collection of travel classes. The Peloton app can be used to access 40+ classes called Made for Travel.

The Made for Travel collection includes the following classes from Peloton:

  • Outdoor walks with the Peloton app
  • Core strength
  • Meditation
  • HIIT classes
  • Yoga

There are many other things.

Peloton bikes in airport lounges

An airport lounge is a great place to rent a Peloton bike. Only a few airports have Peloton-stocked areas.

As I mentioned in my blog post about airport hotels equipped with Peloton bikes, there is currently one airport lounge that has Pelotons in the United States, and one in the United Kingdom.

Capital One Peloton Airport Lounges

As I said, there is a U.S. airport lounge that offers Pelotons. Capital One, a credit card and financial services company opened recently the Capital One Lounge at Dallas Fort Worth Airport, Texas.

You can find the lounge in Terminal D, Gate 22. It is open every day from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. It has Peloton bikes and showers that you can use after your workout.

In 2022, two additional Capital One Lounges are scheduled to arrive at major airports. They will be located at Denver International Airport, and Washington Dulles International Airport, Washington, D.C.

Virgin Atlantic’s Clubhouse in London’s Heathrow Airport

The second airport lounge that has Pelotons is located at London’s Heathrow Airport. This lounge is called the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse.

Virgin Atlantic Airways says the lounge is located at London Heathrow Terminal 3’s Upper Class Wing. The lounge is open from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., or the day’s last departure.

According to my research, there are three Peloton bicycles in the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse. Below is a photo that confirms my research.

According to my research, there are three Peloton bicycles in the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse. Below is a photo that confirms my research.

There are also showers available in the airport lounge. It’s a good idea to be aware if you are planning to travel to/from London with Virgin Atlantic in the near future.

Peloton stores allow you to rent a bicycle

You can ride a store bike if you are traveling to a place with a Peloton shop. Although it is not as common as before, you can still ride in a showroom.

It is difficult to ride milestone rides in showrooms like I did in the past. In February 2019, I rode my 900th class of cycling at the Peloton showroom, Pittsburgh. This was before the world shut down.

In this blog post , I wrote once about how you can get “free” Peloton classes. But, I do know that people still take test rides on Peloton Treads and Peloton Cycles.

This means that you can always book a “test” appointment at any Peloton store in your vacation destination, or while on business. Then, take your class in that manner. This won’t work if you have to take the class on different days.

You can only take a 10-minute class if you book a Peloton walkthrough. You can still keep your streak alive, though.

You can only take a 10-minute class if you book a Peloton walkthrough. You can still keep your streak alive, though.

Last thoughts on Peloton during travel

This blog post will provide you with many options for finding a Peloton bicycle while on the road. These options included booking accommodation in a hotel or home with a bicycle, and finding a local gym that has one.

Additionally, I have shared with you the options available at the airport. You can also take classes while flying Delta Airlines.

Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions for keeping your Peloton streak alive while you were on the road.

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