Transform Your Body with Peloton Programs – Explained

I tried one of the new Peloton programs this week. It’s called “Get hooked: Peloton Boxing.”

This is Peloton’s first attempt at boxing. Members have been asking for this for a while. After I have completed the boxing program, which consists of 14 classes spread over two weeks, I will write a review.

But I realized something when I started this program: I have never written anything about the Peloton programs. They were mentioned in my post to help beginners. But I have not done any deep dives on them and I believe that many Peloton users don’t know how these programs work. This blog post is a result.

What is the Peloton program?

Peloton programs include a series of classes that introduce you to various elements of Peloton training. There is, for example, a Beginner Strength program and a Beginner Yoga program.

You will also find the Build Your Power Zones Program under these programs. This video is a great introduction into Power Zone training on the Peloton bicycle.

This is a link that I have posted about Power Zone Training

How to locate Peloton programs

Programs are located where? It will appear either at the top or bottom of your bike tablet. Peloton constantly changes their position. It will be visible at the top of your screen in the Peloton App.

Here’s the place to find collections and programs on the Peloton site. Log in, then click on “My Membership”, then “Take Classes” to see the Programs section.

What are the number of Peloton programs?

There are currently more than a dozen Peloton program you can choose from. They are applicable to all disciplines. These plans are constantly being updated by Peloton. This information is up-to-date based on the date I wrote it.

Below, I have broken them down based on which hardware or category they are needed. There will be some overlap between each one. This is intentional to ensure I have covered all the basics.

Peloton bicycle programs

These are the programs that you can use with your Peloton bike.

  • Create Your Power Zones
  • Discover Your Power Zones
  • Learn the basics of cycling
  • You Can Ride

Peloton strength programmes

Primarily, the Tread instructors teach the strength classes that you’ll find within this line-up. There are exceptions like Crush Your Core with Emma Lovewell, a cycling instructor.

  • For beginners
  • Emma will crush your core
  • Emma - Crush Your Core 2
  • Strong Core, Strong Body with Irene*
  • Andy: Total Strength
  • Andy’s Total Strength 2

*German instructor Irene Scholz left Peloton in 2021. It’s not surprising that this program will eventually end.

Running programs

These plans can be done outdoors or on the Tread. This includes a Peloton marathon training program. These are the current options for all Peloton running programs.

  • You Can Run
  • You Can Run Outdoors
  • Road to your 5K
  • Road to Your 26.2 Part 1.
  • Road to Your 26.2 Part 2
  • Road to Your 26.2 Part 3

Peloton yoga programs

This is the current list of yoga classes that fall under this umbrella.

  • Yoga for Beginners
  • Ross offers Power Restorative Yoga

Meditation programs by Peloton

  • The Power of Sleep

This is my review on the Peloton meditation classes.

Peloton training and workout programs

The following list is self-explanatory.

  • Peloton Boxing: Get hooked
  • Your 5K Road Trip
  • Road to Your 26.2 Part 1.
  • Road to Your 26.2 Part 2
  • Road to Your 26.2 Part 3
  • Train like Allyson Felix
  • Train Like Usain Bolt

Peloton for beginners

If you are just starting out on the bike, tread or floor there are many plans that can be followed.

  • For beginners
  • Yoga for Beginners
  • Learn the basics of cycling
  • You Can Run
  • You Can Run Outdoors

Peloton App or Website Programs

You can actually do any of these programs via the Peloton app, or on the Peloton website. You can also use the Peloton app to do your bike programs even if you don’t have a Peloton bicycle.

A Peloton Tread is not something I own. I use a NordicTrack treadmill instead. My treadmill is used to do Peloton bootcamps using the app on my smartphone. The app can also be used to run any of the Peloton running programs.

What is the working principle of Peloton?

These Peloton programs usually last for a few weeks. These programs are meant to be completed in a particular order and over a specified number of days or weeks.

You could previously complete programs like Discover Your Power Zones at your own pace, and when it was most convenient for you. This is how I completed the Power of Sleep meditation program via the Peloton app. I chose the classes that I liked and took them in the order that I preferred. Well, no more.

You must now follow the schedule for each Peloton program. This means that you must attend each class on the designated day. It takes some planning to make sure you don’t miss any class.

Peloton Programs Have Their Drawbacks

Peloton’s restrictive programs have been a source of complaints for me, and I have personally heard it. They must be done according to the schedule provided. You don’t get credit if you don’t follow the schedule exactly.

Peloton, for example, introduced “The Power of Sleep” at the peak of the pandemic. It was an introduction into the many sleep meditations that Peloton’s yoga instructors had recorded.

Complete programs too quickly

I had trouble sleeping, just like many others who stayed at home. I was eager to take “The Power of Sleep”, which is 15 classes spread over two weeks. I was so excited, in fact, that I completed the program in just a week. Yes, I did two sleep meditations per night.

But, I wasn’t given credit for completing the sleep program when I reached the end of my program. You’ll actually see two tabs at the top of programs: Browse and Completed. It doesn’t say that I have completed “The Power of Sleep” by 2020 when I click on Completed.

Skip a day of Peloton program

The downside is that you can’t skip a day on the Peloton schedule. You cannot go back and pick up a class. You must start over with the entire program.

You can’t skip to the next class. You can’t jump to the next class without having completed the one before. All information is locked. Literally, you will see a lock icon for the classes that you haven’t yet enrolled in.

This can be very frustrating as sometimes life interferes with your Peloton streak and you are unable to complete a class. You must complete a class on the predetermined schedule of Peloton if you want to earn credit.

Peloton should allow for more flexibility in these programs. Yes, I can understand the importance of following a prescriptive plan as it is designed. Perhaps a better way is to have a 48-hour window to allow you to go from Day 1 to Day 2.

Credit card credit limit: Inability to stack programs classes

Peloton programs do not allow you to stack classes. You can stack classes by clicking on the “Start” button when you start the next class. But, stacking them won’t give you credit.

Because the program architecture is so restricted, if you can’t access the next class from the program page it doesn’t count. You are forced to either restart the program or take the class again in order to earn credit.

Peloton TV programs cannot be accessed via Roku TV

It’s great that my Roku TV allows me to access my Peloton classes. It was easy to download the Peloton channel.

There are two things that you can’t do with the Roku TV. You can’t access your stacked classes. I explain this in my blog post about stacking classes. You can’t access programs via your Roku. This is something I wish Peloton would improve.

If you are wondering how to locate the Peloton programs on your TV app, here’s the answer. It’s a complete pain.

Nearly all classes can be found in English

Most Peloton classes are taught English, as you probably know. There are also German-speaking instructors who can teach you some strength and stretching and cycling. There are also Spanish-speaking instructors who can teach yoga and cycling classes.

The only Peloton program that is available in another language, unfortunately, is Strong Core, Strong Body and Irene. It’s in German.

As I said, however, Irene Scholz, Peloton’s instructor, left in 2021. It is unclear if Peloton will continue this German-language program in the long term. Peloton should offer more classes for non-native English speakers, who might already be enjoying the Spanish and German classes.

Final thoughts about the Peloton programs

I hope you find my explanation of the Peloton programs helpful. These plans are organized to teach a particular skill such as yoga, power zone training or boxing.

This is my promise review of the Peloton Boxing Program.

However, I have highlighted some of the drawbacks to how Peloton organizes things. These drawbacks will be addressed and fixed by the new leadership.

You may have also heard of Peloton Lanebreak. It seems like a new Peloton program. It’s not. Lanebreak is only available on the Bike Plus or Peloton bikes. It is located in the same place on the tablet as Just Ride and Peloton scenic routes.

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