Unlock Amazing Rewards with the Peloton Referral Program

Peloton apparel, accessories, and equipment are expensive. You may be able to only have a Peloton bike and tread, and not the rest of the equipment.

It is evident that Peloton is different because it has a strong workout community. Imagine being surrounded by people you know, like your siblings, parents, and friends. You will always look forward to your bike or tread.

The good news is that you automatically get into the Peloton referral programme as long as your bike or tread is a Peloton.

Refer a friend to Peloton Bike+, Bike+ or Tread (“Hardware”) and you’ll receive upto$125 off your next apparel purchase. Your friend will get up to$125 towards accessories that they buy with their Hardware. Refer up to six friends per year and you will be rewarded. These terms and conditions apply to the Referral Program.

The currency of your reward will depend on where you live. Only available in countries that Peloton delivers.

The Peloton Referral Program Guide

Did you know there was a Peloton referral system? Refer friends and family to Peloton bikes or Treads, and you both get the benefit. You get clothing for free and they get money off accessories.

I am getting ahead of myself. There may be many questions you have about the Peloton referral system that I would like to answer. These include:

  • Where can I find my Peloton referral number?
  • How many times can my Peloton referral code be shared?
  • What’s the benefit to sharing a Peloton referral link?
  • What would it take to use a Peloton referral for money savings?
  • How do you share a Peloton referral number?

Peloton’s referral program rewards you for referring friends and family. Refer a friend and get $100 off your next order of apparel or accessories.

Your friend or family member will also receive $100 off any accessories they purchase for the tread or bike. They just need a tread or a bike.

You can also refer more people to Peloton by getting multiple codes as a Peloton Equipment owner. You get 12 codes per year. This means you can get accessories for less than $1200 if you refer people to Peloton.

How to refer people to Peloton

Let’s move on to the process of referring family and friends to Peloton.

How the Peloton referral system works

Here’s how the Peloton referral system works. It’s very simple.

One, share your unique Peloton referral number with someone you know who is interested in buying a bike. The referral code can only be used to purchase an original Bike, Tread Plus, or Bike Plus. This code is not valid for an app-only membership.

Two, the code is entered by the recipients when they make a purchase. On the checkout form, there will be an area for a coupon code and a referral code. Refer code: If the coupon says, they will place your referral code here.

Peloton Accessories Packages at Discount

Three: Your referral code gets them $100 off Peloton Bike or Tread accessories purchased together with their bike or tread. It’s the savings on add-ons to a bike, Tread or other equipment and not the equipment.

Remember that the Tread and Bike have separate accessories packages. This $100 discount is only on accessories packages. These are add-ons.

Since we purchased our bike in 2016, Peloton has renamed these packages. We originally purchased the “works”, which was $249 more and included the following:

  • Peloton weights of three pounds; these Peloton dumbbells attach under the seat to the back and are attached to the bike’s frame.
  • Peloton heart rate monitor
  • One pair of Peloton cycling sneakers
  • Peloton mat to be used under the bike
  • Pair of Peloton headphones

Names of accessories packages for Peloton

Here are the names and prices of the Peloton accessory packages you can save $100 with a referral code.

Peloton Bikeaccessories packages

Starter ($225)

Choose ($330)

  • One pair of cycling shoes
  • Light weights
  • Bike mat
  • Peloton water bottle
  • Heart rate monitor

Ultimate ($440).

  • One pair of cycling shoes
  • Light weights
  • Bike mat
  • Reversible mat for exercise
  • One set of dumbbells
  • Heart rate monitor

For more information on purchasing a Peloton bicycle, click here

Peloton Bike Plus Accessories packages

Starter ($225)

  • One pair of cycling shoes
  • Light weights
  • Bike mat

Choose ($330)

  • One pair of cycling shoes
  • Light weights
  • Bike mat
  • Peloton water bottle
  • Heart rate monitor

Ultimate ($440).

  • One pair of cycling shoes
  • Light weights
  • Bike mat
  • Reversible mat for exercise
  • One set of dumbbells
  • Heart rate monitor

For more information on the Peloton Bike PLUS, click here

Peloton Tread accessories packages

Starter ($140)

  • Reversible mat for exercise
  • Peloton water bottle
  • One set of dumbbells

Choose ($305)

  • Reversible mat for exercise
  • Peloton water bottle
  • Two sets of dumbbells
  • Heart rate monitor

Ultimate ($440).

  • Reversible mat for exercise
  • Peloton water bottle
  • Three sets of dumbbells
  • Heart rate monitor
  • yoga blocks
  • yoga strap

In return for sharing your code you receive a $100 credit that can be used at the Peloton boutique. This has allowed me to get a lot of clothing free or discounted Peloton clothing at the Peloton boutique.

There are two ways to get a Peloton discount.

Find Your Peloton Referral Code

First, you will use web instead of equipment.

  • Sign in to
  • Your profile picture will be displayed. There are three dots to the side that allow you to access a drop-down menu.
  • Click on the menu.
  • You will see a link at the bottom that allows you to? Refer friends’. Next, click on the link.
  • You will receive your personal referral code. This code can be copied or shared via email, Facebook or Twitter.
  • It is easy to copy and paste.

Peloton referral program

You cannot share the codes on social media platforms. This will disqualify your from the code offer. You are only allowed to share the code with your friends and family, or on your own platforms.

Let Your Friend Use the Code

Once you convince your friend or family member to buy a piece Peloton equipment, tell him to use the code at checkout. They will save 100 dollars on accessories that they add to the equipment. Who doesn’t want such a large hamper!

Get Your $100 Reward

Once your friend has placed the order, your $100 Peloton offer is activated. You can order apparel or accessories even before your friend receives their bike or tread.

What do you need to know?

Eligible Members

  • Participation in the Referral Program is only possible if you (i) are a Peloton Hardware Owner; (ii), are an active All Access Membership Owner (described below); and (iii). are a resident of a country we deliver to. Peloton determines whether you are “active” in its sole discretion. A “All-Access Member Owner” is a member who has paid for All-Access membership on a monthly basis.
  • Peloton employees cannot participate in this Referral Program.
  • Referral credits may only be used for purchases on and are not valid for any additional purchases of Hardware that you buy for yourself.

How does it work?

  • You can find your unique referral number if you are an eligible member by logging in to your rider profile and visiting You will be sent an error message if you don’t meet the eligibility requirements.

    • You can also access your referral code by visiting and selecting the three dots at the top right corner. If you are a member eligible, you will see “Refer Friends” in the dropdown menu. To access your code, select “Refer Friends”.
  • Refer your friends and family to receive up to $125 off their hardware accessories purchase. Discount is valid for accessory bundles, and cannot be used on purchases on

  • Referral code must be entered at time of purchase. Discounts cannot be applied retroactively.

  • Referees who purchase their Hardware over the phone or in a Peloton retail store can give the Peloton associate their referral code and it will be applied to their order.

  • Each successful referral from a friend or family member will result in an email with a unique $125apparel coupon code that you can use with your next Peloton Apparel purchase. It may take up to three days for emails to arrive. Please search the subject “Your Referral Rewards is Here!” to locate your code. in your email inbox.

  • The apparel coupon code you receive will remain valid for six months after it is issued.

  • The apparel coupon code you receive will only work for one transaction. It cannot be used to make multiple purchases.

  • The apparel coupon code you receive will only be valid for sale items and cannot be combined with any other promotions or offers.

  • You may be charged additional shipping charges for apparel purchases.

  • The apparel coupon code you receive cannot be used to purchase gift cards, merchandise credits or cash.

  • Peloton will issue apparel credits for apparel that has been purchased using an apparel coupon code. All other amounts will be refunded back to the original payment method. All apparel that was purchased with an apparel voucher code must first be processed by Member Support. It cannot be exchanged or returned at Peloton’s retail showrooms.

Restrictions and Limitations

  • The currency of your reward will depend on where you live. Only countries that deliver Peloton are eligible for this Referral Program.
  • Members who are eligible can refer up 6 people per calendar year.
  • You can share your referral code with your family and friends. It must not be sold or distributed for commercial purposes.
  • Peloton reserves all rights to refuse to honor or void referral codes or apparel coupon codes, and/or terminate eligibility for this Referral Program. This includes but not limited to selling or distributing your referral code for commercial purposes or posting your code on deal or coupon aggregater sites, review sites and solicitation on Peloton’s Official Rider Page. You will not be held responsible for such decisions by Peloton.
  • Peloton reserves all rights to change, modify, update, terminate, or limit the application of the Program at any given time, in its sole discretion, and without prior notice. Referral Program may not apply to friends or family who purchase Hardware in a promotion.
  • If your Peloton All-Access-Membership and/or your account expires, terminates for any reason or is suspended, your referral code and any apparel voucher code will automatically expire.
  • Peloton will have sole and exclusive authority to resolve any disputes relating to the Referral Program. All decisions made by Peloton are final and binding. Peloton retains all rights under the Peloton Terms of Service, and any other applicable Peloton policies.
  • Referral codes, apparel voucher codes, and Coupon codes are not transferable and have no cash value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Get Free Delivery If I Use the Peloton Referral Code?

If you want to get free delivery (which is definitely worth it), then add at least $50 to the code amount for the accessories. You will then wait for Peloton accessories the same way as you waited to receive your tread or bike.

Can I Get Peloton Referral Code with the Digital App Program?

Peloton referral is currently limited to owners of Peloton equipment. The Peloton digital application does not allow you to get the code.

When Should I Start the Peloton Referral Program?

You are entitled to the Peloton referral code once you have purchased a tread or bike. You can use your code immediately you begin to appreciate the community and want someone you know to experience the same. Even if you’ve only been on Peloton for a week, the code can still be used successfully.

My Peloton Referral Code is Not Working

If your referral code seems to have an issue, you can always contact Peloton using [email protected]. Your response will be sent within a few days or less.

Are There Limitations to Use the Peloton Referral Code?

Yes. The code should be used to refer family and friends. You cannot post it on YouTube or other Social Media platforms to strangers. This will invalidate the code and could also result in your disqualification from the referral program.

You can also only refer people who are currently living in Canada, the US or the UK, at least until Peloton expands their territories.

You cannot also transfer the offer to another Peloton owner even if it is not your choice. You will lose the offer if you are unable to get it. Peloton doesn’t allow you to combine the offer or codes with any other offers, codes, or discounts. Even if you have a Peloton offer, the offer must be used alone. You cannot use the offer with more than one person at a time.

You must use the $100 code offer at the same time. You will not be able to use the $100 code offer again if you have any money left. To exhaust the code offer, add more to your cart if the apparel that you really want is less than $100

Finally, you must enter the code in the email inviting to the offer. The code cannot be used retroactively.

How many times can my code be shared?

Peloton accounts can be shared by the primary owner up to 12 Six times per calendar year. Your code “resets” at the start of the next calendar year and you can then share it again. You can then get more clothing free from the Peloton boutique.

Because Peloton’s Terms of Service prohibit me from sharing my actual referral code on my blog, I have blacked it out.

Where can I find my Peloton referral Code?

Your Peloton referral code will be located under your profile on Peloton’s website. It’s not in the app. It’s not on the bike, nor the tread. It is only available on the website.

You can find the phrase “Refer Friends” under your profile. There you will find your code. This code allows you to share your code with others and earn Peloton clothing or swag. This is my article on Peloton apparel.

How can I share my Peloton Referral Code with someone?

It’s easy. Simply copy and paste your referral code from the profile. Send an email or text to anyone who is interested in purchasing a Peloton bike, or Tread.

Peloton’s rules forbid you from sharing this code on social media. But, I have seen many people sharing their code in the Peloton Buy Sell Trade facebook group.

People will also include it on their Instagram profiles. It doesn’t matter if I’ve seen it done by others, but that doesn’t mean it’s right.

Refer code: How do I redeem my clothing credits

Let’s suppose someone used your referral code and bought a Tread or bike. You now have a $100 credit that you can spend at the Peloton boutique. Here’s how to redeem it.

One, go shopping. Spend at least $100 to get your Peloton referral card’s full value. Three, checkout.

You can’t use your credit for shipping costs if you spend less that $100. This will always be your responsibility.

What happens if I have multiple Peloton referral codes?

If your code was used by multiple people to purchase a bike or tread, you should remember the following when redeeming your credits. They cannot be combined.

One $100 credit can be used for one shopping trip. You will need to make multiple online shopping trips if you have more than one $100 credit.

You could also use your $100 referral code credit to shop in a Peloton physical store. It’s possible, but I don’t know if it’s still possible. I will check that and get back with you.

Final words

Peloton is fun and interesting, but it is more rewarding to exercise with people you already know. This is because it feels like you are in the exact same room for your fitness training, even though you may be on a different continent. For example, if your brother lives in the UK and you are in the States, it will be easy to keep in touch with him and reduce the possibility of him being away.

The best thing about this deal is that it only takes three steps. This will not take too much of your time. Finally, you can get Peloton accessories without having to spend a lot of money.

Peloton’s referral program has clearly benefited me in that I have received free clothing. Peloton accessories packages have saved my friends and family money on the Treads or bikes they purchase.

Peloton’s referral program has become more restrictive over time. First, previously, any on your account could share a refer code. It’s now only the primary account owner. You used to be able to share your referral code up 12 times per year. It’s now only six times.

Peloton must have a legitimate business reason to reduce the benefits of their referral program. As a long-standing Peloton owner, however, I was not happy about the changes. It was a small advantage that came with an expensive piece of equipment. It’s okay, I think.

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